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Wednesday April 29 2009

Grading Day 100 of the ObamaRama. Law & Order S.V.U. just did a PSA for Vaccinations, the Pharmaceutical Lobby is Just a Wee Bit Out of Control.


Well, the insignificant 100 day Presidential milestone is upon us & to this point, what have we learned? Personally, I've learned that President Obama is the hardest working President in my lifetime & the sheer volume of his work is mind boggling when you take into consideration the myriad of crises that were waiting for him long before he was sworn in. He certainly hit the ground running & immediately started working to solve all these problems like an octopus on red bull, spreading himself too thin too fast, in my opinion. That aside, he is navigating his way through this quagmire with an extremely passionate & intense sense of desperation, which is exactly what this country needs. Which, is why, though some of his spending & governmental expansion ideas, on the surface seem radically left wing to the point of bordering on socialism, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt because we need someone who is radical about uniting America as opposed to a religious zealot (sell out?) who was only interested in special interests, lining his own pockets & avenging his father. Bush was so much more interested in Saddam Hussein than Osama Bin Laden & spent so much time & energy on propaganda demonizing him, intelligent people began blaming him for 9/11. How could such a drunken idiot change the way many people in this country think? Fear, propaganda & a kind of evangelical dogmatism that multitudes of lost people just blindly latched onto, & there are still millions who refuse to let it go. Obama has let it go & is trying to make it all disappear in the hopes he's going to make everyone forget the last 8 years ever happened, an impossibility, but you've got to like the guy for trying. Let's run down some of the decisions he's made & resolutions he's passed in this short period of time. He passed the largest economic stimulus package in this country's history, aggressively is ending our occupation in Iraq while stepping up efforts in Afghanistan & now Pakistan, where the real war should have been fought all along & is putting an end to all the human rights atrocities while moving to close Gitmo. He lifted the Bush restrictions on federally funded embryonic stem cell research & is signing laws to expand children's health insurance. Not to mention trying to lessen the influence of lobbyists in Washington & engage world leaders in a manner I'm unaccustomed to seeing in an effort to regain the respect & admiration of the world, which we lost in large part to attacking a sovereign nation for no reason & dragging out the most unpopular war since Vietnam for over 6 years. There are a good number of people out there who have been & are still outraged about the things that went on during the Bush administration & it's not difficult to see that Barack Obama is one of them & he is clearly thumbing his nose @ them by systematically overturning one policy after another. 100 days & the stamp he is putting on the U.S. is indelible & when you consider the dramatic risks he is taking with his economic recovery plan, it's hard to believe his approval rating is still so high. The debt he is proposing to add on to the debt his administration inherited is more than a little frightening, but it would be even scarier if his plan didn't contain so much potential for expansion, education & job creation. There are plenty of people incensed by Obama's economic plan (remember the tea parties?) & still think George W. Bush was a good president with smart ideas but is it a coincidence that W & his father H.W. both had banks collapse & massive savings & loan scandals respectively under their watches? Hardly. They were both so inept when it came to understanding economics & finance, you wonder how their family stays so wealthy until you realize that their old money is probably gone but the money they've gleaned from the Saudi's, the energy & drug lobbies & that they will continue to be paid several lifetimes over, & that is sad. They do not deserve to live that well. Back to Obama, if you asked me what grade I would give him for his first 100 days based on what he's promised, proposed & accomplished to this point, I would have to say B+. I'd have graded him higher if not for the Judd Gregg, Tom Daschle & Nancy Killefer withdrawals.

Last night's episode of Law & Order S.V.U., the show that famously rips it's stories from the headlines started out as though it was going to mirror the Cailee Anthony story of the little girl who was allegedly killed by her mother Casey, but gradually morphed into a 45 minute long PSA/lecture on vaccinating children with the MMR vaccine. It was so overtly an infomercial for this vaccine, it was obscene. I couldn't believe NBC even aired it. This goes to show that the pharmaceutical lobby is still extremely strong & they weren't even trying to be remotely subliminal & put it in an episode of an extremely popular television program because they knew no one would sit there & watch a lecture on vaccinations in primetime. It wasn't exactly what I would call Must See TV. It was fairly disgusting, but hey, that's infotainment!