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The Saints Won the World Championship in an All American League? Hmm









Stick this to your wall, my friends!

Who Dat Gonna' Buy a Saints Fathead? You Dat, Dat's Who.









this ain't the hall of lame, holmez

Some of The Guys That Played Tonight Are Going in








his bite is worse than his bark, doggies

Who Let the Dogs Out? Who, Who? He Let the Dogs Out...Then, Murdered Them









whoop dat trick, git em!

Take My Words For It, Or Something To That Effect




The 2 Best Teams Locked Horns in a Battle of Ultimate Attrition & in the End, the Team With the Most Points Won. Now, Who Could've Predicted That? In Your Face, Las Vegas!

(E T H.com) So much for the odds makers. On Sunday, Feb. 7th, the New Orleans Saints took the championship over the Indianapolis Colts who, were favored by 5 points in what many called an improbable win. It's hard to call it improbable though, seeing as they won their 1st 13 games in a row before finally losing to the Dallas Cowboys. Many football analysts felt the loss to the Cowboys effectively ended their chances of winning the Super Bowl. Many football analysts were wrong of course, & Drew Brees & Co. won 1 not only for the Saints franchise, but for the city of New Orleans as well. The crescent city has been waiting for this for a long time, from the old Aints to the greatness of Archie Manning to the big win today. Archie Manning, who is arguably the Saints all time greatest player never had better than an 8-8 season & never made the playoffs, playing with some of the worst teams, who would've been lucky to get any wins without him. But, these Saints are different. They are a complete team on both sides of the ball with great players & great coaching as was evidenced in their win over the Colts. From the onside kick to open the 3rd quarter, to the overturned 2 point conversion by Lance Moore to Tracy Porter intercepting Archie's son, Peyton Manning with about 5 minutes left & returning it 74 yards for a TD, the Saints & their coaching staff pulled out all the stops & did what they had to do to win. After going down 10-0 in the 1st & looking as though it was going to be over early, the Saints absolutely dominated & owned the 2nd quarter & even though they only came away with 2 field goals, you could tell that the tide had turned & that the 2nd half was going to be a nail biting experience. & it would be. Then, there was the halftime entertainment spectacular, provided by yet another classic rock act, The Who, who, I'm sorry to say, like the Stones & Paul McCartney, who've also recently played the Super Bowl, were but mere shells of their former selves & there were probably millions of kids who were saying, ugh, who is that? The Who? That's stupid. No amount of loud guitars, power chords, lights & lasers could make it entertaining. & whenever there was a difficult note to be sung, the cameras would pull way out to a stadium wide shot so no one could see them lip synching, not that you couldn't tell by the notes Roger Daltry & Pete Townshend actually did sing live. I don't want to criticize them, but they've sort of forced me to do it by being so lame, sorry Who fanatics. I saw them back in the spring of 1980, when they still had 3 of the original 4 members & were pretty much @ the height of their live prowess & wasn't really that impressed with them then, so imagine how I felt 30 years later seeing them limp around the stage. It doesn't help that I was never really that big into The Who, but I @ least respected what a classic, influential powerhouse they used to be, but not tonight. They opened with pinball wizard which, I'm sure 60% of the people who watched the super bowl, had no idea what the song or the big deal was about & I'm sure the younger fans they were trying to convert weren't convinced. They then did a medley of Baba O'Riley, Who are You? & finally wrapped it up with small snippet of See me, Feel me followed by a long snippet of Won't Get Fooled Again & thankfully, it was over, but not before a lot more of Townshend's incessant windmilling which used to be entertaining, but now he isn't even hitting the strings half the time anymore. I'm sure all the young aspiring guitar hero wannabes were all just soimpressed by it, but maybe not. Overall, it was pretty pathetic. Daltry tried to dress like a circa 1967 mod (which he actually was in 67) & Pete Townshend looked like a poor man's Elvis Costello & unfortunately, neither one of them looked remotely cool. I hate to be so hard on the old geezers but I was mostly embarassed for them. But, luckily, there was another half of football yet to be played.

& it was a pretty good 2nd half & when the Saints recovered the onside kick to open the 3rd quarter & then scored almost immediately, I knew they were going to win. As aggressively as Sean Peyton coached the game & the way the players executed, they deserved to win, even as great as Manning is, his 1st year coach Jim Caldwell didn't have any answers. Manning, who is as known for his ability to audible as throw touchdown passes, had to check down on virtually every down & generally, made all the right plays, until the big one. The big one came after the Saints took the lead for good & made the spectacular 2 point conversion which had initially been ruled incomplete then overturned upon replay. The Colts were driving down the field with definite purpose with a little over 5:30 to go when Tracy Porter stepped in front of a Reggie Wayne intended pass & took it all the way to victory, completely draining the Colts as well as the city of Indianapolis. But the Colts shouldn't be down, they have their share of titles, New Orleans deserved 1, I guess. I'm more pissed off about the interception Favre threw in the NFC championship game that propelled the Saints into the Super Bowl, that son of a bitch. I've personally had to endure 4 Viking super bowl losses & several near misses & this was supposed to be the year. This was supposed to be the team of destiny, & whaddaya know, they did it to me again. From Joe Capp to Brett Favre & everyone in between, the Vikings have done nothing but build me up only to disappoint me @ the critical moment. Thanks a lot, guys, I really appreciate it. 35+ years & you can't give me 1 stinking title? Jeez. Meanwhile, in the city I live in now, the Cowboys have won 5. It's not fair. I want to keep rooting for you, but you bastards are making it increasingly difficult for me. I don't know how many more chances I can give you. You either, Dallas Mavericks, you worthless sons of a bitches. You tease me & look like you're going to tear like a freakin' buzzsaw through the 06 Miami Heat then in game 3, up by 13 with 6 minutes to go, you fall apart & don't win another game, wtf is up with that? I realize the officiating tilted in the Heat's favor once they started being the aggressor, but you just fold up your tents & put your tail between your legs? Jesus, how many more chances do you think that you're gonna' get, Dirk? Then, the next season you win 67 games after dominating the entire league only to get bounced in the 1st round by Golden State, who barely even made it into the playoffs? Then this year, the last game before the All Star break that your city is hosting, you pull the worst game of the season out of your asses & lose to the Nuggets, 127-91? Why even bother showing up? You guys are killing me! Anyway, now that I'm pissed, I bid you a fond adieu from the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Oh yeah, congratulations again, Saints. Ya'll come back now, ya' h'yah?