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Friday March 20 2009

AIG + Made off = 2 Class Acts. It's March Madness!!

I've held off writing about it so I could see if they were going to do what I've been hoping they would do but those AIG jagoffs are insisting on keeping their bonuses & 21 states are launching investigations to get to the bottom of it. All I can ask is why keep the money @ this point? Obviously, I don't know the intimate financial details of their contracts but every company I've ever worked for that instituted a bonus program, did so on a performance initiative basis. If I made my numbers, I received my bonus. If I was a key cog in driving the business to the point of needing a taxpayer bail out just to keep the doors open, then...not so much. And even though it was not the insurance division that was dragging the company down, the tax money bailed them out as well, allowing them to stay in business so, call me a prick, but why should I have to pay you a bonus? Let me get break this down so even the lamest of laymen can understand. My tax dollars were a small part of $218 million paid in bonuses to AIG execs but due to the downturn in the economy, I may not get the bonus that I qualify for @ my own job. How can these assholes live with themselves? What makes them think they really deserve it, even if it's written into their contracts? When is one of these guys going to man up & say, "You know what? I'm giving my bonus back this year until we are able to pay back those taxpayers who bailed us out & allowed us to keep our jobs," like former AIG CEO Robert Willumstad giving back his severance package? That is a rhetorical question because you know that is never going to happen. It may sting to do it, but imagine what a hero you would be if you did return that bonus, your name would be all over the media & you would instantly become a household name. Of course, all of the other executives would hate you & you'd probably never be able to get a job ever again & there's a pretty good chance someone would try to have you killed, but other than that, why not do it? Okay, I understand why no one is doing it, but it seems pretty funny to me that Edward Liddy is only just now asking execs to return the money. Perhaps congress, Liddy & Henry Paulson should've taken those bonuses a little more heavily into consideration when putting that bailout together. As far as I can tell, restructuring the bonus program was never really considered for of fear of litigation from the potentially jilted execs. How about this, we don't accept the bail out & go out of business & declare bankruptcy so you can sue us all you want but will spend more than you have trying to get it? Your company failed, you didn't do your jobs properly, you don't deserve this money. How complicated is that? What an abstract concept.

Now, if you can believe it, the feds are going after the $93 mil Ruth Madoff made off with as bookkeeper for Madoff Securities. Jesus, can life get any more unfair for these people? Everyone knows chartered accountancy is a big time profession, paying often in 7 figures, yet they insist on singling her out. What's up wit' dat? Why, one time, I kept the books for a neighbors local garage sale & netted $180 thousand dollars, & I'm not even a CPA! (That's not true.) She couldn't have made more if she'd worked for Arthur Anderson unless of course, she was married to him. Seriously though, the only fair thing would be to pay back all the people they screwed over every penny they lost, but we all know there is no possibility of that ever occurring, so there's no point even thinking about it. On the other hand, did all the people that sunk their money into Madoff's scheme really think it was a completely legit operation, promising that high of a return on their investments? Come on. There's no legal program out there that really works like that. Some of the people that lost money are just the types of people who probably made a lot of money thanks to putting buttloads of cash into high risk high yield schemes & were not above a little insider trading, so how surprised were they really when it all fell through? R E A L I T Y, if something sounds too good to be true, then that's exactly what the hell it is.

Oh, & I forgot to fill out my NCAA brackets this year but President Obama didn't & he was heavily criticized by Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, saying "Somebody said that we're not in President Obama's Final Four, and as much as I respect what he's doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets." Excuse me, but what a freakin' tool. He's a basketball coach. I guarantee you he would've come out & said how honored he was had Obama put Duke in his bracket. Pout much, Mikey? Stick to what you're good at. He's got about as much business talking politics as I do. Oops. Bye now.