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October 9, 2009

Obama Wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize? But, How Can That Be? He's Black, Isn't He? It's Those Goddamned Liberals Fault. Blah Blah Blah, Peace Peace Peace. There's Gotta' Be a Way We Can Invade a Country & Profit From This. Turd Blossom? Help a Brother Out?

Karl Rove must be spinning in his grave right about now. Oh wait, the bastard's still alive. But, he must be very upset that the 1st black president of the United States of America has won the Nobel Peace Prize less than a year after being elected to office. This is an outrage! Is probably what people like Rove, Bush, Cheney, Rummy & Wolfowitz are thinking right about now,(& leave us not forget Ashcroft). 6 men who have dedicated their lives to things like: war, war as a concept, war profiteering, oil war blood for money & let's see, what else? Oh, yeah! WAR!!!! & now, Obama, this insufferable Jack Ass, is trying to spread peace throughout the globe & also, to spread, not war. What's wrong with him? How is ExxonMobil, The Saudi Royal family, The Carlisle Group or Halliburton possibly going to profit from this? I am usually on board with most of the things you're trying to do Obama, but don't you think now you're being just a wee bit unreasonable? Oh sure, you're President, you make a nice hefty salary but it seems as though there's 1 little thing you're forgetting, CEO's gotta' eat too! & do you think Fois Gras is cheap? Hells no beyitch, that shit is pricey. So, where are we @? Oh yeah, Obama, you want world peace for some reason. What are you, a pageant contestant or a socialist? Which is it? Think carefully now, you can't be both. What is with you, man? I'll tell you one damn thing, I'd rather see you in the evening gown competition over the swimsuit any day of the week there boy, lemme tell ya. But that's neither her nor there. The important thing is, what are we going to do about all of this peace talk & attempts @ diplomacy, not to mention, uniting the world to increase cooperation between peoples & what not? I smell a little tea party a brewin', & not a moment too soon. Okay, so this bastard wants to fix the economy, provide health care for everyone & spread a message of peace & unity throughout the world? I don't know, it all seems just a little bit fishy to me. You know what it sounds like? It sounds to me as though he is furthering his own selfish agenda, & we, as God fearing American citizens, are being victimized &/or otherwise held hostage. We eagerly await guidance from Rush & Ann Coulter. We can only pray that they will shine their divine countenance upon us on & make sense of all this noise.

How many of you were reading this & saying, yeah, you're right, we gotta' stop this sumbitch.? If so, stop reading right now, open up Fox News or the Drudge Report & get your head straight, man. I'm sitting here thinking we should be praising Obama, or @ the least, congratulating him. This is just one more way that the world is actually saying fuck you George Bush & anyone who thinks like you. But, let's not get too excited, this is the same commitee that nominated Bush & Blair in 02, shortly before they declared war on the entire middle east. Oh well, everyone's entitled to a mistake or 2 now & again. Why, some people can't make blunder after blunder & still get re elected. It just doesn't seem to matter. We'll see what happens in 2012 when it's Obama's turn. But think about it, according to the Mayan calendar, the world will end sometime that year anyway, so what's the difference if we have world peace or not? There are many who are shouting things like too soon & what for? & I have to say that I agree to them to a certain extent because while he seems to have been successful in bringing about the beginnings of change in international diplomacy, he hasn't actually brought any peace to bear. The awarding of this prize to him is this commitee telling the world, okay, you have some great ideas, now do something with them. Time will tell if he can. One thing he has done already is alter the view of how the world sees America, & that's pretty good after only 9 months. The world no longer sees us as invaders or threatening, which can only lead to new levels of diplomatic cache' for our state department. So, Hillary Clinton should thank him for that. Had she been elected, I doubt that message would've been nearly as hard hitting or well received.

Or, it could all backfire & the world could start viewing us as pussies & invade the shit out of us. Somehow, I doubt it though because we still have all that weaponry, & we can match any other country bomb for bomb. I think if Obama can make sense of Afghanistan & Iraq & reign in North Korea & Iran, the prize will be well deserved. If not, & he doesn't accomplish anything with his foreign policy, it'll only serve to be a slap in the face to his predecessor, who actually called himself the war president & commented publicly how much easier things would be if only America were a dictatorship & he were dictator. His words, not mine. You can't make that shit up. So, what have we learned today? Well, we've learned that even though awarding the Nobel Peace prize to Obama was extremely premature, @ least he hasn't started any wars. Hopefully, if he does decide to start any, he'll get us out of the 2 we're in already first, you know there is such a thing as stretching an already thin military too thin. Of course, Walmarts are open 24 hours a day so we still have thousands of recruiting stations to draw from. We've also learned that while Barack Obama hasn't accomplished very much as of yet, he's still looking out for America in a way good old boy W never could, & he's doing it with severe opposition @ every turn. &, now with N. Korea firing off 4 more missiles, he's going to have a chance to put those diplomacy skills on display since Kim Jong Il seems to be fucking with him & Hillary. Hopefully, the folks on the right @ least want him to succeed in shutting this little bastard down before all of us get roasted to a crispety crunch. Snap, Crackle...Pop.