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Earth, the greatest place to live since the Jamestown colony of Virginia.


some things are definitely worth saving, am i right?

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Celebrity Punch Out Pt. 1

I ain't afraid to slap a trainer now, ya understand?

That's What Jillian Gets For Being an Impersonal Trainer!


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Need I Say More?


Watch this show, it has it's moments

If you like Bill O' Reilly, You'll hate Bill Maher!





Obama Cuts Salaries of Execs of Bailed Out Companies. Good Idea, But Will it Work? Probably Not, Seeing as How They'll Be Receiving Record Bonuses Anyway. Can You Say Empty Gesture, Obama? Sure, I Knew You Could.


The Obama administration announced that they were going to cut the salaries of the bigwigs from several companies we as taxpayers, are currently bailing out by up to 90%. News is, however, that AIG, Bank of America & Chrysler are still giving these fine gentlemen bonuses. Phew, that was close. I was afraid they weren't going to have as many millions. Nice try Barack, but unless you cut both, what's the point? So, you take away one check & hand them another that's possibly going to be even bigger due to the fact that these corporations are planning to give a record $140 billion in bonuses this year. Obama was right when he asked how these companies justify this bullshit & say that they owe the American people an explanation, but what's up with allowing it to happen? While cutting the salaries was a fairly grandiose gesture, it really feels as though it was only meant to be symbolic. If you really want to get your point across, not only to these companies, but to the taxpayers who are the hardest hit by this, is to cut them off completely & let the tax payers keep their money! Cut off those bastards @ the knees & discontinue the bail out $$$.

There's a guy out there who's barely scraping by, who could use a new car & wants a Jeep really badly but Chrysler won't let him have one because Bank of America says he doesn't make enough dough. Now, this same guy's tax dollars are being exploited to not only keep both of these companies afloat, but to help the execs who drove them into the ground, earn record bonuses as he wolfs down his cup of delicious fucking Ramen for dinner. Anyone else see a problem with that picture? Any one of us could be that guy. Hmm. Maybe I am showing a stunning naivete in this regard or maybe, & bear with me here for a sec, I am right. Right? I know, right? Call me Captain Obvious, but for some reason, & call me crazy for saying this, but! Wait for it....it isn't fair. In what way does this even remotely bolster the economy? Who, other than the executives of these corporations benefit from this? Politicians influenced by these corporations lobbyists? Obama himself? I mean, let's get real about this nonsense. I mean, come on already, right? Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought you was gonna' say, mm hmm. Sheeyit. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about right there. Yeah. That's all I have to say about that there stuff, or is it? Maybe I'm just an All American moron but I for one, don't understand cutting off the Cash for Clunkers, a program that actually helped taxpayers but keep forcing us to bail out AIG. Nice.

You know, I'm beginning to wonder about you, Obama. Gee whiz, I mean, I like you & all & I also do believe that you are extremely capable of doing the right thing. I just wish uh, you'd just uh, go ahead & uh, ya know...do it already. It's just a thought. Please do not make me believe the Republicanos are right. Bush started this whole bailout business but you can finish it. I'd rather AIG just be shut down & all of those execs be forced to go on unemployment. 1st of all, because not only would it be cheaper for us to pay them unemployment rather than bonuses, but also because those execs could use a wee bit o' humbling & that would be an easy way to do it. Think about it, start with AIG, make them the 1st example, & shut em down 1 by 1 until they get the message. It's a fairly simple concept, stop acting like Dicks & use the taxpayers $$$ money to grow your businesses instead of just allowing your top level executives to bonus out @ a record pace. How does that sound to everyone? Anyone else on board with this? Ahhhh, that feels better. But, not really, because we all know the odds of that happening are slim to naught. Obama, we elected you because we thought you were going to be the Anti Bush, so it's time be it. Like I said earlier, I think you're spreading yourself too thin. You've got to completely resolve something & not get into anything else until you do. 2012 is just around the corner you know. Do a good job & we just might ask you to come back for another term. So, whaddaya' say? What's this? You say you're gonna' do it? Hooray! I'll believe it when I see it, and maybe not even then.

I mean, it's a well known fact that almost every liberal politician starts out with a specific idealogy he/she hopes will guide them through their own lives as well as their political careers. The problem is that through the course of these lives & careers happening & evolving, no one is above being influenced by others and/or money so a lot of times, without even knowing it, the line between right & wrong can become blurred. When this occurs, it's easy to, if only unwittingly, shift your idealogy in one direction or another. Sometimes, even the promise of money can make this happen, & when it does, before you know it, you're making decisions in direct conflict with your original idealogy. Now, I'm not saying this is what's happening with Obama in the case of these companies. Let's just say that I'm not ruling it out. Who knows what he's thinking in regard to all of this? He may well be planning to do the very thing I'm talking about & is just giving us his plans incrementally. I just personally think he's going about it the wrong way. On the other hand, he may have some personal financial stake in all of this that only 1 or 2 people know about & is looking to feather his nest for the future in case he's ousted by some greedhead republican in 2012. If that were to be the case, I will then lose all faith in the Democratic party & become a dread independent, & nobody wants that, least of all me. Now, make no mistake about it, I love money as much as anyone, & who knows how my values would change if I were to suddenly become obscenely wealthy. I just hope that's not what Barack Obama is trying to do here, because that's not what I'm paying him for.

I'm paying him because he promised to clean up Washington & bring bi partisan politics back to the U.S. etc. etc. But aye, therein lies the rub. The republicans are doing everything in their power to see that he fails, even @ the risk of making our countries problems even worse. Maybe he see that & has shifted his focus to get everything he can before the criminals take back the country. This is why to me the republicans are a whole lot of stupid ass clowns, they're purposefully losing what little credibility the party has left. What will they do if Obama succeeds with all of his grand plans & schemes & they are not able to take a lick of credit for it? They're just putting all of their eggs into the basket of it not happening. They'll have to start looking toward 2016 & get even more vicious because if Obama does manage to turn things around, the republican party may no longer cease to exist & they'll all splinter off into little rogue, conservative factions. But, right now, I can only dream of all the in fighting & back biting that would occur in that instance. It makes a feller such as myself feel pretty good, & I enjoy feeling good, coz' it's a good feeling. I like it. But, let's not start celebrating just yet, because this is only the beginning. Mr. President, don't let us down. Do what we elected you to do & if you happen to save a few republicans along the way, that's a risk I'm willing to take. Bona fortuna, folks.