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When the World is your Oyster, you can be as Happy as a Clam





oh shit, we've got a game in 3 hours. better make those doubles!

Leading the League in Drinking Triple Doubles!





the best game in the world






shee-it negro, dat's all you had to say

Now, That's Football!






Still Smokin'

Liberals who Watch Sports need to be Watched






damn, why'd i have to go & get caught?

It's a Dog's Life @ the Mike Vick Obedience School





slapping my way into america's hearts

That's what Jillian gets for being an Impersonal Trainer. Slappified!






just cuz a girl like to dress fancy & dance on the corner don't mean she a ho'

Take it from Biggy Shorty, Benny






It's the furrowed brow of realization







Allen Iverson, NBA All Star, Loving Father, Party Man. Dong!!! I Mean, Bong!!! Like Clockwork, Big Ben Strikes Again!


As you may well know, I like talking about politics, entertainment & clearly, myself. But, what I like talking about even more than those other things is sports. I love basketball. I love watching it, I love playing it & I really love the NBA. It makes me sort of an outcast @ work sometimes because even though I love NFL football, it doesn't encompass my world the way it does some of the guys, & I couldn't really care about bracketology or March madness. So, I'm going to start out with the NBA, & particularly, Allen Iverson. It looks as though Iverson don't have to worry 'bout practice any more. I mean, you talkin' 'bout practice. How's he gonna' make his teammates better by practice? I don't believe we're going to see Iverson play in the NBA anymore now that the 76ers have released him rather than try to trade his non practicin' ass again. Iverson asked the 76ers if he could take a leave of absence so that he could care for his sick daughter Messiah but, while he was doing that, he was seen partying @ a club with Jermaine Dupri. It's true that Iverson's club promotion was for a worthy cause, the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, & that no one could expect him to be @ his kid's bed 24 hours a day, but when seen @ such a high profile event drinking & partying, it rubbed some people the wrong way. Now, anyone who's had a sick child, particularly one with an unknown illness, could use a little break from time to time, but I believe everyone would've understood if he sat the Jermaine Dupri CIAA event out. This party didn't really qualify as taking a break from caring for his kid, it was pure selfishness. You think Jermaine was upset & peer pressured him into going? I think not. But then again, selfishness has been the hallmark of Iverson's NBA career & he's given us no indication that he would handle his personal life any differently. Not that it's any of our business of course but when you're a public, iconic figure such as Iverson, you can expect extensive scrutiny over this type of thing. I wonder if Iverson even gave not going to the party a second thought or just got ready & headed out into the night to get his party on. There would be nothing surprising about it if that turned out to be the case.

I remember when Iverson was drafted 1st overall in 96' by Philadelphia & everybody thought that he would be the saviour of the franchise & even brought them to a finals appearance in 2000, but after getting beaten by Kobe & the Lakers, things were never quite the same. In the next season, they were knocked out in the 1st round, & finally, after the 02-03 season, nomadic head coach Larry Brown had had enough of Iverson's Prima Dona attitude & went off to win a title with the Detroit Pistons. Over the years, Iverson got himself into several image damaging situations, such as getting caught pissing into an ashtray @ Bally's casino in Atlantic City, a few years later, he was overpaid by 10g's @ another A.C. casino, & got into a major altercation when he wouldn't give it back per A.C. gaming regulations. After that, things with the 76ers went more & more sour & they finally traded him to Denver in 2006. When he landed in Denver, he was second in the NBA in scoring behind new teammate Carmelo Anthony & it became clear very quickly that there weren't enough shots to accommodate both of them & eventually, Denver traded Iverson to Detroit for Chauncy Billups, who was much more of a pure point guard & a much better fit to allow Anthony to realize his potential. Denver also got Antonio McDyess & once Iverson showed his true colors in Detroit, everyone realized the Nuggets got the better of the deal. In Detroit, Iverson was injury prone & when he was told by coach that he'd have to come off of the bench to play his way back into shape after rehabing his back, Iverson went a little irate & shortly after that, he decided to retire. A year later, he signed a 1 year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies. When that didn't work out for different reasons, the Grizzlies released him & in an effort to let Iverson retire where he started from, Philly picked him back up again & the rest is history. & don't be the least bit surprised if we start hearing stories about Iverson having other issues too, like gambling or drinking, or both. When it comes to light, all of his strange behavior over the years will start to make a little more sense even if it doesn't explain everything. There are many more Iverson exploits I could get into, but there isn't enough time. You've got an internet, look it up yourself. Don't make me do all the work. Ya' lazy blog readin' somebody.

Early on in his career, Iverson was an innovator of individualism in a league filled with generic conformists, starting the whole NBA hip hop trend, sporting the corn rows & multiple tattoos & just looking generally unlike your average NBA player. It was clear he was extremely talented, but was never known as much of a teammate, always looking for his own shot 1st & focusing on his team 2nd. Thus explaining why someone who was capable of winning MVP's & scoring titles on a yearly basis wound up on so many different teams. The 76ers & the Nuggets decided it would be better to try & make up his 27-30 ppg elsewhere than to keep him around. It's worked for the Nuggets, but, for the 76ers, not so much. Whatever happens with Iverson, hopefully, his daughter will be okay & he'll get his problems worked out & start having his name synonymous with something other than selfishness.


You hangin' wit' Tiger now ya big Will Farrell lookin' somebodygitcha' pawty awn


Speaking of sex scandals & high profile athletes not named Tiger Woods... NFL QB Big Ben Roethlisberger is accused of sexual assault for the 2nd time in less than 2 years. Of course Roethlisberger's attorney, Ed Garland insists that Ben is completely innocent & that there was no criminal activity whatsoever. Spoken like a true defense attorney. How lucky he must be to only defend innocent people, such as Ray Lewis for instance. But since his last scandal, Roethlisberger has done nothing but stay on the straight and narrow in an effort to stay out of trouble. Why, he has even gone so far as to do some voluntary community service with troubled teens. But, hey, Ben's just livin' the dream & why shouldn't he? Why shouldn't he be able to just sex up anyone he feels like, he's famous, right Kobe? Shit man, he's a superstar professional athlete, he's earned all that pussy. He shouldn't even have to ask, he should just be able to choose the 1,2 or 3 that he wants @ the moment, & with professional class, say, meet me in the bathroom, I'm pro quarterback Ben fucking Roethlisberger, & you're about to move up to the big leagues, slut. & they should say, i will Ben, I & my humble hoo ha, thank you in advance for the honor of you sticking your MVP shlong in it, it's something I hope to one day share with my grandchildren. Then, she should do her duty & be done with it. If he never talks to her again, who cares? He's had the presence of mind to become who he is, & these women he thrusts himself upon just need to relax & enjoy it, I mean, he's Ben fucking Roethlisberger for Christ's sake. Am I right? Jesus. Some broads just don't know when they've got it good. I mean the guy was a super bowl MVP, case closed. You see folks, we common folk are indeed fortunate that professional athletes even allow us to associate with them on any level. In our culture, they are like Gods, & when they are accused of wrongdoings of this nature, it makes me personally ill. Do the words to the victor belong the spoils mean nothing to you people? Hell, even if he wasn't the victor, the guy makes multi millions & if he wants woman, he takes woman, case closed! What's the big deal?

The big deal is, the things I was saying just now are more often the norm & if you make enough money, you can literally get away with everything, case in point, as is always the case in point, O.J. Simpson. I realize that's the obvious example but what better example is there? The motherfucker murdered 2 people but because he had enough cash to hire the dream team, he got off scot free. But, the next time he got into trouble after his money had run out, he got thrown in the slammer. O.J. Simpson: got away with murder. Kobe Bryant: got away with rape for all intents & purposes. Michael Jackson: got away with having sex with children. Ben Roethlisberger: Is facing a second sex scandal. What is the common thread? They all had/have enough cash to either hire the best lawyers or settle out of court, or both. So, other than repurcussions from the NFL or the Pittsburgh Steelers, do you think that Roethlisberger is really that worried? The answer being, hell to the naw, man. Odds are, the girl in Milledgeville wanted to a) party with a big time football player b) maybe make a little money in the process. or c) The girl didn't even know who he was until he pressed up on her. My guess is, if a woman doesn't respond, he makes with the whole Hey baby, don't you know who I am? I'm Ben Roethlisberger, I was the super bowl MVP, girl. I make millions. You've got to party with me. After that she probably discussed it with her friends & figured to make some easy money off of him, since he just happens to have so much of it. Or, there could be a d) that he does just force himself onto any woman he wants without regard to consequences & if that's the case, it's probably going to happen again & again until he really hurts one of them & finally gets put away already. I'm sure before you know it, his side of the story will come out & it'll be a big deal for a while & will suddenly go away once they are able to reach a settlement, just like it always does. If Roethlisberger is that stupid, this kind of thing will continue to happen to him. Why don't his handlers just hire some women for him to drink & have sex with on a regular basis? Why don't they set up his own private college bar/sex club & just have the women they invite to party there sign waivers saying they will not accuse Ben of anything & just fellate him @ his leisure? Just like his own little private harem of hookers, but they'll dressed in the sweaters of his favorite colleges for maximum stimulation factor. A veritable rapetopia where the drinks & the roofies flow like wine & well, flunitrazepam. It's certainly something to think about. Now, do you see why I like talking about sports so much?