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North Korea Considering Rejoining the 6 Party Talks...Now, It's a Party! Sarah Palin to Join Fox News, No, Really. Gilbert Arenas is A-Okay with PeTA. & Step right up, Folks, The Infamous Harry Reid's Noise Hole is Once Again Open for Business!


Ummm, hi. A couple of blogs ago, I told you guys all about how I'd won a hundred million in the lottery & got just a little bit harsh towards people of a certain income range, anyone not obscenely wealthy to be exact. Well, LOL, as it turns out, I only matched 5 numbers & not 6 & won $100 dollars, not $100 million, ha ha ha? &, if my calculations are correct, that is really not enough money to piss on anyone with disdain. Even though, @ the time, I may have sounded like I sincerely hated all common folk, that wasn't me, that was all just the money talking, ha ha. So, I guess all is forgiven & we can all get on with our lives. Phew, I'm glad we got that cleared up. So, anyway...

As 2010 begins, it looks like Kim Jong Il & North Korea are once again acting like they are warming up to the idea of resuming the 3rd party talks according to Time Magazine & various other news outlets. There are those reluctant optimists who believe it to be true & many more skeptics who think it is just another Il load of good old North Korean Bullshit. I want to believe it but given Il's history of repeatedly getting the international communities hopes up only to dash them by not only withdrawing but then making threatening statements of world domination foreboding, trying to scare everyone into thinking they could in fact, attack us @ any given moment; I have my doubts. & the right wing is praying that this is just more of the same by Il because if it isn't & it's Obama who gets Il to disarm his nuclear arsenal, it's make their party look all the more unsuccessful &/or foolish in the eyes of their constituancy. North Korea is saying however, that the sole condition for them to return to the table of world diplomacy is improved relations with the United States, which Obama has been working furiously on since he took office so it seems as if it could be an actuality. I'm not holding my breath though, & you shouldn't either because Il would like nothing more than to see all of our faces turn blue before he laughs in them again. I'm just saying that it would be nice no matter who makes it happen. Had Bush made any progress in this regard, it would've changed a good deal of my still very dim view of him, but as we all know, his priority was the taking down of Saddam Hussein & not focusing on any imminent U.S. threats,so, fuck him. & fuck Kim Jong Il & his propensity towards human rights violations because that is a big reason that North Korea is demonized throughout the world. Throw in all of Il's posturing & threats & you've got yourself one unstable muthafucka' who can only talk big because he possesses nukes. Take away Il's nukes & North Korea is simply just another 3rd world country with a shitty economy where the acting dictator treats it's inhabitants like shit. Snatch the big atomic stick out of his grarled little hand & the only people he'd be able to intimidate would be his own. He seems like the kind of guy that would have no problem launching a nuke @ somebody, mainly us, even though all it would do is serve to have his entire country obliterated, but who cares as long he is able to prove his point, right? So, don't believe the hype Obama & Hillary, unless you just happen to enjoy being disappointed, which, personally, I don't.

In comedy news, Fox News Channel confirmed today that former governor of Alaska & 2008 republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will join their their staff as a (ahem) contributor. I threw that last link in there due to the fact that she doesn't fit into any of the categories the thesaurus assigns to that word. "I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News. It's wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news," Palin said in a written release. Of course you are Sarah, you are about to be in yet another position where you will be told exactly what to do & what to say & since you don't seem to have many original thoughts of your own, this job is right up your alley. & this time, you'll have the luxury of editors, who'll make sure they cut any of your attempts to ad lib or go off script because we all know how disastrous that can be, Katie Couric interviews notwithstanding. It will be fun though to see her participate in some live shows where she'll have the opportunity to offer up some of her...hold on, I need to psych myself up to say it with a straight face. Her...whew, sigh. Okay, wait for it. Her...oh, boy...opinions. I don't know, she might have some valid opinions as well as intelligent insight to offer so stay tuned folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride, but a fun one nonetheless.

PeTA, the animal rights activist group & nutritious bread, loves animals, but hates people. Yes, that is correct folks, I said it. They hate people. Well, people who are cruel to animals anyway, & that's great! Unless, there just also happens to be a dash of hypocrisy sprinkled in there, & hey presto, whaddaya' know?...There is! They are all over Michael Vick for his dogfighting promoting exploits, but seem to have no qualms in making a hero out of NBA star & gun toter, Gilbert Arenas, who could get out da league for pulling out guns in his team's locker room & having a Reservoir Dogs style standoff with teammate & fellow loser, Javaris Crittenton over what they're calling a gambling debt, this out of a guy who has made over $100 million dollars over the course of his career by throwing a basketball @ a hoop. I hate to tell you PeTA, because you don't seem to realize, anyone who would point guns @ another human being is capable of hurting anyone, including puppies, rabbits, minks and/or sugar gliders so you might want to think about pulling him from your Ink not Mink campaign. It's just a thought. You should be happy though that the Eagles did not go unpunished for a) having Michael Vick around in the 1st place & b) presenting him with that courage award as they got spanked for the 3rd time this year by the Dallas Cowboys. Wow, what do you think PeTA would do if Gilbert Arenas had pointed a gun @ Michael Vick instead of him own teammate, suck on him joint?

Good old Harry Reid is @ it again. If you'll remember, back in May, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he thought fellow Senator Ted Kennedies terminal cancer was in remission, only to see him die shortly thereafter. Nice going. Now, he's embroiled in a new controversy, he praised Barack Obama for being light skinned & not speaking in a Negro dialect unless he wanted to. Now, this didn't sit well with a lot of people & republicans are trying to use it to brand him as a rascist but Washington Post blogger Colbert King has a different opinion that I don't happen to agree with. Harry Reid wasn't talking about the old timey stereotypical Negro Dialect that you hear slaves & uneducated black folks use in the movies, he is talking about Ebonics, pure & simple. For Reid to say that is inheritantly rascist because he is from the old school of people who not only look down on black people because of the color of their skin, they are also confused by the way they talk because they just couldn't understand them. & old school rascists feared anything they couldn't understand. So, to Reid, to hear a black guy like Obama, essentially sound like a white guy when he talks, serves to dissuade Reid's fear of black people to the point of @ least publicly accepting him as his boss. So, of course Harry apologized to Obama & the whole Democratic party is rallying behind him to keep the republicans off of his back & Obama has forgiven him just as he forgave the comments that Joe Biden made & still allowed him to run on his ticket. But, Obama knows what Reid is & doesn't really seem to care, so then why should we? Obama has had to overcome a lot of bull shit to become president, & he'll damned if he's going to let the comments of someone like Reid divide his party. Shit, Reid be luckier den a muhh-fucka' Obama don't spray him wit' his 9 & fade his punk ass. Now, is that Negro dialect, Harry, or is that Ebonics?

That's just good old fashioned family rascism - Peter Griffin