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February 14, 2009

Obama & the Magical Giant Stimulus Package

Okay, if Republicans feel like they're choking right about now it's only because President Obama just shoved a giant stimulus package down they thoats. Phew! The world can think of something other than A Rod for a few minutes without feeling too guilty because this is big news. As much as Rush Limbaugh doesn't like it, it had to be done. Well, something had to be done anyway, we'll see if this works. Hmm, print money, cut taxes & roll the dice from there. Not 1 republican voted for it surprisingly, because it didn't contain enough tax cuts. Isn't that one of the things that contributed to this mess in the 1st place? In reality, tax cuts comprise a huge percentage of what's in the bill anyway. They're simply not working with him on purpose in order to try & facilitate him failing, which in unequivocally UN AMERICAN. They, along with Limbaugh are rooting for Obama to fail which I'm sure everyone who didn't vote for him is, which is the most asinine, poor sport temper tantrum like thing I've ever heard of in my life. How could anyone want it to get worse just on the belief that when it does, another Republican will win the White House in 2012? How stupid are these people? And this is not another one of my rhetorical questions, this time I'd really like to know. But I digress. If this stimulus turns out to be a great job creator, then I'm in favor of it. Republicans seemed to be all in favor of bailing out banks & the auto industry, why not help undo some of the crap you forced us to eat over the last 8 years & bail out America? We've been patient & we should be rewarded. And I don't need the Government to print some money & direct deposit a stimulus check into my account & then secretly raise taxes in order to get it back, I just need to know that I'm not being charged for a lot of stupid programs or funding an oil war @ the same time gas prices are skyrocketing.

Amtrak got a huge boost from the stimulus package & I don't know if I necessarily agree with that. The Government suddenly seems set on spending huge money to bail out big businesses that are failing & generally the resultant impact will mean higher prices for the American consumer, causing a slow down in spending & leading to these recession type scenarios, blah blah blah. So, it can easily turn into a vicious cycle. History repeated itself again & we saw that trickle down economics does not even come close to working, only this time it was with disastrous, possibly insurmountable results. I believe in the bolstering of this countrie's infrastructure and more $$$ being funneled into Health & Education programs but the big tax cuts and cutting VA money seems a little heavy handed. Why take anything away from veterans? They're not the ones who started these wars. Obama, I hope your plan works, though there are many out there who think it won't. Personally, I am not all that sure if it will work. However, I am praying it does because the last thing anyone needs is President Elect Jeb Bush. Out.