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Wednesday March 25 2009

Bobby Jindal is On Board with Obama Failure Cheerleaders. Obama Press Conference Testiness. Sandra Herold's Potential Next Pet

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- -- It's OK for Republicans to want President Obama to fail if they think he's jeopardizing the country, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told members of his political party Tuesday night.

It would be nice to have something entertaining to talk about other than politics all the time but ever since Obama took office, there seems to have been a steady campaign to bring him down. Again, let me reiterate that I do not agree with everything the president is doing, but I have to @ least root for his plan to work, otherwise, I am no better than Rush Limbaugh or Bobby Jindal. Bobby thinks it's cool to root for Obama to fail if we think his plan jeopardizes America & slams people who don't agree but I have to say that that's exactly the type of rhetoric that continues to divide Americans, regardless of their political ideologies. I think the more appropriate philosophy by these people should be something along the lines of, "oh boy, this plan seems mighty risky to me, I sure hope it works & our nation & economy can recover" as opposed to "politically, I hate this guy & would like nothing more than to see him fail no matter how much it hurts America & I will make sure everybody knows it." Can you see the distinction? I know you can, but will you? It's not unlike like the strategy employed by the sniveling weasel Ralph Nader, when he came out directly & said he wanted to help Bush gain the White House so that things would get so screwed up, it would pave the way for his Green Party sensibilities to become the American doctrine & rescue America from the dreaded 2 party system. Can you truly say that your plan is working out like you hoped? It's 2009 & Obama is up to his eyeballs in problems essentially created by the success of your political gimmickry, thanks a hell of a lot. How do you sleep @ night, Ralph? I imagine with the help of sleeping pills so your conscience doesn't keep you up.Obviously, it's in hindsight that we could surmise that Al Gore would've done a better job than Bush, but @ this point, hindsight is all we have, given the current situation. Jesus, Ralph, Gore is just as commited to the environment & Green Technologies as you are, even more so.But the fact that he wasn't an affable candidate combined with your efforts, we had to endure 8 years of environment raping, giant corporate deregulation & civil liberty encroachment that's going to be tough to undo. Not to mention our standing in the world, we're more hated than feared & sure as hell not respected globally. Let's face it, the reason anyone wants Obama & his policies to fail is to enhance the other parties chances of winning the White House back in 2012, it should be pretty transparent to everyone. But, if his plan doesn't work, there really isn't anybody who is going to be able to fix it because it will entail a total & possibly global economic collapse, & who does that help? We might as well trade in our dollars for the Super Currency now & prepare to learn Mandarin Chinese. Rosetta Stone, take me away. I'm sure if you're one of the people rooting for him to fail, there's nothing I can say to change your mind, but I have to try anyway. Hopefully,this is the last time I have to mention it, because I know you're as tired of hearing it as I am talking about it. It would be nice if all the critics were coming up with some ideas of their own instead of just bitching about it, then you might have more of a basis for complaint. Whenever Obama is speaking about his plan in detail, he explains why he is doing what he is doing & the effect he believes it is going to have. He clearly believes his plan is going to work, that is why he is pushing it so hard. Did Bush ever try to sell any of his failed policies & plans to the American people as well as the house leadership? No, he just pushed them through & his Republican lawmakers seemed to be afraid to turn him down or even question him for fear of being accidentally shot in the face . Kiss my ass,Bobby Jindal,I'm rooting for you to fail, you right wing punk. Try to imagine how different the rescue & recovery effort of Hurricane Katrina would've been if Obama had been in office @ the time instead of that lame ass chucklehead & his cronie brigade. I guarantee you the results would've been different & Obama's friends wouldn't be lining up to make a profit. And,it's not even in retrospect can we say Michael Brown was the wrong man to head up FEMA, everyone knew it from the beginning, including him.Why do you think he was begging to quit? It took less than a week for his buffoonery to become nationally exposed? He & Bush should be in jail now, if only for that alone.

And,as for Obama going off on CNN's Ed Henry by saying he wanted to know what he was talking about prior to commenting on the AIG bonus debacle, big deal. All these people are saying Obama slam dunked him & put him in his place. I didn't really see that. Obama didn't even change his tone of voice. I wouldn't really call that any kind of victory for Obama, all he did was answer a question. Sheesh, talk about making something out of nothing.

Oh, & Sandra Herold, of the infamous Travis the chimp attack fame, I realize you are still very upset about losing your beloved pet & are being sued by your former best friend but maybe it's time to consider a new pet to keep you company & lessen the sting of the past month's events. Might I suggest, a Komodo Dragon? They don't take up much room, they're very clean & would probably eat any of those litigious fools who aim to sue you for your own stupidity. That is, if they don't eat you first. You could name him Travis # 2. It's certainly something to think about.