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Tony's trying to fill the whole world with oil, which, seems to be a realistic goal.








yacht for sale...yummy appetizing yacht 4 sail

If You Have the Cash, Why the Fuck Not?













wash me!

Oil Covered Duck? Tony...He Don't Give a Fuck. Period.









it's spelled raymond luxury yacht, but it's pronounced throat wobbler mangrove

Chase Your Dreams, Tony... Chase Your Dreams.






blunt force trauma

Dope, Smoke n' Roll, Bitches












Ugh, Oh dear, I do believe you've put me off me pecan encrusted sea turtle fillet & grilled gull caesar salad




June 19,2010

Does Tony Baby Dig Yachting More than Scrubbing Tea Turtles? Umm... Indubitably, Old Fruit!


BP CEO Tony Hayward prefers to do his yachting where the water is clean, way the hell away from his own disaster, & who can blame him? Where would you rather take a vacation, @ a yacht race in the Isle of White or on an oil slick? Hmm, eating Fois Grois & drinking Cristal with your rich friends or scrubbing oil off of sea turtles & what not…what to do, what to do, what to do. Personally, I can’t believe he didn’t take a vacation much earlier, God knows he’s earned it. Being responsible for murder tends to take it out of a guy & while us normal folks would probably be worried about public relations & stick around to help, those kinds of thoughts don't occur to a guy like Tony. You see boys and girls, anybody who's anybody knows that it’s much more important to be seen @ the social event of the season than to be hanging around a load of stinking Greenpeace hippies, getting dirty. Perish the thought. I mean, please, what would Muffy & Pinky think? Where do these commoners get off? I swear to God. So, thousands of people’s lives are being ruined & their livelihoods destroyed, big deal. Tony still has his yacht & his millions & will no doubt get to keep them, so please don’t worry about him.  Is it Tony’s fault all these short sighted business owners & wildlife on the Gulf Coast didn’t have the vision to foresee this disaster coming & either change business models or @ least move to a different part of the ocean? I mean, does Tony have to take them by their grubby little hands & do everything for them? Jesus. Phillistines. Hopefully, the media will lay off of the poor guy finally. I do believe he has been persecuted enough.

If you ain’t never had nuthin’, how much would you really miss it?

Seriously though, if this elitist jagoff believes going to a yacht race is cool despite the fact that the Gulf Coast is being decimated, he ought to a) not only be fired but b) be forced to live under the conditions the Gulf Coasters are living in now. Although, I did read that the average oil co. CEO makes $8.4 mil per year compared to Tony’s 4.7, so, I suppose he really is suffering by comparison. Why, he may be forced to eat American caviar instead of Beluga & drink a 2000 Perrier-Jouet  rather than a 1999 Salon Blanc de Blancs for heaven sakes, so take it easy on the old chap. That would be like asking me to eat Burger King or Sonic instead of McDonalds. I mean, I ask you. Well, it just isn’t done. So, yeah, upon further analysis, I’ll have to say let’s all cool out on Tony. It seems that I just didn’t realize how put upon he he really was. Oh, po' po' lil’ Tony. I also supposed I owe him a public apology for the mean things I’ve just been saying about him, & you know me, I'm reluctant to apologize to someone whom I clearly loathe what they stand for, but here goes. Ahem....um, I, uh, fuck off Tony...ehhhh, I can't do it. But, I tried. What more could you ask for, hmmmm?

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Fun?

Now people are comparing Obama to Hayward because Obama was seen playing golf on the same day as Tony's yacht race. It would appear as though there are people who think Obama is taking far too much vacation time. These are no doubt the same yahoos who didn't care that Bush split the better part of 1000 days between camp david & his ranch in tx vacationing after 9/11 & with multiple wars that he started going on & played golf on many occasions, so i think Obama may be entitled to 72 holes or so. But, in my opinion, Hayward should be up to his elbows in oil 24/7/365/52 until the leak is @ least stopped. Considering how many people, animals & ecosystems are being destroyed, it's the least he can do. So, Tony baby, why doncha' head on back to the Gulf coast, roll up your Armani sleeves & pitch in & scrub up a sea turtle or two. I know you don't care, but it'd certainly make me feel better about you. If not, you can suck me yardballs. Cheerio, old sport.

do make quite sure the compass is pointed due east hobbson, one certainly wouldn't like to inadvertantly cirmcumnavigate oneself to the gulf coast, now would one?



Show me an elitist, and I'll show you a loser. - Tom Clancy