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Wednesday April 22 2009

Does Waterboarding Stop Terrorism? Perez Hilton v Carrie Prejean. What's This, The Self Proclaimed Queen of All Media is also a Drama Queen? Surprise, Surprise. Madoff's Mets Season Tickets Sell Cheap!

There is currently much debate over whether or not Obama should've de-classified the Bush Anti Terror/Torture memos & the fact that he is now planning on prosecuting lawyers who advised Bush that these interrogation methods were peachy keen. My take on it is it all depends on to what end he is planning on taking it. Is this the beginning of a systematic start @ the bottom & get everyone along the way until you nail Cheney and Bush or is this simply a make an example out of a few people to show how tough we're going to be on torture? If it's the former, then sign me up, I am officially on board with that program. I'm all for not letting history forget what kind of adverse effect having those chicken hawk yahoos in the White House for 8 years had not only on this country but on the rest of the world as well. If it's the latter, then I am going to have to strongly criticize what I feel will be a needless witch hunt, especially if you're hunting the wrong witches. So you can expect to hear a lot from me on this matter as it progresses. & hear this right wingers,I will not be holding back my disdain for this policy if it turns out to be just a political move nor my praise if it is the Genesis of a complete and utter Bush takedown. Bank on that, Lemmings. Does waterboarding prevent terrorism? That seems like kind of a asinine question because the answer is obvious, no it doesn't actually prevent it. How could it? Where is the deterrent? Unless you can show me proof of a particular terrorist plot that was thwarted because of intelligence garnered through waterboarding, I won't believe it works. Then again, even if I am shown some memos outlining the foiling of a terrorist threat, how am I to believe it wasn't ficticiously created to justify these torture methods? Given the fear driven propaganda machine that was the Bush administration, I don't believe that is an unreasonable assumption to make, or @ least ponder. What are you supposed to do after you waterboard a guy? You can't really let him go, that would pretty much guarantee he will engage in terroristicalogical activities even if he had never even considered doing it before. You're almost obliged to kill him. That may sound a little harsh, but what else can you do? Do you think he's just going to go back home, assuming by some stretch of the imagination, he's allowed back home, & say "whew, that was close. I better not even think about about doing anything but helping make the world a more peaceful place"? or do you think he will have revenge on his mind & will go looking for the nearest terror cell he can find? Hmmm. As this all unfolds, I'll be curious to see how many suspects were actually killed after they got all the info out of them that they could. If Obama has his way, you'll be reading that memo by next Monday. I have to say it again, I like you Obama but I think you're starting to spread yourself a little too thin. I realize you are trying to do as much as you can as quickly as you can to bolster your resume for 2012 but I'm afraid in 2 years, there's going to be a lot of unfinished or underfinished projects floating around out there. Getting the country back on track in this term is much more important than trying to set yourself up for re election. Make your body of work about quality not quantity & get your flip flopping under control now so the Republicans don't use it to eat you alive in 3 1/2 years. Though, it never seemed to hamper Bush.

Umm, *Perez Hilton, blogmistress extraordinaire got himself into a flaming tizzy after he asked Miss USA finalist Carrie Prejean how she felt about same sex marriage & she said she (shudder) didn't believe in it. She also went on to say that she had nothing against it & was glad we live in a country where you can be with whoever you want. Her response apparently raised Perez' ire & he went on his video blog & called her a dumb bitch, Excuse me Ms. Hilton, but don't you think you overreacted in this situation? I believe you knew what her answer was going to be all along & you were just looking for something to be vicious about because that's what you specialize in. I can only imagine how disappointed you would've been had she said she was all for it. It would've taken everything in your hateful little heart to write a line or two of praise for her in your blog because that's not what you wanted. Plus, she's heterosexual. Forgive her for not being a gay activist like her sister, who's also straight by the way...hmmm. This is something you created by asking that kind of a question @ a freakin' beauty pageant no less so you can just get over yourself & stop being a bitch. You could've easily asked her anything where her answer could've revolved around world peace or feeding starving kids or even pirates, but no, you had to make it political & Perez, you're not really political, you're a glorified gossip columnist who feeds off the lives of celebrities because apparently, there's a need for that in this world. I ought to know, anyone who reads my blog will tell you that I do virtually the same thing, (ha! beat you to that criticism) though I have a tendency to delve more into politics unless something really juicy comes along in the world of entertainment...Hello! Like this for instance. Thanks to your obsession with yourself, you may have cost her the pageant. After all, she was still 1st runner up, she had a legitimate shot @ winning it. In addition to that, she was hotter than the winner so not only did you hurt her, you hurt us. No offense, Miss North Carolina, but I'd much rather look @ Rachel Philippona, Miss Alabama for the next year than you or Carrie Prejean. (Miss North Carolina's name omitted purposely to create controversy). I don't know who's less entertaining Perez, you or Paris Hilton. Time will tell. At least Paris employs full time groomers in the event her private parts become exposed, which happens surprisingly often.

Check this out folks, one lucky eBayer paid $38,100.00 for Bernard Madoff's New York Mets season tickets! How exciting is that? Given the Mets recent success in the playoffs, it's going to be well worth it. The tickets were put up for auction on eBay and sold by Irving Picard, a trustee liquidating Madoff’s defunct money-management firm. Picard, a lawyer with Baker & Hostetler LLP in New York, has recovered more than $1 billion for Madoff investors. Way to go Irving, only 64 billion to go! You probably could've recovered much more of the investors scalping individual game tickets than selling them all in one shot. Maybe Bernie had Knicks tickets too, you could've easily gotten several hundred dollars for those, because the Knicks are that good! (They suck so badly even their fans hate them.) Never mind, Stephon Marbury is in Boston now. No one will be interested.

*I recently saw where Carrie Prejean has become the darling of FoxNews, who definitely hate gay people maybe even more than George Bush does so Perez, I might owe you a bit of an apology. You still were out of line & asked a bubble headed pageant hooker a very stupid, provocative question & deserved some criticism, so, take this however you may like. (added April 25 2009)