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Aaaarrgh, me buckos! Tis time to parlay like pirates! Land Ho, ye scallywags!!


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try it, it's habitat forming

Try it, it's habitat forming



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we all have to live here together

We all have to live here together


Wednesday April 15 2009

Tea Baggin' in the U.S.A. on Tax Day Hey! Let's All Protest Things That Haven't Even Happened Yet & Forget All About Bush's 2.5 TRILLION Dollar Deficit! Ahoy! Pirates Be Dominatin' th' news.

Are you kidding me? Where the hell were the tea partyers when Bush started his massive bail out programs last fall when all of those banks collapsed? There is such an uproar about Obama & his economic stimulus plan that every last sore loser Republicant has forgotten what brought us all here in the first place. OMG, it was like sooo symbolic to have those tea party's on tax day to protest all the taxing that's going on & the fact that people have been paying & paying & paying coupled with the fact that Obama took office less than 3 months ago. If everyone is paying X 3, why have the size of my paycheck's not shrunk since Obama was sworn in, hmmm? What if Bush's many bailout plans had happened around tax time, would the Democrats have protested so wildly & blamed Bush the way Obama is being blamed now? Probably not as passionately, & that's my biggest problem with Democrats, their lack o' passion. Ever since Bill Clinton left office, that party has sort of been floundering, trying to finds it's way & it took Obama to wake it up & unite America against the Corporatism of the Bush administration. Actually, Hitler came up with the word Fascism because corporatism didn't sound ominous enough. There are those who compare Bush & Hitler, but I don't agree with them. For as evil as Hitler was, & as bent as he was on world domination & destruction of races he believed weren't pure, all of his doctrines were his own. He made his bed & had to lie in it right until he bit into his cyanide capsule, taking the coward's way out. Master race, my ass. He should've stood up & taken his punishment like a man instead of being such a pussy in the end. Bush, on the other hand, had no original ideas of his own. He was guided by his father & his advisors & Bush himself was basically just along for the ride. & that's precisely what made him even more dangerous. I personally believe Obama is going overboard with some of his spending, but I'll be goddamned if I'm going to sit back & let all these bitter neo "Con"servatives blame him for all of our country's economic ills, especially when their party is dying & falling apart & they are clutching @ straws to unite America against Obama. They say Obama is trying to spread a message of fear when Bush's entire 8 years were spent trying to terrify America, warning of imminent terror attacks every time you turned around. The truth is, Bush turned our country into one of the most hated in the world & he was constantly watching his back because he spread our military so thin trying to make sure everyone was scared of us. Maybe if he didn't make most of his foreign policy decisions while on vacation he might've been able to focus more on his job, I don't know, it's just a theory. Can anyone tell me where in Bush's bailout plan is anything mentioned about helping homeowner's not lose their houses, strengthening the country's infrastructure & improving our roads while creating jobs, increase tax credits for education or help sick people get health care? No, his plan was all about propping up big corporations that were struggling because they were all mismanaged into the ground, hello, AIG. & don't forget teabaggers, the entire cost of the bailouts were & are still coming from....wait for it, our tax dollars. Again, where were your protests then? Where was your outrage? Were your children's futures not being mortgaged then? What has changed? Was your tea even steeping back then? Every time I ask a conservative that question, they never answer it, but simply deflect it back to Obama & his rampant socialist policies because they don't have an answer. They are sore losers who will never admit they're wrong, which sucks ass because everybody's wrong sometime, are they not? I'm not one to gloat but in this case, they are all wrong & I am right, & I don't care who disagrees with me. Allow me to iterate now because I'm sure I'll be forced to reiterate later, in the final analysis, I don't care who created the problems just as long they get fixed but as long as the right keeps pointing fingers @ the left, who were mandated by the American people to solve it, I will continue to stand up for what's right.

Aargh, th' day aft I said that th' pirates weren't goin' t' last much longer...they be all dead. Obviously, I was ahead o' me time. True, 'twas only by 1 day but that doesn't make me any less right. & now, th' pirates are vowin' revenge fer thar fallen shipmates. Allow me t' make a prediction, I predict that thar will be an increase in pirate activity but wit' th' advent o' all this prevalent pirate publicity, th' oceans will be much more heavily patrolled; & that shall mean many pirate attacks will be repelled, foiled, 'n/or otherwise thwarted. Aargh, Ye can bank on it matey's. Avast,wit' all this pirate natter, perhaps it be time fer ye t' learn t' Talk Like a Pirate. I did it & so can ye, it only loots a little practice & soon ye'll be rapin' & plunderin' like thar's no tomorrow. So, wha' 'ave we learned today? Well, we learned that th' teabaggers protested Obama this week largely fer Bush's failed economic policies, & once again, that I be right. We also learned t' parlay like pirates! I guess that jus' about sums it up ye scurvy seadogs!