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i cannot tell a lie, i smoked dat muffuckin' blunt, jack!

Actually, it's a fairly well known legend that G.W. smoked a grip o' weed

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New Mexico's medicinal marijuana laws are downright













If I put my dreads in front of my eyes, the cops can't see me

The Dreaded Dread Library

















find something to lean on if you're going to run on this platform right h'yah

Is jail just what the Dr. ordered?














no, officer i don't have my drivers license on me, but i have this! oh, step out of the car? uh, okay

Why is this patient so happy? Peruse this directory & find out















you're lookin' @ a new man eddie, i gotta full tank o' fuel

Here's what the joint chiefs are working on now




























legalize it, & gary will advertise it

I & I approved dis message, mon




Gary & his favorite bird....Da "J"



Gary Johnson for president? No way, America isn't that faced...yet. Here are 3 different yet equally disturbing perspectives


Oh wow...Fuuuck man, the U.S. isn’t even like, used to the idea of having a black president  yet, let alone a totally chronicologistically ganjamatic herbalizer such as dudehead. Ooh, ooh, & he’s a ®epublicanizationalist to boot, how killer is that, right? But, like, dig, right, the conservative world is like, harshing way the fuck out because Gary recently revealed that in addition to blazing herbage when he was a youngster, he’s in fact smoked out very recently. In 2005, he was in a hang gliding accident where he busted his ass like, soo hard that he turned back to weed for painkillage because he doesn’t agree with the philosophy of taking pills. Cuz like, pills are drugs & drugs are bad, mmmkay? But, marijuana is like, super cool with um, like, Gary, dude. I mean, he's probably twisting up a hog's leg even as we speak, or, making bubble hash in the privacy of his own kitchen. &, that's the kind of behavioral modification activity we can expect when Gary is in the White House, except then, it'll all be legalized, decriminalized, glamorized & of course, vaporized; so, people had best get desensitized once that deal is finalized or it'll drive them all so crazy, they'll be institutionalized & possibly even ostracized by their respective community, if I may be so bold as to have philosophized. The former governor of New Mexico, a libertarian ®epublican is widely known as a staunchly fiscal conservative who's always the fiduciary voice of reason or something, saying profound shit such as, never go grocery shopping when you're high, or you'll clean out the whole store, man. &, we all know how damaging that can be to your wallet, &, as far as I know, that is so not cool. &, that's just like, sound financial advice or something. So, uhh, like, you can, like, uhhh, keep that in mind, & just, I dunno man, chill the fuck out, dude. Whateva. But, perhaps a genuine Rastafari could explain things better. Yo, pass that bone over here already, Humphrey Bogart. Pfffft, ahhhhhh, all right, who's on munchies? Take it away, Greatboy Jones.


what part o' jamaica am i from, you ask? right near da beach.

Guess who's coming to dinner tonight? the Dreadlocks

Irie mon, dis is Greatboy Jones @ yer service mon, & I & I is ear to tell ya aboat da mon, mon. &, da mon is Geary John-sun, mon. Hold on, mon, I & I got ta fire up a spliff, mon. Pffffffffffft, ahhhhhhhhh. Now den, what was I & I tokin' aboat, den? Oh yah, mon, ganja. Shit mon, is dat da Babylon? Oh, Jah, dat scared da everlivin' life outta' me, mon. Jah knows, I & I are a man of peace, mon, but I & I hate da Babylon, mon. I & I mean, we all know dey're supposed to be protectin' us n' everyting but when dey're bustin' down da door to yer shanty just when yer aboat to blaze up in da name o' Jah, it's damn well scary, mon. Luckily, dough, ya can usually just pass it to em, & dey ferget all aboat incarceratin' ya. Believe me, I & I speak from experience, mon. Now, what was I & I tokin' aboat again? Oh yah, mon, pass dat cone over dis way mon, & don't worry boat a ting, mon, cuz every little ting is gonna' be all right. But'cha know dis, mon. &, when Geary John-sun is president, mon, da gungeon will be flowin' from da teats o' dis great nation like milk from yer mudders' udders. Wait, dat made no sense, lard a mercy, dat spliff really got next to me, mon. Now den mon, what was I & I tokin' aboat again? Ahhh, never mind all dat, it's time to worship Jah again, for he is da be all to end all of. Oookay, pass dat fatty boom batty over ear den, so called Humphey Bogart, mon. Pfffffft, ahhhhhhh, mon. Praise be ta jah, fer providin' da bread, mon. Back ta you, uh, whoever you are. Jah, I'm sooo fookin' baked, mon.


let's all raise a glass...pipe, that is & smoke some Rrrrrrrrrocks!

Serves me right, I suppose

Jesus, I'm sorry I asked. Maybe trying to get potheads to explain politics wasn't the greatest idea from the get go...hmm, perhaps a crystal meth tweaker would be better @ it. I dunno, I have a crazy feeling this isn't going to work out either but here goes anyway...

Okaysoyouwantmetotalkaboutthepoliticalram ificationsofhavingsomeoneinthewhitehouse whohasusedmarijuana&advocatesdecriminal izingit@leastformedicinalpurposesbutweall knowthatdeepdowninsideyouknowthismothe rfuckerisitchingtogetitcompletelylegalizedso hecanjustfreakingblazeupanytimehefeelslike itheycanyoupassmeacigarettepfffftahhhhhhh thanksmananywaysoiwassayingIthinkmaybe havingaweedheadforapresidentmightnotbehey grabmeanothersmirnofficewhereohwherethe fuckaremycigarettesanyway?ohtheretheyare heyyougotalightthanksPfffftahhhhsowherewas Ianywayohyeahcheckoutthisacetlynetorchit liketotallyblocksthewind&everything&youcan evenrefillit&waitIwastellingyouwhatIthink aboutGaryJohnson&medicalmarijuana&allthat shitmanohwheredidIputthatfuckingrockhand methatpipenononothatonethefuckingglassone withtheskullonityeahwhere'sthatlighterohit's inmyhandhahahahaPffffft,ahhhhhhheysocheck outthesepicturesIphotoshoppedofOprah’shead onTraciLord’sbodylook@howbigherassholeisno notOprah’sassholeTraciLord’sfuckdudeweren’t youpayingattentionheygimmeacigaretteohwow IdoalreadyhaveonehahahahaPfffffft,ahhhhso nowwhatwasItalkingabout?Pffffffft,ahhhhh, Pffffffft,ahhhhh.Pffffffffffffffffft,ahhhhhhhhhh !dudeI'mliketweakingsofuckinghardOHMYGOD! isthereanyleft?whaddayameanthatit'sgone? well,therehastobemoresomewhere!!!!!!!


I'm weed smokin' Gary Johnson & I approved this message

Never Mind

See what I mean? Oh well. I hate to tell myself I told me so, but I was right again. I guess you just can’t look to stoners for ordinary answers to extraordinary questions. However, if you should happen to need to know who has the best late night Chinese food delivery service, you know who to ask. Now, if you’re asking me what I think about a president who smokes marijuana & is in favor of legalizing it, I’d have to say I don’t necessarily think it’s such a big deal. I mean, if he does it & is still able to be in position to possibly become elected president, then more power to him. Most people you usually associate with being stoned aren’t generally all that successful; they’re mostly busy trying to find their next quarter oz. of weed & getting fired from yet another job. However,  if the guy just so happens to catapult himself to a presidential nomination running against the incumbent Barack Obama, the ®epublican party could do a hell of lot worse. They could choose the sober, tea totaling, evangelical, moose murdering Sarah Palin (Wildlifus Executus) & not have a chance in hell to take back the white house. So, lessen you want Romney or Huckabee, those are your options, take your pick, &, uh...good luck.


If I'm gonna hit myself in the head with a hammer, so be it. That's freedomFamous Weedhead Woody Harrelson (taken out of context, of course.)


may i be bluntwitchu?