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If you're a woman in Mel's world, be prepared to keep your face covered @ all times...is all I'm sayin'.









mmm mm mm mm mm, just 'bout time to shave this thing

Oh, I thought it was the Wife Beater's club!









i am not sure if you know this but.....wait for it....i don't like jews

They're thinking of making ol' Mel an honorary member










i am the beard stretcha'!

They may throw me in jail but they will never take...my FREEDOM! Wait, that isn't right.















oh, you're so pretty oksana....you're a whore! i hate you! i love you! i'll kill you!


July 12 2010

Mel Gonna' Beat the Love into Ya


RadarOnline, another typical interbloid, (hey, i just coined a new phrase) leaked an audio tape recording of a supposed telephone conversation between Mel Gibson & his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva where Mel could be heard admitting to beating her & further threatening her life. Oksana. Being Russian, naturally responded with, what a country. During this alleged phone conversation, in between Gibson's ranting, raving & making one threat after another, you could hear him panting maniacally, not unlike the craziest muthafucka' on the planet, adding a very chilling, even polarizing effect depending on whether you're in Gibson's corner or not. I can tell you that I am not 1 of the people in this freak's corner. Cinematic artistry notwithstanding, I can see nothing of redeeming value in anything Gibson has done in @ least the past 10 years. Back in July of 06, he was painted as an anti-Semite after he got raw on them Jews during a drunk driving bust, which seemed like an unnecessary forum for those types of comments, though, after seeing the straight up snuff film the Passion of the Christ, we were exposed to his Jew hating zealotry in all of it's rich & robust flavor. In this phone conversation, however, we get to hear instances of ultra violence & hatred of women & children in general. When Oksana references Gibson punching her in the face & knocking teeth out while she was holding their 8 month old daughter, he tells her, you fucking deserved it, then threatened to bury her in the fucking rose garden. Now, Whoopie Goldberg of all people, came to his defense, saying this man is not a racist & did not exhibit that type of behavior @ my house with my children, when on the tape, Mel is heard to say that with the way Oksana dresses, she'll deserve it if she gets raped by a pack of N words. That doesn't make you re evaluate your assessment, Whoopie? Still think Mel is a great guy because he was nice to you & your children while he was in your house? I don't know, I ain't got me no fancy book learnin' or nuthin', but some o' the shite what streams out o' his noise hole smacks as being just a tad on the racist side to me, but what do I know? His publicized racial tirades were against blacks & jews, of which, you are both, Whoopie...ain'tcha? Oh, you're not really? You just adopted a Jewish name to help propel your showbiz career? By golly, I do believe you're a racist too. Gee whiz Whoopie, no wonder you & Mel get along so well together. But then again, everyone is racist, right Whoopie, or should I say, Caryn Elaine Johnson?


when i roll up my sleeves, gold  diggin' whores betta' run, i'm mel, mel gibson, the femalez batterin' 1, goddamn ya!


Don't Hate Him Because He's Scary

Racism aside, just based on this recording, Mel does seem to @ least be a violent, almost sociopathic abuser of the highest order, if all things are equal & true. I mean, in this recording, Mel comes across as absolutely capable of being murderous be it with or without malice of forethought, which, in my opinion, makes him a fucking menace, your results may vary. This is exactly the type of situation that would lead people to boycott his movies, tv productions & everything Mel Gibson, not to be in any way remotely confused with everythingtoddhendricks.com of course), & I don't know if I am ready to do that, though, the day before this report came out, I saw Edge of Darkness. Had I heard the recording 1st, who knows, I might've started me own boycott, but I doubt it. I have plenty of my own ideological principles, but if I boycotted every artist who did something violent, stupid or controversial, I'd wind up having to get all my entertainment from real life, & who wants that? Not me, that's who. As far as I'm concerned, all of these so called talents are put on this earth for one specific reason, to entertain me, nothing more, nothing less. In fact, if there wasn't violence against women and/or children involved in this story, it'd probably be fairly entertaining to me, because Mel is a total freakety train wreck who has the potential to be very fun to watch. You see, Mel is one of those instant assholes: just add alcohol, so under the right circumstances, his antics could have massive entertainment value, providing he doesn't kill somebody, though I suppose that's the next item on his busy ethnic slurring, female beatin' agenda.


But Wait, Could It All Be Just A Scam?

Then, there are those who believe Mel is being set up by Oksana & are questioning the authenticity of the recording itself. Now, it sounds like Mel to me but there are a lot of talented voice actors & impressionists out there who can make you believe they are in fact the people who they are imitating. For all we know, it's Frank Calliendo on the tape, still bitter that HBO hired Will Ferrell instead of him for the You're Welcome America: A Final Night with George W Bush. It's probably just yet another case of the Jews holding down the Italians in the entertainment industry, but that's neither here nor there. (Especially since there's no evidence to support that, I'm just trying to stir up a little debate) In the recording, Mel characterizes Oksana as a whore & a gold digger which, a lot of people seem to agree with after her amicable divorce from former 007 actor, Timothy Dalton. If she is a gold digger, she couldn't have picked a much bigger target in Hollywood than Mel, that muthafucka' has banked some major bank, & if she plays him properly, she could be hangin' with Elin freakin' Nordegren. There's also a report in the NY Post that Oksana rejected a payday of $15 mil & a house to not release the tapes, so, obviously she's been advised by her lawyers that the Mel Gibson mother lode is going to be far more lucrative than that.


my lips are up here, melvin


Looks Like Melly Mel's Gonna' Be A-Okay

Now, in no way do I condone what Gibson is purported to have done, but if this indeed all looks like a set up by Oksana, then I would look upon all the evidence very carefully, were I the judge deciding the matter. Before they hooked up, Mel already had a history of drunkenness, violentness & debauchery...um, ness, so if someone fertile like Oksana came along, looking all Angelina Jolie-ish with them lips & what not, Mel naturally wanted a piece of it. &, Oksana obviously knows how to push every one of his buttons so, given what we know about Mel's past, it's not surprising that the scenario has played out the way it has & odds are, Mel's going to become much lighter in the pocket when this is all said and done. Mel may hate Jews, but before it's all over with, he's going to be extremely thankful they killed Christ after all, because it enabled him to make that Jesus snuff flick & earn the hundreds of millions of dollars he would later need to pay off this crazy Russian broad. Yay, it all worked out for good old Melvin! спасибо (spa-see-ba) & до свидания (das-vi-dan-niye).


What are you lookin' at, sugartits? - Mel Gibson