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We all have to live here together


Saturday April 11 2009

Aaargh! There be pirates afoot! Saudi Judge won't let 8 yr old girl divorce 47 yr old perv. Did Obama bow to the Saudi King? & Woody Harrelson....W T F? Zombies, really?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Pirates off the eastern coast of Africa fired on U.S.sailors Saturday as they tried to reach the lifeboat where an American captain is being held, a U.S. official familiar with the situation told CNN.

Avast ye mateys, what ballsy scallywags these pirates be, still trying to fend off the Navy from a lifeboat so that they won't be endin' up in Davey Jones's Locker. But they're not nearly as ballsy as Capt.Richard Phillips, who traded himself to the pirates for his crew in the ultimate self sacrifice. It was a pretty good strategy if you think about it though, now they only have 1 bargaining chip in their covered lifeboat where within days they will be out of food & water & what are the odds of the pirates killing him once that happens? Those assholes are going to be begging to go to prison in a few days, mark my words. There is not any kind of a bathroom on board the lifeboat so even if they were all relieving themselves out of the hatches, it's still getting very stinky in there, not to mention hot, try to imagine the anxiety & the discomfort. With only Phillips as a hostage, there is no logic to them keeping him around much longer. There is not even a remote possibility of escape & even if they get the 2.5 million ransom they're demanding, they will literally be trapped so they might as well just surrender & spare themselves multiple rounds to the cranium. All their beloved RPG's won't be able to save them from the entire U.S. Navy, which to me, seems a little like overkill. Given the world climate, it is not out of the realm of possibility that this whole stunt is creating a diversion to mobilize our Navy while terrorists move into position for this amazing attack Al Quaeda has been promising. We're commiting way too much hardware to that region if you want to know my opinion, & you must, since you are reading this now. But, the odds are, it's all only about the obvious, $money$. Somalian Pirates netted over $100 million dollars in 2008. I wonder if they file individually with TurboTax. Do you think they claim tips, & more importantly, do they itemize? You know, whatever happened to the jolly pirates of old, who were only interested in gold dabloons, pieces of 8 & barrels of rum? I miss those guys, they were awesome & they dressed really interestingly. These days you're lucky if you see an eye patch or a do rag, forget about a parrot or a peg leg. They could've made Phillips walk the plank & still saved face. These guys are only interested in money. Is nothing sacred anymore? More from

(CNN) -- A Saudi mother is expected to appeal a judge's ruling after he once again refused to let her 8 year old daughter divorce a 47 year old man, a relative said. Sheikh Al-Habib made the ruling Saturday in the Saudi city of Onaiza. Late last year, he rejected a petition to annul the marriage because the mother is not the legal guardian of the child & therefore could not represent her daughter. Sounds suspiciously as though the judge is getting off on this little technicality, if only by the fact that he wasn't completely outraged by this girl's father selling or trading his daughter to this pervert who vows not to consummate the marriage until the girl reaches puberty. I remember when I was 8 & pretending to marry a little girl the same age & how cute people thought it was. This dickhead is 47, & he marries an 8 yr old, what could his logic possibly be? That someday, she will grow to love him & be a willing participant in his harem? That fucker ought to be strung up by his dick. What kind of culture is this that perpetuates this kind of practice & is backed by an equally sick judicial system which condones it? I realize they are a major source of oil for the world but you've got to draw the line somewhere.

Which, leads me to my next question, did Obama bow to the Saudi King? The White House hereby denies it but I've personally watched the video several times & he clearly bowed & it is causing an outrage around the world, whoo hoo! I don't know why he did it, but excuse me Fox News Channel, I saw an all star panel debating over this on your channel yesterday & it seemed everyone's forgotten about the Bush family's relationship with the Saudi's which is still going on to this day. Where was your condemnation of Bush when he held hands with & practically made out with the same guy? How is that not much, much worse? While I do think that Obama made himself look a little small in the eyes of the world, the fact that there is so much of a fervor about this incident when I don't recall panels convening to discuss it when Bush did it, not even on CNN, is typical right wing hypocrisy. I could be wrong & I hope someone corrects me if I am but I just don't remember it.

But all of this bullshit is nothing compared to Woody Freakin' Harrelson, the coolest cat in Hollywoodland. This is one bad ass M.F. protecting us all from zombies & shit. Woody clashed with a photog @ a N.Y. airport last Wednesday saying he mistook him for a Z O M B I E. Yes, that's right folks, a zombie.(CNN) -- "We're looking into this allegation and if it's warranted, we'll turn it over to the proper authorities," said Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Ron Marsico.- Looking into what, whether or not this guy is really a zombie? I'm guessing the answer is...no. But, hey, you never know, these days, anything is possible, especially in Hollywood or New York. TMZ has the whole incident on video & Woody says that after playing such an intense character that he found it difficult to break away from in Zombieland, it was quite understandable that he mistook somebody confronting him for a zombie. If you think about it, it makes sense, I mean, zombies are rarely mellow, they tend to be violent & generally try to feast on your brain. So, Woody, if you were really still in character, as you say, why did you not shoot this zombie between the eyes or @ least chop off his head? It's pretty well known that that's the only way to really kill a zombie & being in character as a zombie killer, it just seems as though that's something that might've occurred to you. I've yet to see a zombie movie where the hero's first reaction upon seeing a zombie was to smash his camera. Maybe I've been watching the wrong zombie movies. Hmm, perhaps there was something else going there. Let's see, what does Woody really enjoy doing & is an activist for? Oh yeah, marijuana! Woody's drug o'choice. Woody loves marijuana so much, he is a card carrying member & the most famous celebrity spokesman for NORML, the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws. You know, Woody, when you're attacking photographers @ airports because you believe them to be zombies, you're really not furthering your cause in any kind of positive way. Though now, there will be multitudes of people wanting to know where you get your shit so they can lay their hands on some & see zombies too. Psst, Woody...call me.