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Don't say a fucking word or my moustache will burn your bible



& remember, i'm not only the president of the handlebar club, i'm also a client



Pastor Jones: Fundamentally Stupid


04:17 AM

Today's the day folks. Today, redneck, hillbully pastor, Terry Jones, is fixin' to burn him a Ko-Ran, ya'll. Yeehaw!!! Praise the lord & pass the kerosene! Terry hates him some Ko-Ran even better then he hates jews or negros, or maybe I mean worse...depending upon your perspective. Who knows? Could be one, could be the other, could be neither, could be both, you tell me. He did cancel it however, then reconsidered. On one hand, you can see why people are mad @ Muslims, the dickheads who hijacked all the aircraft on September 11th, 9 years ago today were all Muslims. But, believe it or not, not every single Muslim wants to see every single American dead. The 9/11 boys were extemists, not unlike Hitler, or the KKK, for that matter, & they are not representative of an entire culture. Jones believes that burning the Quran will send a message to the entire Muslim nation, Goddammit! He thinks that'll show em' not to tread on us. He also seems to think that there'll not be any repurcussions, even though the government, the Vatican & everybody & their brother has advised him not to do it, & not to mention the person that was shot to death in Afghanistan in response to his threats. But, Jones, he is undeterred. He gwan' burnify that damn thing no matter what, & damn the consequences. & it's kinda' the Muslims fault, after all. God forbid, they couldn't have highjacked a 5th airplane & flown it into him too, thus negating his ability to burn their bible 9 years later...fucking morons. Zero foresight whatsoever. On the other hand, Jones is probably one of the yahoos who still really believes that Iraq is responsible for the events that took place 9 years ago, & if he had any fucking balls & really wanted to hit them towelheads where it hurts, he'd've flown directly to Iraq, took a freedom cab to downtown Baghdad, & burned it @ one of the local Walmarts there. Oh, that's right, even though Iraq is a democracy, you can't just fly there, let alone jump in a cab & say driver, take me to Baghdad. I do wonder though if the cabbies there are evangalistical extremists & their cabs smell like those little butter flavored after dinner mints & have gospel music pumping out of their radios, just like in America...only different. On the other hand, instead of speculating any further, I think I'll take a break & finish up after we find out whether or not he follows up on his plans. Even though I really don't want him to do it, I'll bet you anything he pussies out when he realizes if that he burns it, he probably won't make it out of NY alive.


06:07 PM

Well well well, what a surprise. Pastor Jones did not burn the Quran today & says that he never will. Maybe his moustache talked him out of it. Again, I reiterate, I didn't want him to do it, but the fact that he didn't really proves what a hypocrite he really is. Yo, dickhead, if you are going to come out so strongly about something that you obviously really believe in, you should be willing to go ahead & die for it. It's war, Terry & you drew a line in the metaphorical sand & then covered up that line with your foot, as you tucked your pussy tail between your legs in retreat. Ooooooh, harsh...sick...burn. But, I digress. Yes, it's very good for you that you didn't follow your dreams & burn someone else's bible because it's guaranteed that you'd be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your muslims hatin', negro & jew baitin' life, which wouldn't've been very long @ all. You're probably saying to yourself, uh, well if you didn't want me to do it, then why are you criticizing me now, huh? Uh, well, why do you think? I mean, where's your conviction now, loser? Of course, I didn't want you to do it but when you put yourself & your hatred out into the spotlight like that, you don't fucking cave so easily. I never had any respect for you before & I certainly don't now because it wasn't about you seeing the light & having a change of life inspired epiphany, it was purely self preservation. @ least you used to stand for something. How are you or your moustache going to ever look your congregation in the face again?

Even Later Still

Obviously, though, it's the most ideal scenario that he didn't go through with it because of all the lives he was putting directly in harms way in the name of his selfish, bullshit belief system. He's probably sitting back thinking of what a great American he is & how many lives he saved, but really, he's just a hypocritical coward. Him threatening to burn the Quran was not quite as stupid as when Bush challenged all of the terrorists of the world to bring it on, & he, unlike Bush, was able to change his mind & @ least save his own worthless, unreconstructed hide. Hoo-rah! If he's lucky, his local KKK chapter will still allow his membership, but I'm sure that they're all very disappointed in him. He'll probably have to lynch him a negro, or cab driver or ZOG member personally in order to get back in their good graces. But, that shouldn't be a problem for old Terry, unless he pussies out again. So, what have we learned 9 years later? We've learned that there is still a lot of anger & hatred out there towards Muslims as well as America & that not a whole lot of tolerance has instilled itself into the fabric of our society, which...sucks. In fact, racism only has gotten worse, or maybe it's just because Obama is president now. Hmmm. We've also learned that spending 7 years in Iraq has done nothing to avenge 9/11 & 8 years in Afghanistan hasn't done much either. So, let's just forget about vengeance & just concentrate on making sure Terry Jones biker moustache stays impeccably groomed, for corn sake. Because, that's what's important. You don't have to love war to be a proud American, you know. Too bad everybody doesn't know that. But, as long as war is profitable for someone, it'll just keep going on forever & ever & ever... Amen.

To Mosque or not to Mosque, that is the Question.

As far as building a mosque or Islamic community center near ground zero, why shouldn't they be allowed to? On the other hand, why should they? Do we let them build it as the ultimate act of tolerance, or do we make sure it never happens? It's a slippery slope. As far as we know, the ones responsible for planning the attacks have nothing to do with this center, &, that it would help unite America with the Muslim community, which, in keeping with the whole concept of America being the great melting pot; would be ideal. But, even if it isn't being built by radical Muslim extremists, it could still be percieved as them thumbing their noses @ America in a purely symbolic way. That is to say, it shows how we are losing our grip & allowing the enemy to set up shop not only on our doorstep, but @ the site of literally their greatest triumph over America, &, in effect, Christianity itself. So, obviously, it's a double edged sword, & if I were the Muslims planning & trying to do it, I would probably reconsider putting it right there, though, I'm sure they won't. They'll make the claim that America was built solidly on the concept of religious freedom & not allowing the center to be built would be contrary to everything this country stands for. But, so what if it does? Don't we have to draw the line somewhere? If they aren't willing to compromise, then why should we? Well, because someone, & don't take offense to this, but likely, it was somebody Jewish who sold Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf the property (which seems a little hypocritical in itself to me...though I could be wrong, I suppose. But, let me ask you this...when am I ever wrong? Aha!! But, I must once digress again, this time within parenthesis) & he has every right to put the center where he wants to unless it violates some kind of zoning ordinance or something, so who is anyone to stop him? Though, from this article, he seems like the kind of guy who really is doing this vindictively, but what can you do? You have to figure that if it does get built, there will eventually be some sort of attack on it, then the Muslim community will go crazy, declaring Jihads & yelling Death to America, but, they would have to be completely inept to not expect it as an eventuality; because they are practically begging for it, & even willing it to happen. &, I believe that there are lots of radical Muslims who want their to be attacks on it to reinforce their hatred & give them an excuse to retaliate against us, & not just the extremists who will make what I'm predicting to happen an inevitability. Sort of like the bullshit that's happening in Afghanistan...only different. Terry Jones, guide us, tell us what to do. We are your flock, lead us, learn us how to do some good...hatin', that is. Oh yeah, & besides Hulk Hogan calling & wanting his moustache back, God called, & wants nothing to do with you.


We need some more, we need some more rightly placed intolerance - Terry Jones