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Your world or mine?


















why doggy dogg, what are you doin' here?

The best look for not getting exploited
















i don't like bitches, but i love hoes, tricks & skeezers

I likes bitches, I hope you don't find that Ludacris















for the last time, i won't fire my hair

I actually eat money













i may be hot but i still think you should take me seriously

What have I done?















i'm T O double D

sup bitches?



snoop diddy judd...da 3 amigos!


How do you really feel, Ashley? &, Trump'd again!

Ashley Judd wrote a book. She wrote a book about her life. She wrote a book about her life & growing up in Kentucky. She wrote a book detailing her perspective on the women's movement around the world & her own personal crusade to raise AIDS awareness in this country's youth, & within those details lie a very small snippet about how she believes that the rap/hip hop music scene glamorizes misogyny, drug use, gang thuggery & the rape/exploitation of women. Then, in a stunning recantation, she...took it back, & then, in an even more stunning apology...she said she was real sorry. What's the matter Ashley, d'you suddenly realize you may have offended people with AK47s & feared that if you didn't backpeddle, you might become a drive by victim? Well, that's just whacky. Were you afraid Snoop was gonna' roll up on you & spray you wit his 9? Did you think Diddy was going to send a hit squad to your mansion? I mean, what's the point in making what has widely been regarded as a bold statement if you're only going to more or less retract it @ the slightest hint that it's caused a little backlash? You want everyone to think you have all of these noble convictions, & then you go ahead & abandon them? Well, I say unto you, buck buck Bugawk! Why'd you have to pussy out like that? Of course the death threats you've received do just a little bit to further the argument you could still be making had you any bawlz. But, alas, fear got the better of you & you did your best to back out of the situation before you got killed. I've got news for you, nothing was going to happen to you except possibly some criticizing & a bit of the old obligatory dissing from the rappers you happened to mention by name, i.e. Snoop n' Diddy, which they are completely entitled to do to you, as are you, to your opinion. All that contrition for making what's being perceived as a generalization, but actually contained some very valid points. Tsk tsk. All you really did was mention the obvious & it's being treated as though you were Mel Gibson, a genuine racist if'n there ever was one.

perhaps these au natural tittayz will add to my credibility

Who do you think you are?

The problem is Ashley, being an actress, & not necessarily that skilled of one @ that, you can't really expect the world to take you & your sociological observations very seriously. &, when I say you lack a certain degree of adroitness as an actress, I just mean that you aren't exactly the caliber of a Helen Mirren or Daniel Day Lewis, you're fine @ what you do, which is, look really good & act like an emotional basket case. &, that's okay. &, maybe you do make some excellent points that seem to have hit home with a good many people, which, is what social commentary is meant to do, but you done & gone & went & turned tail & probably lost some respect in the process; & pretty much eliminated the small amount of street cred you'd managed to accumulate. It's very true, however, that there are tons of white suburban kids, that love to emulate the whole hip-hop lifestyle, & that generally means trying to treat women like shit by either dogging or turning them out on the streets. It's the whole wigger thang that is troubling to a lot of people. I mean, the wearing of the pants almost down to your knees but having a belt wrapped around tightly enough so they don't fall all the way down & the exposed boxer shorts is what really seems to bug people the most. Oh, & the insane amount of jewelry or bling as they call it, is ridiculous in a lot of peoples' eyes. There's also the subwoofers in their cars pumping out an inordinate amount of bumpin', windows rattlin' bass as they roll on dubs down the screet, which, tends to make the white suburban parents a tad uncomfortable. All that bullshit aside Ashley, even if all you say just so happens to be utterly & completely true, where does this leave things as far as you activism goes? Will you continue your campaign for truth & justice & make your arguments or are you going to tiptoe around this issue now because of your fear factor? Either way, I think it's pretty safe to say you won't be dating Lil Wayne or any of the fellas from the Jedi Mind Tricks anytime soon. Go on witcha' bad self, Ash.

somehow, her hair turned out okay

2 in a row?

Just when we thought we wouldn't hear from Donald Trump for several minutes, he's baaack! But this time, he's here to rip his old buddy, W. In the midst of all of his Obama birthing nonsense, he finally made a lucid statement, saying emphatically that George W Bush was the worst president in the history of the United States of America . Donald says, & rightly so, that if it wasn't for Bush, Obama wouldn't even have been elected president in the 1st place. Well, thank you Captain Obvious. I've been saying that for over 2 years myself. I believe that anyone in their right minds already was of that mind, including Obama him own self. So, what's he telling us that's new? Well, he's telling us that Barack Obama is also the worst president in the history of the United States of America, too. Well,which is it, the Donald? What're you saying, could be one, could be the other, could be neither, could be both? Is that & Obama's birthplace going to be the basis of your impending campaign? Well, good luck with all that. But, just for argument's sake, let's see if we can figure out this conundrum together. Now, W is the worst president because of Iraq, Afghanistnam & the whole financial crisis, & now, Obama is the worst president because of Afghanistan & Obamacare. In essence, he is stating what everyone already knows already, Obama has not been able to undo all that Bush had done. How exactly does that make Obama the worst president ever? I think that it only serves to reinforce his original not so original theory. True, Obama has indeed not been able to completely steady the ship, but @ least he's working on it. Bush not only didn't try, he just kept piling on more shit until the day he left office with all those pesky bail outs that are still lingering to this day. Let's not forget though, that Trump believes bailing out all the banks was, in fact, a good idea, so it looks like we've finally figured out exactly where Mr. Money bags who's filed for bankruptcy multiple times is coming from. &, oddly enough, no one is surprised; not even one tiny little iota. If anyone ever thought Trump ever did anything that was not for money, they are so naive & out of touch with reality, that they shouldn't even be allowed to watch reality TV, let alone ever allowed to be fired by Trump on it. So, on the one hand, Trump is the master of the obvious, telling us what we all knew about Bush, way to do your homework the Donald, A+ job. &, on the other, you are blaming Obama for what Bush did, which makes you...not so smart. But, look on the bright side, @ least you'll get to join Palin, Bachmann, Gingrich, Romney, Huckabee & all the other ®epublican/tea baguettes in the I'll never be president club. Congratulations. &, now that you know that you will never be president, you can concentrate on the more important things in life, like firing people & finding dead squirrels to grace the top of that friggin' oversized noggin of yours. Keep it real everybody, good night!


Britney would make a better prostitute than Christina. She's thicker. - Snoop