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The U.S. Wins the Olympic Games, Yay! The Rest of the World Bows to our Superiority!









turn on da' olympics, mon, i tink da' jah-maican bobsled team is rollin'

Yah, Olympics mon!










serve chilled with a back bacon sammich'

The Only Beer for Finely Tuned Olympic Athletes










It also cures Gingervitis, for crying out loud!

Why am I drunk, you may ask? Someone once told me to drink Canada Dry...& I listened.










Does the word "BONG" ring any bells?

I didn't know Michael Phelps was a Rastafari'! Jah help us all, mon!









hmmm, i wonder if there's strictlly tobacco in that cuban torpedo?

Dis Fucking Guy is @ the Forefront of the Cuban Torpedo Crisis. Lemme Tell Jew, Mang





I Love You


Olympic Gold followed by Molson golden, Makes Sense to me.


Canadian Women Like to Party, Eh? & the IOC & COC Like to Investigate Stuff. Question: Can Harry Reid Keep his Big Mouth Shut? Answer: Not so Much.

(AP)- Women's hockey team celebration raises eyebrows at the IOC, which said it would look into the matter. Informed of the antics, the executive director of the Olympic Games said it was "not what we want to see."


Vancouver, B.C. - So, the Canadian women's hockey team thoroughly spanked the American team in the gold medal round & after accepting their medals, went back to the locker room to hoist a few adult beverages & light up some celebratory stogies. Then, they hoisted a few more & decided that it would be nice to go and celebrate their victory where it occurred, on the ice, where they earned it. So, after the crowd had already cleared out, onto the ice they stormed, champagne bottles & beer cans in hand, chomping on cigars, pouring champagne into each other's mouths, attempting to drive the Zamboni & just generally having a wild time of it, which is understandable. Of course, something that is completely within mine & most normal people's realm of understanding seems to have escaped the International & Canadian Olympics Commitees' tenuous grasp of comprehension & now they are looking into it. Hmm, how long do you think an investigation into something like an impromptu party would last? I think the interrogation might just go a little something like this:

IOC Drone: So, you won the game, then accepted your gold medals & went back to your locker room. Then what?

Marie-Philip Poulin: So, we won the gold & went back to our locker room, then, uh, we partied, eh?

COC Drone: So, then, you hosers partied, eh?

Marie: Yah, eh? Burp.

COCD: What's wrong with her, eh?

Tessa Bonhomme: Maybe she's gonna' puke, eh? She had too many beers.

Marie: Take off, eh?

Tessa: No way, eh? You take off you knob!

French Canadian OCD: Sacre' Bleu!

COCD: So, then what happened, eh?

Tessa: Then, we, uh, decided to bring our beers & stuff out onto the ice & celebrate out there, eh?

IOCD: So, you decided to celebrate and party out on the ice, then?

Marie: Burp. Yah, eh?

IOCD: Okay, then what?

COCD: Yah, then what, eh?

Tessa: Then, you started asking us all these questions & stuff & totally killed our buzz, eh?

FCOCD: Mon Dieu!

IOCD: Oh, okay, then. That concludes our investigation. Thank you very much.

COCD: We're gonna' take off, eh?

Haley Irwin: Okay, eh? Hey, pass me some more beers, eh?

FCOCD: Au revoir, hockee bitchez.

Or, something to that effect. Other than that, what else could an investigation possibly yield? There has been a small amount of fervor over Marie-Philip Pounin being only 18 & partaking in the alcohol laden celebration because in British Columbia, the drinking age is 19, though where she's from in Alberta, the drinking age is 18. I don't believe anything is going to come from any of it, though. What are they going to do, strip them of their gold medals & give them to the U.S. team by default? That seems pretty unlikely, but you never know. They could see this a golden opportunity to go ahead & make an example of someone else after last years Michael Phelps shenanigans. It pissed them off that someone could win the most medals in olympics history while still being a pothead. To the IOC, tonight's hockey celebration further tarnishes their image, but, the rest of the world doesn't really care. Most people probably thought it was fairly appropo. I doubt that even their parents are ashamed of them. It's the IOC's own presumed image problem, & that makes them hyper conscious of every little thing olympians do. Scotty Lago had to go home after taking so called racy photographs of himself celebrating his bronze medal. The IOC is out to present a picture perfect image of themselves & all of the olympians rather than accepting how human they all are all, & to me, trying to create a false perception is the same as lying & much worse than a little partying. I wonder if they'd react in the same way if the men's hockey team partied out in the open like that. I mean, what's the difference if they party on the ice, then go back to their homes or hotels or if they all go out to some bar after the game? The difference is, if they went out to a bar, they'd probably get 10 times more wasted & would either get themselves into some real trouble or just maybe even have the night of their lives. & God knows, no one wants that.

The IOC needs to accept the fact that all of these athletes are individuals who have worked countless years on making it to this world class level & if they win the highest honors that can be bestowed upon them, they are going to have a tendency to cut loose a tad. It's not like they were drinking during the game or putting anyone in any kind of danger. It's not as though Michael Phelps was standing on his head doing upside down gravity bong hits prior to his races, so how about lightening up a little bit? Shit, tell me he wasn't high while he was swimming down the street trying to get to those deliciously sweet Subway sandwiches. How you gonna' swim through asphalt when you're sober? How does that thought even occur to someone not blasted out of their minds? Sounds more like he was smoking angel dust to me. For all we know, he's a Sherm head, too, damn. I know what you are all thinking & yes, I have kids & will I be as tolerant if they decide to pursue such activities? The answer is, if they're generally level headed, are over 18 & do it in the privacy of their own homes, then I would have to say, probably not. I've seen firsthand the effect extreme partying can have on people & their lives & am hoping they will be able to resist the temptations of it all. I will be supportive of them right up to the moment they start to rob me for drug money or kill me, that's where I'll have to go ahead & draw the line. Adieu, mon ami's.

Here's a legitimate query for you all: Has there been a time in recent memory that when Harry Reid opened his mouth, a veritable torrent of stupidity didn't come flooding out? Hmm, nothing comes to mind @ the moment, especially following his most recent asinine remarks about jobless men being violent & abusive. I suppose he would know since Nevada, the state he's senator of, is @ 13%, with more job loss to surely follow. @ the rate he's going, he doesn't have a chance in hell of being re elected in November & I'm quite sure there are plenty of Nevadans that will happily say good riddance to him & his big fat mouth. He probably thinks that if he helps to push Obama's jobs bill through, he'll save his job but the more ridiculous his comments become, his chances decrease exponentially. I'm sure all the unemployed guys in Nevada will be taking time out of their busy wife beating schedules to get out to the polls & vote against him. His elitist attitude & rhetoric are much more akin to the republican party & I'm hoping that he'll just go ahead & cross over to the other side since his head & heart already seem to be there. That would be the ideal scenario, so the odds of that occuring are fairly slim. Oh well, a guy can dream, right Obama? Obama, Obama, Obama. You're going to push through your health care reform bill whether anyone wants you to or not, aren't you? If no one on the right wants to cooperate with you in the hopes that you'll go down in flames, then go for it. You might as well just go ahead & do whatever you feel is right & let the consequences be damned. If you could only learn to start acting like Bush & treat Americans like a gang of ignorant assholes, maybe all those right wing fuckers would start to respect you already, because then they'd @ least be able to relate to you.

But 1st, jew get the money...Then when jew get the money, jew get a power. Then, when jew got a power... then jew get the woman.- Tony Montana