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September 1 2009

All Those Opposed to Health Care Reform....What's Wrong Witcha'?

Health care reform, the final frontier of partisan politics for Obama's 1st & possibly only term, or a real issue? It's a real issue all right, a really complicated one that seems to hover beyond the reach of either parties abilities to put into action. The Democrats can't seem come up with a way to reform health care without taxing America out the ass & the Republicans don't even want to try to come up with any concrete ideas because that would not only mean helping less fortunate people; it would be helping the dreaded liberals & Democrats, & we all know that's never going to happen. So, we seem to be at an impasse when it comes to this issue. We, as Americans criticize France so much in regard to practically anything they do because they didn't join in with us when we invaded Iraq. Can no one see, even now that they were right in not kissing W's warfaring ass like his little puppy dog, Tony Blair? & where did that get him? What we ought to do is quit hating them for this one issue & look to them to help solve this whole health care conundrum. Oh wait, we can't, because they hate us even more than we hate them, I almost forgot. Oh well. Maybe we could send Jerry Lewis over there to kind of smooth things over for us. The French just looove them some Jerry Lewis, & who could blame them? The guy is a comedic genius! All kidding aside, the French have the #1 health care system in the world, far better than Canada, who are #30 but seems to be a model many American politicians are looking to. But France is out & there doesn't seem to be any basis for a true bi partisan debate so either Obama will have to push through a plan with his majority just as he did with the economic stimulus plan, & if it falls apart, this experiment of someone who breaks through barriers & transcends partisan politics and unites the country will be over. The sad part is, as tragic as that would be, that is right wing conservative America's dream. Just like everything they do, if it's not helping the rich get richer, then it isn't something the Republicans will even consider. Therefore, they will not debate while trying to come to some compromise with some fresh, real ideas. They will simply oppose it & rejoice when it doesn't work out.

Then there's these yahoos & Christians with their demonstrations & their tea parties & their town hall meetings, many of which have bordered on violence, who cannot make it plain enough how much they oppose even any attempt to reform an obviously broken system. These people aren't even rich, they are still concerned with the amount of debt it will add to the ballooning deficit. & they should be concerned yet the ones I speak to recoil in horror when I remind them of the deficit Obama inherited from the previous administration that they forget what brought us down this road in the first place. They just stood by with their mouths agape as the wheels fell off the bus all the while praising the drunken coked out driver who was driving it off of the cliff, singing Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition all the while. I'm sure I sound like a broken record bringing up this point again and again but it is the point that needs to be finally gotten by the American people already. Especially when the rest of the world, that we're supposed to be so much better than has known it for years. & I get the whole pride thing, I do & I get people's outrage about hearing anything negative about America but Bush took us to a place where a man like Obama was elected not because of what he was bringing to the table, but because of what the other party had to offer which was...MORE OF THE SAME! So, that didn't work out for them & McCain & Palin continue to be a joke in the media, not being able to accept how much they suck. & now, with Teddy Kennedy dead, the Democrats hope to band together even more to bring this reform to the forefront. Combine this with the lingering effects of the stimulus plan & the issues inherent with trying to pull out of Iraq & you've got what is going to define Obama's term all coming to a head in one big amazing ball. Which begs the question, had George W. Bush worked half as hard as his successor, would we be even in nearly this big of a mess today? I tend to think not. Even with all the financial experts saying the economy is out of recession & in the slow, gradual process of healing, things are still a huge mess. The oft used term Bi-Partisanism only exists in name because it's sure as hell not being practiced on Wall Street, Main Street & most importantly, on the Belt Way. Which, if I may, without putting too fine a point on it, sucks ass. & this business of forcing people to buy health insurance & fining them for non compliance while claiming that it's not a back handed way of raising taxes? No siree, Obama. Yeah... I've supported you pretty heavily but uh, I'm gonna' have to go ahead & uh, sort of disagree & oppose you there, m'kay?

I also don't believe illegal aliens should receive health care before Americans. Nor, do I believe in letting children of illegal aliens who are born in the U.S. get free health care either. If you think the border problems are bad now, just wait & see what it'll look like if they allow that bullshit to come to pass. I'm not against babies getting care, but the business of smuggling illegal aliens across the border is dangerous enough without adding even more pregnant women into the mix. Not only will many of them die, but of course their unborn children will remain that way, & that would be disgusting. I think they're going about it all wrong. Personally, what I'd like to see is the government just go ahead & re regulate the two industries /lobbies that caused all of these problems in the 1st place. Can anyone guess which two I happen to be talking about? If you don't guess the pharmaceutical & the insurance industries, I can easily guess your political idealogy, & uh,it makes me a little ill to think about. Which brings me to my next little diatribe.

I'd now like to focus on all of the regular everyday Americans who are opposed to reforming this system. Does anyone even remember HMO's? Am I the only one who goes round & round with my medical insurance provider, which, just seems to arbitrarily decide not to cover things they have covered many times in the past? Or how about the way they they like to go ahead & raise our premiums every year while @ the same time, cutting benefits? Let me guess, I'm the only one who goes through that stuff. Who couldn't go for a little insurance regulation in these times of economic uncertainty? Then there's the folks who say why should my tax dollars be used to treat poor people? I work hard for my money, why can't they get jobs? Well, some of them can't, Sparky. You see those whole families living on the street, do you think the parents are just lazy & don't feel like working? I've got news for you, at least 99% of them ran into some unforeseen circumstances & were thrust into this life of street or mission living. Look @ all the victims of Enron who were completely wiped out or all the poor schmoes who've been downsized the past few years as the economy has worsened. Obviously, some people brought it upon themselves, such as the people who sank everything they had into Bernie Madoff's little scheme which promised them wealth beyond their wildest dreams.Nonetheless, there are millions of children out there without any medical insurance & are literally helpless.

Speaking for myself, I don't mind some of my tax dollars going to help those kids, & I am not a wealthy person by any stretch of the imagination right now so what's everyone else's problem? What all of you who are so adamently opposed to this are saying is, I would much rather my tax dollars go to support a war started by Bush against a country that never did anything to us than throw a few bucks towards some poor, sick children...fuck 'em. Now, you don't come right out & say it, but you're thinking it. These are the sort of people who are so narrow minded, they have the inability to put themselves into the shoes of other people, which, also sucks ass by the way. These are the same religious hypocrites that have the W.W.J.D.? bumper stickers on their cars. Would you like to know what Jesus would do? I'll tell you. He would help these people. I guarantee you judgmental Bible thumpers that come judgement day, the hated liberals who tend to do more of the things Jesus would recommend doing will be considered first for entry into the promised land. So, I'm going to continue to stay on board with helping less fortunate people. After all, it couldn't hurt. Maybe I'm an asshole. So, as the French would say, Au Revoir mon ami.