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It's transvaginal Madness, I tell ya




























You have a vagina? Off with it's head!

He makes me upChuck






















why does chuck winder hate women so much ye may ask? he wants to be a woman but he just knows he'd make an ugly one

Let it go, asshole





















on behalf of governor rick perry, may i welcome you to your compulsory transvaginal exam

Gary Trudeau does it again

































Well, that can't be good news



Hi, I'm the mysterious lady parts, any questions? Yes, you in the back.



What's that ya say, you have a vagina? Them's fightin' words!


Republicans hatred of governmental intrusion into our lives is very well documented; so much so, that they are trying to put the government in a place where nobody can see it...inside of women's vaginas! &, it's always the last place you look, too. I'm going to throw some names out @ you, see if you can guess what the common thread is: John McCain, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, & George W Bush. I could go on but there has to be more to this article than simply pointing out republicans who are not only opposed to Obama's policy of health insurance covering the cost of birth control, but are opposed to birth control, period. However, that isn't the reason I'm writing this, who cares if they are opposed to birth control, that isn't the bigger issue here. It isn't as though anyone's trying to outlaw contraception altogether...or is it? In Arizona, they are trying to pass a law that allows religious organizations to not include birth control in the list of medications in their insurance's prescription drug coverge's formulary. Again, no big deal, if you don't like the policy, don't work for one of these companies, problem solved. This is intended to only ban the free birth control policy, not birth control in general. You can still have it covered, just pay your co-pay & get it on till the cows come home, & things will carry on like they have for decades. The fact that so many republicans have taken this birth control ball & ran with it plainly illustrates how out of touch they are with reality, & that they can't see how Obama is purposely putting a politically polarizing issue up for debate, knowing they will be so outraged, it will appear even more so that they are trying to wage a war on women. Obama isn't stupid, he is using this issue to facilitate the republicans losing the women's vote, & it appears to be working & the fact that it doesn't really seem to bother them, bothers me; but what the hell, it's their funeral. So, you can see where I stand on the whole health insurance covering birth control issue, I really don't believe it will or ever should be free. They never gave me rubbers when I was a young teen exploring my own sexuality & they certainly don't give me complimentary Viagra now, so it's only fair. However, right to life supporters such as Mitt Romney have come right out & said that they oppose birth control in any form because they believe life begins @ the point of conception & Rick Santorum said that contraceptives are a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be. Pssst Rick, that should be are counter...moron. Throw in the fact that W tried to completely ban birth control to Federal employees & you have 3 pretty good reasons why allowing religious zealots to run a country is essentially, a bad idea all the way around. Either this trio of idiots can't seem to grasp the concept that birth control pills are frequently prescribed to treat a multitude of health issues completely unrelated to contraception, and/or, they just somehow feel it is incumbent upon them to control the reproductive processes of women, ergo waging a war on women whether they deny it or not. & here, W says we need to continue to occupy Afghanistan to prevent the further mistreatment of women there. If he doesn't even care about the women in America, how is anyone supposed to believe that nonsensical babble? Come on, George, you've got to remember, we're not all as stupid as you. But that still isn't even why I'm writing this.

just because i'm a hateful right wing religiously psycho closeted gaymo doesn't mean i don't know what's good for you dame's coochies

Because it's dead, that's why

No, I'm talking about sick fucks like Georgia congressman Terry England who believe that some women must be mandated by law to carry stillborn or dying fetuses to full term or when they naturally go into labor, regardless of the health risks to said women. Why, you may ask? Well, it should be simple enough to understand, it's because he has sympathy for pregnant cows & pigs in the same situation, what are ya, stupid? Without even knowing all the facts or his reasoning behind that statement, it completely illuminates just exactly in what regard Terry England holds women, right up there on the level of livestock. & yes, he understands that carrying a stillborn or dying fetus can pose serious, often fatal health risks to the women that would be forced to carry it, but he doesn't care, as long as he controls their vaginas. My question to you Terry is what if the baby in question was a girl? I mean, you don't sympathize with women in the slightest, so why care about female babies, living or not? Why not just euthanize all women who are pregnant with baby girls? That seems to be the optimal solution as far as I'm concerned. Actually, the quickest fix would be if we could arrange to have this dead cow/dead pig England strung up by his teats @ his friendly neighborhood abattoir, never to be heard from again. & then there's fellow crackpot misogynist, Chuck Winder, the republican senator from Idaho, who wants to pass a law requiring abortion doctors to ask pregnant rape victims if they were really raped, or do they just want the abortion just cuz they do. Chuck believes that there are many women out there who will lie about being raped just so they can get their unwanted baby sucked out of them. Doctors are supposed to inquire if the pregnancy could have been caused by normal marital relations, as if a married woman would go through all the trouble of reporting a rape to the police simply because she didn't want the baby her own husband impregnated her with. &, if this promiscuous harlot made it all the way to the point of being asked the question, what makes anyone think she'd suddenly be seized with the desire to tell the truth? Plus, you'd think that the attending physician would be furnished with the police & medical reports anyway, rendering the need to even ask the question unnecessary.

Trumpet if you hate women!!!!

Well, whose business is it?

These are just some of the examples of what happens when assholes are put in positions of power. What business is it of Chuck Winders' what any woman other than perhaps his wife or underage daughter does with her body, anyway? What gives him the right to try & regulate women’s' reproductive organs? Unless he's a licensed, board certified gynecologist, what puts him in a position to govern something he doesn't even comprehend? Does Chuck have his very own working pussy? Has Chuck ever been pregnant, or God forbid, raped? Has something happened to Chuck in his life that gives him a unique understanding of what women experience in any way, shape or form? The answer is no, other than being power hungry, he's obviously being controlled by the health insurance lobby, because they can make more money, & he can get more PAC contributions if the rape victims go ahead & have the babies, it's the American way. Neat, huh? &, in Pennsylvania, they're trying to enact a law to make transvaginal ultrasounds compulsory for women seeking abortions, which is good because that way they can get raped 2 times for the price of one, & who can pass that up that kind of bargain in this economy? In Texas, it’s already mandatory, plus they force the women to look @ the ultrasound pictures & listen to the hearbeat before allowing the abortion to be performed. Thanks Rick Perry for being the kind of visionary we chauvinists can all look up to. You are a beacon of light in an otherwise dark & dreary manscape. With your help, we'll get those pesky women in line yet. &, in Alaska, they are trying to pass a bill requiring a woman looking to get an abortion to provide a permission slip signed by the feller what knocked her up. What I find particularly interesting about that is that Alaska has one of the highest rates of rape in the United States, thereby rendering it practically impossible to get the father’s permission unless he happens to get caught & even then, what’re the odds he’ll willingly sign it & incriminate himself? Therefore, we can conclude that in Alaska, they treat women who want to get abortions worse than rapists. Hey ladies, what’s with all the outrage, huh? Why, you gals should be downright thankful that these old men who either don’t even get horny anymore or are probably only turned on by young boys are looking out for your hoo-hoos so your privates can become public already, just like God intended. I think we know what’s good for you, so, why don’t you chicks just sit there & look pretty & let the men handle this.

I’ve always been personally pro-life, but for me, it was a great question about whether or not government should intrude in that decision. And when I ran for office, I said I’d protect the law as it was, which is effectively a pro-choice position- Mitt flip flopper Romney