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Friday March 13 2009

Not on Bush's Watch? Michael Steele Believes Abortion an Individual Choice? Bernard Made Off With a Lot of Other People's Money

George Bush recalls the exact moment the realization set in that the country was undergoing an economic collapse which could cause a depression even greater than the great depression and vows "not under my watch." Umm, George, hello? WTF do you think had already happened? By the time he'd met with Ben Bernanke & had his supposed epiphany, most of the biggest banks and the 2 largest mortgage companies in the nation already had gone under & were, by all accounts, nationalized with several more soon to follow. So, what were his next moves? The AIG & auto industry bail outs. From that point on, he pretty much did nothing for the rest of his term but pout and say things like he felt he was misjudged and not really apologize for the state that he was leaving the country in. What a great guy. He's like those jerks @ work who constantly screw up & bite your head off when you have to point it out to them no matter how diplomatically you do it, which is always fun & something to look forward to when you go to the office. Every policy Bush put in place from 2001 to 2009 was tailored to make money for giant corporations & extremely wealthy people which had the resultant residual affect of most of those people becoming even more obscenely wealthy and driving an even bigger wedge between classes & further redefining the class system. How's that working out for everybody but the wealthiest of people,George? We were so lucky to have him the past 8 years, I don't know what I've been complaining about. And how about Rogue Agent RNC President Michael Steele coming out & saying he believes abortion is an indiviuals' choice then recanting to say he still believes it should be illegal & that Roe Vs Wade should be overturned? This guy is turning out to be a major tool for that party & we can expect much more where that came from, especially after the way he backed down from Rush Limbaugh, who truly is the de facto leader of the Reuplican Party. Who can argue with that? Is this guy a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, like Joe Lieberman? Since Steele has assumed the role, just about everything he's done has embarrassed the party and damaged it's reputation and credibility even further. Who does he think he is, Howard Dean? I can't wait to see what Steele comes up with next.

And what will become of poor little Bernard Madoff? He's 70 years old & could get up to 150 years in prison which only seems fair if he lives to be 220 years old, which I'm guessing he won't, but you never know. I personally believe rotting in jail is too good for him, he should be forced to spend the rest of his life making restitution & working in some really bad fast food restaurant until he really gets a feel for what abject poverty is like....then he should be fired & forced to live on the streets turning tricks for a few bucks here & there until he decides to off himself. & that still wouldn't be enough. But, by pleading guilty & implicating only himself, his family & all the people that helped him pull off the Ponzi Scheme in addition to all the money he managed to hide, will be protected, which could be in excess of a billion dollars. So, on some level, he's getting away with it. & all the SEC officials that Harry Markopolos blew the whistle to since 2001 when he figured out Madoff's system was a fraud who did nothing about it ought to be in jail as well, but that's stating the obvious. I'm sure all those guys have millions hidden in Offshore and Swiss Bank Accounts all over the tax friendly Caribbean that would be waiting for them after they got out of jail. That is, provided they were ever even faced with prosecution, which they probably won't be because Obama is too busy juggling all the crises left to him by his illustrious predecessor, you know who, who wishes President Obama nothing but good luck as evidenced by this farewell photo. See you next time.