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We all have to live here together



Sunday March 29 2009

WTF is up with all these murderous rampages? & other seemingly unimportant minutiae

(FOX News)- An armed man shot and killed seven patients and a nurse at a Carthage, North Carolina, nursing home Sunday before being wounded during a shootout with a police officer, authorities said.

Okay, first in September of last year, there was Matti Juhani Saari, a student @ a catering college in Finland who shot 10 people @ his school before turning the gun on himself. In this case, he released a video, forewarning of the bloody shooting spree. His video serving as a menacing harbinger, on the one hand, semi playful, on the other, dark & foreboding, with him saying "You'll die next", then showing off his Walther P22 pistol by firing off several rounds. Then, earlier this month we have that former failed marine & cop Michael McLendon who killed 10 people in Alabama before finally being killing himself. Upon coming to grips with the fact that none of his dreams in life were going to come true, this loser made a list of all the people who wronged him, then went on a rampage & killed 10 people, none of whom were on his list, basically just driving around shooting anyone he saw for no particular reason. Apparently, he had aspirations of being a Marine & a cop but failed @ both for what were said to be physical reasons, meaning he didn't have the physical stature, endurance and/or characteristics necessary for either job. So, he did the next best thing, shoot to death a group of people including his grandparents, an aunt & uncle, a sheriff deputy's wife, an 18 month old child and some other random people he happened to see along the way. He finally ended up @ a metal fabrication plant he used to work @ & after firing 30 rounds @ police, went into the building & shot himself. He dreamt of being in the military or in law enforcement, 2 jobs that were created effectively to protect the public & the world from people exactly like him & when he failed @ both, he became their antithesis as well as a complete and utter coward.

Similiarly, (Courtesy of Spiegel Online International) - Germany was in shock on Wednesday after a 17-year-old youth killed 15 people in a shooting rampage that began at his school, where he shot dead 10 pupils and three teachers. He later took a gun to his own head during a shootout with police. His motive remains a mystery. Little is known about this kid they're calling Tim Kretschmer other than he was deeply frustrated & characterized as inconspicuous, he isn't inconspicuous anymore. But it ended the same as McLendon with him blowing his own brains out following a shootout with police. There are 2 cases in the last 2 days, 1 of a man stabbing his wife 38 times & 1 other of another man, stabbing one 17 year old sister to death & then beheading his 5 year old sister in cold blood. Finally, Robert Stewart guns down 10 people in a North Carolina nursing room before being subdued by a courageous police officer who was obviously not Michael McLendon. His wife, Sue Griffin, worked there & has no idea why he went on his rampage of killing several people over 80 years of age as well as one of the nurses who cared for them. There are even more very similiar stories that I could detail but I think we all get the point. The common thread of these rampages is that most of the jackwads who perpetrated them shot themselves dead immediately afterward. They were apparently filled with rage for basically the same reasons, they were toiling in obscurity, wanting to make a name for themselves and impact the world around them, which they did. Unfortunately for them, they are all roasting in Hell as we speak, unable to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. I don't want to sound naive, but perhaps somebody can explain to me why these misfits, these outcasts & rejects of society have to shed all these other people's blood only to ultimately shoot themselves? It seems like an innocent enough question but I'd really like to know. I suppose it's always a matter of them wanting to take a few of the people they directly or indirectly blame down with them, but they never really achieve that goal because the odds of them ending up in the same place are nil. These are just the type of savage animals that keep the Devil in business. I am of the firm belief that if you are ever that filled with that much suicidal/homicidal rage, just stay home, stick a shotgun in your mouth, pull the trigger & see what happens. That way, only 1 asshole has to die instead of several innocent people. Just make sure the gun is loaded in advance, so you don't have to feel like a failure when you don't die & decide you have to take it out on somebody else.

Oh yeah, & I almost forgot, Bill O'Reilly bans Sean Penn from his show & refuses to see his movies, undoubtedly because he just won an Oscar for his portrayal of the dreaded gay, (shudder) Harvey Milk..Oy,the humanity already. North Korea is said to be in possession of several nuclear warheads & the top Taliban commander is Pakistan vows Amazing attack on Washington soon. Well, say what you want about the world that we live in, it isn't boring, not like say, Wednesday night television.