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Violence is Universal





















if you hold still, it'll be infinitely easier for me to tase the fuck out of you

The results are stunning


















hi, i'm the x26 & i am here to fuck u up

Gitcha' Taser On






















can't we all just get along?

Was that any way to treat royalty?














don't tell anyone i sent you this link or i'll catch a beatin'!

You can't beat statistics
















king me, muthafucka'

How ya'll likes my Rodney King hat?




Welcome to Universal Studios, & take this witcha'....zzzzZap!

April 23 2011

Remind me to never be disorderly @ Universal Studios


(BBC.COM)- A man who was causing a disturbance outside Universal Studios in Florida died after being shocked with a Taser stun gun by off-duty police, US authorities have said.

The X26 stun gun by Taser International is the polices' preferred perpetrator paralyzer & when used properly, can kill your assailant before you even have to read em their rights, & that, is pretty impressive, if you ask me. Although, if you wanted to find out what the experience was like for yourself, you could always ask Adam Spencer Johnson, who, just so happens to have recently lived it. Mr. Johnson declined comment of course, because he was dead. &, that's all I have to say about that. Okay, not really. So, this guy was said to have been acting irrationally outside of Universal Studios when 5 off duty cops obviously thought it'd be a good idea to put him out of their misery. He was kind of pacing around, grabbing his beard, grabbing his head and hair, and they were trying to get a hold of him. He was being disorderly, said Sgt Jones, of the Orlando Police Department. Oh my God, after all of that, why the hell didn't they just shoot him? Why on Earth would they put themselves in danger by trying to detain this individual by hand when they could've just as easily put a bullet right between his eyes, @ point blank range? Grabbing his beard, grabbing his head & hair? Sounds to me like he was in the throws of some kind of panic attack when these so called law enforcement officials felt the need to try to subdue & arrest him because he didn't follow the rules of what to do when 5 cops try to accost you in a brutal & violent manner. By the way folks , those rules just happen to be unwritten. Oh well, better luck next time, Adam. The 5 officers were all placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. So, they all get to go on what will undoubtedly be paid leave while Adam gets to be put into a box, never to be heard from again. Garsh, that seems pretty fair. &, you're telling me that 5 cops could not get a hold of this unarmed guy because he was grabbing his head & his beard? You would think that just 1 cop with all of his police self defense training & techniques could've gone ahead & @ least tackled the guy or something. Really, you are telling me 2 cops couldn't have gotten him on the ground & zip tied his wrists & held him there until some real cops arrived on the scene? Is that what you're telling me? 5 count em 5 cops could not get the job done without killing him? Perhaps if this guy was a heavily weaponed master of Kung Fu, I could see it, but it was merely 1 obviously unstable guy they couldn't get the proverbial clamps on, & now, he's dead. Nice work, fellas, way to protect n' serve n' what...not?


You'll be happy to know I'm no longer a threat

Aye, but twas merely a accident

Shee-yit son, sounds to me like Adam Spencer Johnson was himself one badass muthafucka'. Let me pose a query, if this is how the Orlando police department handles 1 guy acting a fool, how do they handle real criminals with weapons & violent intent? I know, I know, it's a taser, it's not supposed to render it's recipient's lifeless, it's just meant to slow them down a little so that they can be brought under control. So, why did it kill this guy then, hmmm? Perhaps he had some sort of medical condition & something like violent electroshock exacerbatizitazafies it. Who knows, maybe the guy had Epilepsy or was having some other kind of seizure. We won't know until the results of the so called investigation are published. Which, I'm guessing, will never happen. Or maybe, just maybe, & I mean maybe, & when I say maybe; I mean, definitely, they tased him more than the recommended daily tasing allowance. & why did they tase him like, sooo hard n' stuff, you may well ask? Because, he didn't cooperate with them, that's why. & why, oh why did I have to read about this on bbc.com? After I read it, I scoured the U.S. news sites & it was nowhere to be found. But hey, @ least all of them bore the news that Lindsay Lohan was released on her own recognizance after posting $75k bond...Phew! Good thing that CNN, Fox News, MSN & Yahoo gave us the important news that we couldn't have gotten through the day without. Hmm, 5 lame cops, 4 lame news outlets, what'll they think of next? What're the odds we'll get to see the results of the investigation unless the guy happened to have been on drugs during the incident or had warrants for multiple violent crimes? Survey says: Slim to whatchu' talkin' bout, Willis? But, who gives a shit, right, the guy is Stone Cold Steve Austin dead anyway. &, after all, they were just doing their jobs. You know, if the LAPD knew how to do their jobs, that master criminal, Rodney King wouldn't still be alive today, smoking them crack rocks n' shit, ya feel me? I mean, what kind of world are we living in when a gang o' cops can't even beat a perp to death? Here's a solution, send the LAPD to train with the OPD & they'll learn em how to kill people ASAFP. Problem solved. Then, they can go back to LA & give old asshole Rodney the what for, & everyone's happy. Well, everyone except for Adam Spencer Johnson's family, that is. They're not so happy, but only because Adam's dead & not because the Orlando Police Department isn't doing a bang up job. They like to kill 1st & ask questions later, & the question is, who's gonna clean up this fuckin' guy? Everyone knows you can't run a respectable bidness und conduct ze Universal Studio tours with a stinkin' corpse laying around, don't you know nuthin' about anything? Apparently not, but, now you do. Lesson learned. By the way, you're welcome. Oh, you didn't thank me? Well then, in that case, no thanks required. Carry on as if you were normal.

but who will shield you from...the shield?

The Academy wants you?

I certainly don't want you to be under the impression that I dislike cops so much as I actually hate them. This just happens to be an occupation that attracts some of the sickest, most evil & sadistic types of individuals this side of the priesthood, & even though there are exceptions, most of them get into the business for one reason, to have & exert power. I certainly have respect for what the job of policeman is supposed to be, but if 80% of them are simply in it to abuse the power they're given rather than to actually serve & protect, what good are they? Don't answer that question, it's rhetorical, obviously. I would say the corrupt ones give the good ones a bad name but when there are so many bad ones, isn't it kind of the other way around? Back in the 80's, when my illegal activities were @ their peak, I even had a friend who was a cop, & he'd laugh when I told him stories of some of the illegal shit I was doing. &, believe me, driving under the influence was not the worst of it. He'd come into the bar where I worked & sit down & tell me he was a cop on the edge & try to thrill me with his exploits & regale me with tales of the people he fucked over that night while in performance of his duties. Then, we'd go get hammered, pick up some women & partake in the evidence he had seized. Now, back then, when I was young & stupid & didn't really care, I actually thought it was pretty cool to have a friend like that, but I can only imagine the kinds of deviant activities they get into now. From planting evidence to shaking down small business owners & banging hookers to tasing people to death accidentally on purpose, the sky's the limit for today's resourceful policeman. Why, there ain't no other profession outside of the military that allows a feller to legally kill people. What could be better than that? While you're sittin' around, on your ass, reading this, you could be on the streets violently taking down criminals, genuine or otherwise. So, what in the hell are ya'll waiting fer? Be a part of the new brutalitarianism. Join today for a brighter tomorrow.


Most real good policemen understand that they would just love to take certain people and just take them to the alley and just blow their brains out- Mark Fuhrman