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Of all the things in the world to happen, this was one of them








time for some urgency

Thanks to BP, GP will be even busier










time to dip into that legal defense fund & spend it on something other than lawyers

They're trying hard not to say I told you so










as grandpa simpson once put it, EPA EPA!

Seems as though this little agency needs to be more Assertive










get em in quick. we saw how well they handled katrina!

This disaster didn't even make their home page












this is the world we live in, & these are the hands we're given

If you don't know about the environmental movement, get on da Wiki Wiki








Even David Letterman would not be too jazzed about this top 10 list








































When you see this face, it's generally isn't a good sign




the oily bird doesn't get the worm...he just gets dead




Oil Continues to Spill off the Gulf Coast, Prompting the Question, is Offshore Drilling the Least Bit Dangerous? Or was it all Orchestrated by BP & Obama Himself? Conspiracy Theories Abound!


Venice, Louisiana (CNN) -- Gulf coast residents braced Saturday for the arrival of a massive oil slick creeping toward shore as nearly a million feet of boom were deployed in an effort to protect precious estuaries and wildlife -- even as thousands of barrels of crude continued gushing into the water.

Pretty Damned Lucky, Apparently

All those opposed to offshore drilling, raise your hands? Well, so what? I hate to rain on the environmentalists' parade, but, the question was never really whether or not offshore drilling was a dangerous or ecologically unwise proposition, it was really just a matter of when it was going to be expanded. Offshore drilling has been going on for decades & has been conducted all over the world because there is a veritable ocean of oil under the ocean floor & there is literally no other way to get @ it @ this point. So, it's always been more of an inevitability rather than a debate. If you are a person or a country what needs oil, how can you even argue against it's very necessity? You can't, but what is the alternative? The answer, obviously, is the expanded use of green technologies, which, could lessen our dependence on foreign oil or drilling for oil ourselves in conditions unstable or dangerous enough to let a tragic accident like this weeks' occur @ all. The thing is, even though this disaster is a travesty & an assault on the ocean & the entire Gulf coast including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & probably Florida & Mexico, it is going to turn out to be extremely profitable for BP; due to the already skyrocketing price of oil by virtue of it's very occurrence. How lucky can you get?

Can money buy your own conscience out from under you? Story @ 11

So, BP will continue it's clean up efforts in earnest & will eventually, reluctantly, accept help from FEMA & the government. But, BP's execs, while in public are putting on a face of extreme, grave concern, on the inside are rejoicing. Their exorbitantly high insurance premiums, which have no doubt, been paid in full, will allow them no financial responsibility for the accident, which, is always good for any corporation's bottom line. Am I saying it was intentional for the purposes of driving oil prices up? Or, was it just a happy accident? In all proabability, it was a little bit of both. Just how could it be both, you may well ask? By the presumption that it probably could've been prevented, but wasn't. How could the engineers who designed these particular types of undersea drilling platforms not put in a plan for every conceivable contigency? If knowing in advance every potential accident that could possibly happen, why were there no safeguards in place to prevent this type of leak from occurring in the 1st place? It's kind of like Toyota & their outsourcing of inferior & cheaper parts to drive down costs, manufacture more cars & thus, reap whirlwind profits in the process. The question is, did Toyota make more than they had to pay out because of the recall, making the casualty count worth it to them? Was this a structural irregularity that could not have been seen beforehand, or merely an intentional design flaw that they hoped would never yield such a result, but now that is has... Cha Ching, boys!

Disclaimer: I am not a conspiracy theorist.

Now, the latter is indeed a disgusting as well as diabolical prospect, & I'm in no way saying that what has happened was intentional. I'm just looking @ it from a conspiracy theorists perspective while trying to play devil's advocate @ the same time. A right wing conspiracy theorist might also look to Obama, who only recently, announced the expansion of offshore drilling, as a co conspirator. But, while all of this sounds competely ridiculous, it just happens to be extremely coincidental in its timing. I'll wager you anything that if any of the right wingers who scoffed @ 9/11 being an inside job heard the theory that Obama was behind this catastrophe, they'd be all over it & would try to ride it all the way to the midterms in November. So, Shhh, don't tell em, whatever you do.

Obama's Katrina?

Now, Obama will also be in a position to look symbolically better in the eyes of America as well as the world than Bush because he is actually planning to visit the location that is being affected rather than just flying over it.

We can also expect the cost of seafood to go through the roof given the amount of fish, shrimp, crab & lobster that are being decimated as we speak from the thousands of barrels of oil that are churning through the tidal waters, choking every bit of life out of it. Hundreds of species of birds, fish, sea turtles & other wildlife will cease to exist because of this accident, which begs the question, does anyone in the oil industry or government really care? Could this be one of those specially designed accidents that Obama can use to express why he was so reluctant to allow offshore drilling expansion & now, that this is happened, the dangers of it can be exposed emphatically to the world? This will be the perfect opportunity for Obama to put a stop to this practice once & for all & make a much more concerted effort to push through his green technologies agenda & no one will be able to argue with it. Given the scope of the destruction, this theory is very thin, but the talk is out there. Even though it wasn't a natural distaster like Katrina, hopefully, Obama & co. will act much more quickly to help curtail the damage, which is going to take years to contain, let alone reverse.

But there's still hope for oil company execs?

Rest assured, a lot of people are going to become either very wealthy or much wealthier as a result of this & other than the cash they will make, they won't even give it a second thought or lose an ounce of sleep as the interest on the money builds. But no matter, because there are plenty of people without a whole lot of money that will be pitching in to help clean up the area for years to come, & that's exactly what it'll take. You can bet LA governor Bobby Jindal will be doing everything in his power to buddy up to Obama now, whom he's sharply criticized before & you can also bet that after he's received all the relief funds he's going to be able to get, he'll start badmouthing him again. Because he's also a JackAss, not just because he's a republican, though the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

when the going gets bad, the bad get badder

& it won't just be all about rebuilding New Orleans like with Katrina, it will be about revitalizing an entire nautical eco-system, which is almost nearly impossible, but with the passage of time, it will come back again. The question now is, when will offshore drilling be put a stop to for good? Whatever the answer is, it doesn't look like we're going to be looking @ even semi reasonable oil prices any time soon. So, now is the time for all good hippies to come to the aid of the Gulf coast & you'll need to descend on the area in droves because there are more animals in trouble than you have ever seen & they need help. Most of them won't even survive. This is going to make the Exxon Valdez disaster pale by comparison simply because they seemingly don't have a clue of exactly how they are going to contain it as the oil just keeps leaking into the water. @ least with Valdez, they precisely how much oil they were dealing with & were able to keep it somewhat in check, even though it was @ the time, an epic distaster in it's own right. & even with today's technological advances, it's still competely out of control. Hmm, maybe this industry that keeps making monster profits while @ the same time annihilating eco systems all around the world might just be in need of some more stringent regulations, Obama. It's just a thought.


& what of all that windfall profits tax talk for oil companies that had been bandied about a couple years ago,was it forgotten? Why didn't your supermajority do anything with it when they had the chance? & here, we thought only the conservatives were in the energy industry's pocket but it looks like, in all reality, everyone's in there. Tsk tsk. It's just business as usual no matter who's in the White House, I suppose. Oh well, it's not like you were elected to make a difference & change the status quo that had all but destroyed America or anything, so don't you even worry about it. Just as long as you get yours, that's the important thing. But, I still have faith in you, @ least I think I do. We're all just waiting for some good things to happen as a result of all the moves you've made to this point. I mean, I can wait a couple of years like we had to with Clinton, but the hatred that is being stirred up by the right wing in this country is creating a sense of extreme urgency & people are losing their patience. So hook up some tangible positives real soon & remind everyone why they thrust you into office in that runaway victory that now seems so far away. I do realize all the negativity you have had to contend with & your very demeanor suggests that you're above it, but it's time to show America you are what you promised, & not simply just a stopgap in between Republican presidents. Plus, all your programs on the surface do seem to suggest that a lot of money will be streaming out of taxpayers pockets & you know what happens when you screw around with people's livelihoods, they tend to get a little cranky. The problem is, your plans don't really seem to do much in the now other than promise great things down the road, which is fine, but there are not any guarantees, & that is scaring a lot of people, of which I am one.


Hippies, all around me, they want to save the world, but all the do is smoke pot & smell bad - Eric Cartman