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March 1 2009

This Apparent Grass Roots Movement by the Right Wing rising up against Obama's economic policies

All of these problems didn't just recently occur, they've been building up for the past 8 years & have happened to come to a major head just before the election when the economy officially went into the crapper. I'm not saying everything Obama is doing is right, I'm simply saying that it's on him to fix the big mess he inherited from Bush, so let's @ least hope he's right. Why were you guys not all up in arms when all the signs of this economic collapse were emerging well over a year ago? Why weren't you criticizing the people who put all of these failed policies in place? All those banks collapsed & had to be bailed out while Bush was still in office. Someone I know wrote on their Facebook page that they were trying to Obama Proof their 401K. Someone else commented that perhaps they should've Bush Proofed it 4 years ago & I said that they may be on to something. Naturally,he had to make a comment that she & I should take the belts off of our arms as some kind of drug use reference in a typical right wing fashion to deflect attention away from the real problem. I used to work with this guy & a few years ago he had to sell his boat because it took $500.00 to fill it up, was Obama President then? That was when the economy really started to go south when all the commodities speculators were driving the price of oil up so high that the price of all of our basic goods and services started going through the roof & now it's @ the point where it's in danger of effectively destroying the middle class. Now, you & Rush Limbaugh may want that but I & millions of others don't. I'm by no means Obama's biggest supporter, I have plenty of criticism for him but @ least he's trying to fix the problem. If you look @ it logically, who benefited the most from the war in Iraq & the deregulation of the energy & insurance industries? It was defense companies like Lockheed Martin & Northrup Grumman & energy procurement companies like Halliburton as well as all the large HMO providors. Then, borrowing what's close to the deficit from in order China to finance the war in Iraq. Where did everyone think the money to pay it back was going to come from? ExxonMobil, who are still boasting monster profits? The Carlyle Group? Pfizer? Kaiser? That's Schizer. No, obviously it will have to come from taxpayers, which was but one of many reasons so many people opposed the war in the 1st place. Not to mention the way the lending laws were loosened to the point where thousands of people who had no business being approved for mortgages were getting into $200,000 houses with adjustable rate mortgages or interest only mortgages which they held on to for a couple of years until the rates went up. Then, the pressure from the collection agencies heated up when they couldn't make their new monthly mortgage payment which in many cases, had doubled. These loans were written with legally fudged numbers in the first place in order to for these folks to be able to get into them @ payments that were already stretching their budgets. Of course, when the new interest rates kicked in after 3 years or so, no amount of belt tightening or penny pinching was going to keep these people in these homes so naturally, foreclosure was in order. So, here's thousands of people being put out on the streets since they couldn't make their new, higher house payment & there are Republicans right and left criticizing Obama's plan to try & help thousands more who are in the very same situation right now. (Also, Obama, how about helping the ones who've already been lost their homes instead of allowing them to be sold to new homebuyers @ way less their value?) Why was anyone surprised when this happened? I don't remember too many articles of foreboding by economists & conservatives warning us of the impending danger & precariousness of the banking & lending industries. At any given time, there would be 6 to 8 credit card pre approval letters in my mailbox begging me for business. Imagine how many people got stacks of credit cards & were either maxing them out or using one card to pay another? All of these things have been adding up & now consumer combined with our nation's debt have left this country extremely vulnerable. I agree, the economy is teetering on the brink of the abyss, & it is going to be an uphill struggle to fix it & even that Obama's plan borders on experimental in some of it's concepts, but all these Republicans need to stop acting like it's a new problem created by Obama. It's taken years of Right Wing conservative economic policies along with a whole lot of warmongering that put us where we are today.