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It's Eddie Long's world...too bad there are kids in it, too. Know why? You know why.













you'd hear about the priest? the only meat he could eat on friday was nun.

These ladies are Nun too happy with Eddie Long















a little boy in the hand is worth 2 in the bush

These 2 fucking losers sho'ly do love to embrace one anutha'

















i am burfed, BURFED ya'll!

Join our congregation & become a porn again pedophile, yes lord!














don't let the horns fool ya, even though i'm the devil, eddie long disgusts even me

This list is long & distinguished...like my Johnson

















if the lord giveth & the lord taketh away, why can't he taketh kids away from eddie long?



Ohhhh loooord, please let me find a young, young boy to relate to me, in a purely sexual way, lord. In Jesus name, Amen



If the Lord giveth & the Lord taketh away, why can't he taketh children away from Eddie Long?

pedophile, paedophile, pervert, deviant, deviate, degenerate
usage: an adult who is sexually attracted to children

Lithonia, Georgia (CNN) -- Baptist televangelist Eddie Long said Sunday he will fight allegations that he coerced young male church members into having sex with him.

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, just what the fuck are you trying to be exactly, Arch Bishop, Pope? You are a Baptist preacher, aren't you? Aren't you supposedly a heterosexual, & married? &, have you not, for that matter, vehemently crusaded against homosexuality with an extreme amount of predjudice, hmmm? Oh, yeah, & haven't you also lured young boys into having sex with you? Let me ask you something, um, Eddie, is it? Oh yeah, aren't you supposed to be some kind of example to adults & kids alike to not be that kind of person? Dude, you are a fucking pedophile, do you understand that or not? I don't even know how to talk to you right now, pederast. Between you & the child molesting Catholic priests, & gay republicans, & all of those who speak out against homosexuals, it turns out, you're the most gayest ones of them all. So, why hide it? Why fight it? Why don't all of you closeted flamers just go ahead & come out already? You surely do enjoy sexually relating to members of the same sex, so why are you ashamed of it? Why do you fight so hard against it when it's the thing you love the most? You love young boys, am I right? You're Goddamned right I'm right. &, again, I am fucking tired of being right all the time, Eddie, I'm tired of it. There's a difference between being a gay person who has the courage to come out & face the world, & it does take courage. Imagine what it must be like to live in a heterosexual culture & society, being constantly bombarded with opposite sex imagery & expectations, only to have a light come on in your head that you are in fact, gay. Imagine after that, what it's like to try to figure out how to live in that society when you don't even know how you're going to tell your parents what you've recently realized you are now. That takes courage Eddie, & that seems to be something that you don't have. You are a fucking coward & gay in a completely different way.

Silly pedophile, sex isn't for children

You're about as gay as the day is wide. You're the conductor on the gay train to gay town. &, sadly, you are disgracing gay people with your hypocrisy. You like to hide behind your fucking religion & the fact that you have to do what you do in secret, but you know what, you could be having sex with women in secret. That would still be infidelity but it'd be one hell of a lot more tolerable that the shit you've pulled by fucking children. Face it Eddie, you love having sex with young, male, children. You are just a dirty fucker of other people's kids. Does that just about sum it up? &, what's the point of denying it? Let me ask you, whenever you hear or read about some fucking jerkoff in the middle of some kind of scandal, generally involving a sexual affair, & they adamently deny it as they always do, how often does it turn out that they are actually telling the truth? Hmmm? & how often does it turn out that they're lying? I will tell you how often Eddie, it happens often. In fact, I am trying to think of an instance where the fucking lowlife who does nothing but waste time & resources denying what they did, did not do what exactly what they were accused of...& I can't. Would you like to know why I can't, Eddie? Because it never, I say, I say, never happens. &, do you know why it never happens, Eddie? Because, as it turns out, they are lying & did, inexplicably, do exactly what they (you) are accused of...& that's every time, Eddie, so why don't you just go ahead & own up to it? Because you know you know what you did & you know exactly what a perpetratin' perp you are, doncha'? You're supposed to be a man of God, Eddie, but you sir, are the fucking devil. & like the devil, you convince all the people who love, trust & look up to you that you are something other than what you are, & once it's discovered that you're the devil, you just continue to deny it, & you hope that repeating the lie will work as it always has. But, it won't. Not this time, & not ever again. &, I cannot wait until you finally admit it, & your fake ass contrition can warsh over us all & we are bathed in the eternal goodness of your come uppance, you fucking child abusing piece o' trash.

Is sexing up chillens doing God's work?

I have to ask, just what the hell is it about the religious right that happens to attract your particular brand of pervert? Are you so frightened about what you are that you go out & find a vocation or a cause that is diametrically opposed to everything you desire & immerse yourself in it to the point where you think you're not who you are anymore? Well, guess what, you're still that guy. You're the guy that, even though you're married to a woman & have a family, you feel as though it's fine to take a young guy to Africa, drug him with a fucking sleeping pill, & gradually get him to have sex with you. Now, do you love your wife & your family, or do you love this little boy? I'd like to know. Did you plan all of these sexual misdeeds or did those little boys seduce you? You know what, Eddie, if you have to give a kid Ambien to get him to hook up with you, that probably means it wasn't meant to be. Did that ever occur to you? Probably not, huh? Yeah, that kind of a thing never occurs to an asshole like yourself who doesn't think of others & just acts with impunity & has sex with children. That's what you do, that's what you are, case closed.


Say, uh, George, you talk to God, right? I mean, you in tight wit him & shit? Do a brutha' a solid &  ask if it's cool if I fuck kids? You will? Thanks, man. My nigga'.


You see Eddie, this is precisely why I'm not a religious person, because I am of the firm belief that organized religion is chock full of evil, perverted motherfuckers like you who take the word of God & twist it to their own ends & their advantage. &, even though I may believe in God, if he's as real as you say he is, he will know if I believe or not, & I don't think I have to become a part of some massive hypocrisy & sink a shitload of money that I worked hard to earn into the church so some evangelical fuckface such as yourself can have his own airplane & 5 houses & then have him try to have sex with my kid. No thank you. How would you feel if some preacher, someone who's supposedly dedicated his life to praising God, thought it'd be fun to fuck your child? You think that'd be a nice idea? Tell you what, why don't you go fuck your own children, then go fuck yourself. I don't know you, I don't want to know you, all I know is, I'm disgusted with you, you degenerate fuckwad. You don't deserve to go to jail for the rest of your kid raping life, you really don't even deserve to live. Have a nice day.


We touch a lot of people, ... This is a world-impacting ministry, and I personally get a little offended when my integrity is questioned. - Eddie Long