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A fatwah on yo face, Osama!


















Osama dead, & just in time

It was just his Time






















durka durka durka?

Hard to believe, isn't it?




















These boys will SEAL your fate

Meet the team





















did i mention oink?

I told you they were idiots












this tweety just  lost a lot of bird feed

I tawt I taw a tewwowist













gimme a smooch abdullah, cuz ya know i luvs ya

Old news?






















welcome to turbania, home of the halla' burga'...holla!

Trade ya for an Urban Sombrero?


Let's see, that's a jihad on you, a fatwah on you & a suicide bomber on you. & you...you're cool


Osama sleeps wit da fishes...literally


Last night, President Obama announced that @ his direction, U.S. Special Forces cornered Osama bin Laden @ his mansion in an upscale housing community in ایبٹ آباد Abbottabad, Pakistan. &, when he refused to come out & reach for the sky, as it were, they done shot him in the head, & kilt the bearded ones' Muslim ass dead. You see boys n' girls, this is what happens when you actually know how to read & interpret an intelligence report, then, act upon it in an intelligent manner. But then, a certain piece o' shrubbery, who shalln't remain nameless, used his oh so superior judgement to decline Obama's invite to commune with him @ the legendary Ground Zero, wouldn't know anything about that. While everyone knows that Obama did it as a gesture of good will, I believe he also did it knowing full well Bush would say no, & prove to the world just how clueless he remains to this very day: Mission Accomplished. So, Obama comes out of this smelling like the proverbial rose & W comes off as his usual ineffectual village idiot self. All those Bush quotes about how he's not that worried about bin Laden & just doesn't spend that much time on him came home to roost as Obama won the respect of the world by taking out the trash of the previous administration again. But Bush doesn't care, he's still making money off that deal. The more important thing is, the world is finally sans bin Laden, the most notorious terror figurehead since Bush himself. Now, there's some debate over who really masterminded 9/11, some say bin Laden, some say Tim Osman & Khalid Sheikh Mohammed says himself, but that doesn't matter now. Whether bin Laden really put the whole thing together is irrelevent, he was the symbol & the face of international terrorism & him being gone leaves a major PR void for Al Qaeda. Lots of people say now that Bin Laden is gone, the healing can truly begin, but I believe it may just cause more trouble. I'm not saying it wasn't necessary, I'm just of the mind that it will re ignite some of the Holy War type feelings that may've been laying dormant the last couple of years. I know, the Jihad has been in effect since the U.S. started showing public support for Israel in the early 70's, but all the splintered extemist factions of the Muslim world seem to be taking this assassination of O/Usama Bin Laden as extra motivation to bring Death to America, & time will tell if it's going to translate into another attack on our country; or, when the next attempt will come, anyway. But, if you're a Muslim, can you really hate a guy whose middle name is Hussein? Please. Okay, I'm sure it's not a problem for you.

Who's the man up in this mug?

But, Obama, who has come under fire over his foreign policy & has even been accused of being Muslim, has been praised by a lot of his critics on the right as a hero. To me, that's very surprising, but my own question is, is he really a hero, or did he merely get lucky? The answer, of course is, a little bit of both. These types of missions don't happen every day, they're like the kind you see in movies & Obama just so happened to have had the wherewithal to make the call. This mission will go down in history as one of very few successful ops of its' kind. Missions in the past like the Bay of Pigs & the failed rescue mission during the Iranian hostage crisis are high profile & highly publicized examples of how often it doesn't work out without a) the correct intelligence b) the correct interpretation of said intelligence & c) the correct personnel to pull off the job. In this case, obviously, all 3 of these factors came together in spectacular fashion as that murderous fucker met his demise Hollywood style, & once & for all already. Obama is sure to see a sizable spike in his poll numbers &, he should, this is a major coup that probably could've, or even should've been accomplished before he ever set foot in the White House, so he definitely deserves his share of accolades. But, the Navy Seals who actually stormed in & put him out of our misery should not be forced to take a back seat in the media, they need to be given their due, which, is what I'm doing here. Great job gentlemen, you shouldn't have to worry about anything for the rest of your lives, so let's see how the government treats you for here on out. You should be honorably discharged & set up for life or if you choose to stay in the service, @ the very least be promoted to a ranking commensurate with what you've done for your country. Go Seals! &, as you all know full well, I am not a big military or war guy, but even I can recognize how fucking big this is without anyone having to tell me, try as they may. I got it when I was sent the link to the story by an Iranian co worker, & it doesn't take any special sort of genius @ all to comprehend the magnitude of taking a guy like this down. So, bully for you, ass kicking Special Forces muthafuckas, you are conquistadors of the highest order. &, kudos unto you as well, Obama. You oughta' stuff Osama's head & put it in the trophy case next to your Nobel Peace Prize is whatchu' oughta' do. That'll teach your detractors a thing or 2 about a thing or 3. I'm just sayin'.

Who dat gonna hate dat Obama?

But there is somebody out there who does not believe Obama is deserving of any praise, can you guess who it is? Why, it's none other than the right wing's own, Oxycontin popping purveyor of poisonous propaganda & major league asshole Rush Limbaugh, himself! &, Rush should know, having never done anything deserving of praise in his entire wretched, disgusting, hypocritical fucked up life, so it's only fitting he came out & tried to take all of the credit away from Obama. President Obama, perhaps the only qualified member in the room to deal with this, insisted on the Special Forces, Limbaugh said, no one else thought of that...not a single intelligence advisor, not a single national security advisor, not a single military advisor came up with the idea of using Seal Team 6 or any Special Forces. Pretty deft use of sarcasm, Rush, where'd you learn how to do that, from Bill O' Reilly? You know, whether Obama came up with the idea himself or roundtabled it with his braintrust of advisors, the point is, Obama did give the order, based upon all of the intelligence & lo & behold, it worked. So, while Rush is pissed off that a dreaded Democrat bagged & tagged that dirty harbinger of death, hatred & camel droppings, the hard truth is, Bush either didn't care enough to make it happen, or he simply didn't know how. But, Obama did & instead of just going ahead & giving the president his due, Rush had to rip into him with a fairly lame display of acrimony. &, sadly, there are countless idiots on the left who believed Rush was anything less than insincere. Unlike Bush, Obama waited until the mission was actually accomplished before announcing it to the world. Suppose he'd done something stupid like land a Lockheed S-3 Viking on the deck of an aircraft carrier with an err of retarded bravado 8 years prior to the mission actually having been accomplished, would Rush've let that slide? My guess is, Rush would've never let him live it down, yet, he let Bush skate & continued to support him because that's what he does, blindly follow his leader, no matter how little leadership ability he may or may not have had @ his disposal; which, was, as it turned out, not so much. You know, the right gets on Obama for all of his spending, but where was the criticizm for Bush's aircraft carrier stunt? Do you have any idea how much that cost the taxpayers? &, was it worth it? Well, it would've been had anything been truly accomplished. Okay, I'm going to stop saying accomplished now, because I think if you use a word too much, it doesn't accomplish anything. There, the ceasing of using the word accomplish... accomplished. Thanks for playing.

A most controversial Tweeter

&, speaking of playing, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall's catching all kinds of flack for some of his post bin Laden critical tweets. Apparently, some people don't think too highly of his comments slamming all the people who celebrated bin Laden's death with such exuberance. In fact, Champion, the sports apparel company Mendenhall has endorsed since 2008 has hereby dropped him. They did not appreciate Rashard intimating that 9/11 was an inside job, something that conspiracy theorists have been expounding upon since almost before it happened. This is just the kind of thing that might make the most seasoned conspiracy theorist suspect believe that Champion themselves were in on the job. But, how could a sports apparel company possibly benefit from a tragedy like 9/11? Well, they couldn't & they didn't but obviously they felt that a guy like Rashard didn't represent the all American patriotic appeal of a company with a name like Champion. So, they cut the young feller loose, it was just busines. Personally, I thought it was a little cheesy to drop him like that, even after he went & apologized for offending anybody & did his best to clarify what he meant but it wasn't my decision, obviously. Had it been, who knows? The point is, he's losing millions for simply stating his opinion which he is supposedly entitled to & is supposedly protected by the 2nd amendment & something all of our troops are overseas supposedly protecting as we speak. There, gross overuse of the word supposedly accomplished. Given the general pc mood of America these last few decades though, he should've known this, or something like this was going to happen. I'm sure Champion's CEO believes Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy all by himself, & that either of the Bush's were effective presidents, too. So much for Captains of Industry being intelligent & forward thinking & what not. But, despair ye not, there are millions who aren't celebrating Osama's death, Rashard. &, after all, there's always next season. Hopefully, all them fellas on your offensive line won't feel the same as Champion & go & inadvertantly miss a few blocks, leaving you vulnerable to injury. Yes, hopefully they'll continue to protect you the way our boys overseas are protecting your right to tweet all the shit that's gotten you into this mess. So, um, good luck with all that, I'm sure the worst is behind you. It's gonna be smooth sailing from here on out for you, Rashard. See you on the football field, ready....break!

How long can this go on?

Well, I have gone on & on & it's taken me close to 2 hours to write, so let's just take some time & absorb it all, shall we? In the biggest news of the decade, Osama bin Laden has been shot in the face, then thrown into the ocean Muslim style. This news brought joy & relief to a lot of people in the world, however, there are those who don't believe it really happened & are demanding proof of the photographic variety, which, Obama is not willing to give...yet. I imagine he will @ some point because they're not going to shut the fuck up about it until he does, plus, we all know how much he likes to cave to pressure, anyway. He oughta' just go ahead & post them on his Facebook page already . & what about W, declining Obama's invite to Ground Zero to celebrate the way they took down that nefarious terrorist bastard in the most violentest of fashions? You know, what with Bush taking such pride in being the war president & all, you'd think he would be all over it. So, why didn't he go? Could it be because he doesn't want to return to the scene of the crime because it would be in poor taste? Hell to the naw. He's just a little upset that his predecessor did something he was unable to do. Old W's just embarrassed is all, but I'm sure all of his blood for oil war profits will console him to the point where he'll forget all about it. Po' George, 1st his best friend is killed by his worst enemy, then he has to suffer the humiliation of being a no show @ an event where he probably feels he ought to be the guest of honor. Or, something to that effect. In other words, he's just being the same old classless corksmoker he's always been, so it isn't as though he's surprising us with his predictability or anything. You know what would've been nice? If he had done something unpredictable like, show up & shaken Obama's hand & who knows, maybe it would've allowed us to start forgiving him. Who am I kidding? There's nothing to forgive. You hear me, George? You did everything right. Your innovations paved the way the way for this nations' very 1st black president, congratulations! I'll bet that you're very proud & all of your racist friends thank you each & every day. Oh, & your father, I'll bet that old boy is just bursting with pride as he talks about what a great job you did when he's down @ the barber shop. Can I get a woot woot for W? I didn't think so. How about 1 for Rush? 1 woot? We can't get 1 woot for Rush? No? Rashard? Oh, you don't like him, either? Osama? Obama? Damn, you guys just don't like anybody, do you? If it's any consolation, all 72 virgins Osama's with now are ugly...& 6 of em are guys.

We say our terror against America is blessed terror in order to put an end to suppression, in order for the United States to stop its support to Israel. -Osama bin Laden