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June 26 2009

Todd Hendricks on...

Farrah & Jacko -- both dead

Well, if you thought I'd let this day go by without comment, you're crazy. Michael Jackson died today in Los Angeles at the age of 50 after suffering cardiac arrest. After years of weird health problems, some seemingly self induced, how surprised were we really when he finally bit the dust? When he was a kid, growing up in the Jackson family, he became a hugely successful child star, 1st with the Jackson 5, then as a solo act. Once the Jackson 5 ended, his fame grew steadily over the years & eventually went on to become the biggest pop star in the world & his popularity reached it's peak when he released Thriller, which went on to become the best selling album of all time. It has yet to be surpassed, & will likely never be surpassed because his music started selling @ a record pace the moment the world learned of his demise. That success in itself had the world crown him The King of  Pop, when actually he turned out to be the King of Pop-ping young boys. The more popular he became, the bigger freak he evolved into, seemingly taking on a
Peter Pan persona & eventually turning his focus to trying to have sex with as many little boys as he could, he wound up settling out of court for millions of dollars. He should've been executed as well as the parents who accepted the payoff money, at least that's my personal opinion, I'm sure there are many who share it. Let me ask you a couple of posthumous questions there, Jackwad. How did a) live with yourself after having sexual relations with children? b) look at a little boy & get turned on by him? You were the biggest pop star on the planet, you could pretty much have had sex with any legal adult you wanted, why kids? Or, why not move to Thailand or some other country where this kind of thing is accepted & just buy a harem of little boy sex slaves knowing the potential repurcussions of doing it in the U.S.? You could've built your Neverland ranch in one of these countries & been on top of the world, with little boys crawling over you 24/7. & what makes you think they wanted to hook up with you? Was it your amusement park? Your menagerie? Your never ending supply of Jesus Juice? It took all of those things to make it happen because it's wrong, freak! It turns out one of the members of the jury that acquitted you was a paraplegic boy who had visited your ranch...Hello, conflict of
interest, much? Jackson's exploits with children have been well documented, whether it was McCauly Culkin or Emanuel Lewis or just some boy he picked @ random, he never even tried to hide his attraction to them. Even his family knew of his penchant for young boys but no one ever really seemed to do anything about it except to support him, but pick almost any of them out & you'll find a freak anyway...Ahem, La Toya. Maybe it all stemmed from having an abusive Alcoholic Joe Jackson as a father & wanting to have control over
children himself because I cannot understand how a grown man can look at a boy & become turned on. It's beyond me. There has to be something sick &/or twisted behind it because it's not natural. I wonder what Joe Jackson is thinking now, knowing his son's actions are most likely a product of how he was raised. What am I asking? He doesn't give a shit.  As angry as I've ever gotten @ my kids, I would never beat them with a belt repeatedly. I don't care what your concept of discipline is, you don't beat your kids
into submission no matter what your opinion of them is. Jackson's legal many legal expenses almost broke him & he even had to sell off his catalog of publishing rights to all the Beatles songs he outbid his friend Paul McCartney for. Perhaps he figured he was going to need extra money someday even after making hundreds of millions of dollars & having the biggest selling album of all time. In addition to being a screaming homopedofile, Jacko also had myriad health issues causing him to become more and more reclusive the more grotesque his appearance became. He morphed from being a good looking young black guy into a sickly old white woman & the transformation took place before our very eyes. It was probably as painful for us to watch as it was for him to experience. Now, he's dead & what did we ever really know about him? Kid to star, star to freak, freak to pedofile. Now, he's dead & that's about it. He's headed to his perdition.

Farrah Fawcett died today as well after a long, protracted battle with
cancer. She never hurt anybody. It looks as though she's headed elsewhere.



June 9, 2009

So, I Finally Saw Star Trek the Other Night. Spoiler Alert, Folks!

I was never really that huge into the original Star Trek series as a kid, though I did watch it. I enjoyed the contrast between Capt James T. Kirk & Mr. Spock as well the eccentric ethnicities of Sulu, Uhura, Chekov & Scotty as well as the general flabbergastedness of Dr. Bones McCoy. Spock was a walking logic dispenser & Kirk, well, Kirk was as cool as the other side of the pillow, hooking with females from almost every planet he explored, as a pre teen boy, I appreciated that. I found the show more funny than serious sci fi & was never really what you would call a Trekkie. But, it was always good fun. I never really watched it all that much until it was cancelled & went into syndication & do not own any Star Trek memorabilia. I watched some of the Next Generation series but never saw one episode of Deep Space Nine so I actually didn't live for it as some people did & still do. That being said, I've seen all the original cast Star Trek Movies as well as the Next Generation cast movies & found most of them to be pretty entertaining but naturally found all to be about pure escapism. & that's really what going to the movies, particularly in the summer should be all about.

I think everyone will find that's exactly what this remake & prequel is all about as well. It's meant to give you the back story on all of the characters & for the most part, does a pretty nice job developing them aside from Chekov & Sulu, who even though had a lot of speaking lines, never really convinced me they were in fact, Chekov & Sulu. Especially, John Cho, who I enjoyed much more as Roldy in Harold & Kumar go to White Castle immediately prior to escaping from Guantanamo Bay. Sulu was Japanese in the original series but for some reason was Korean in this version. Maybe it was a political thing, we fear reprisal from Japan far more than South Korea, so showing a Korean guy screw up the U.S.S. Enterprise's maiden warp jump might sit a little better with our Japanese Allies. Or maybe they just thought Cho couldn't pull off Japanese. If that's the case, why not just get Margaret Cho to do it, @ least she would've been funny, Alton Yelchin's Chekov was fairly innocuous & blah, despite the authentic Russian accent. Zoe Saldana as Uhura & Simon Pegg (Run, Fat Boy, Run & Shawn of the Dead) as Scotty were passable but the only prerequisites seemed to be either be a hot black chick or speak with some fluency in a Scottish dialect, but their characters didn't do a whole lot for me other than what I just described. We only got one I'm givin' her all she's got Captain type lines from Scotty, which was disappointing to say the least. Then there was the scene stealin', Dammit Jimmin', Karl Urban, who played Bones McCoy. He was actually the most convincing of the secondary characters & was spewing Bones'isms right from the jump, & he was hilarious doing it. So, kudos to that bastard, he kept the movie alive in some of it's slower moments. All we have left is Kirk, Spock & of course, Spock. What? There were 2 Mr. Spocks. For fear of spoiling it, I'll simply say, yes. But, without giving too much away, I'll only tell you that one of the Spock's was from the future & had as much to do with saving the Earth & the Enterprise as either Kirk or Spock.

Confused yet? Well, you shouldn't be, because there was absolutely nothing complicated about the plot of this movie, which @ times, seemed to have no plot. Which, again, isn't a bad thing, seeing as this was pure popcorn escapism @ it's finest. No, they weren't trying to escape from popcorn. Captain Kirk, played modestly by Chris Pine of Just My Luck fame. (Well, not really fame but he got to make out with Lindsay Lohan while she was still healthy & cute prior to becoming a worthless crack ho.) But, that's neither here nor there. As Kirk, Pine did an admirable job of playing the cool, rebellious guy who could think on his feet ALA Shatner's Kirk & so they could've done a lot worse casting job. You could even see him beginning to take on Shatner's mannerisms & syntax as the movie bore to a close, ensuring..a..more..kirk..like.delivery in..the.inevitablesequel.

Zachary Quinto had perhaps the most difficult assignment as Mr. Spock, the half human, half Vulcan who was constantly @ odds between his emotions & his seemingly unquenchable thirst for logic & those who attempted to draw the emotions out of him by invoking his mother (i.e. someone @ school when he was a kid & later Kirk himself) were treated to a vicious, Spock-a-licious beatdown. The mere mention of his human mother, played by Winona Ryder, caused both little & big Spock to get raw. It was the ultimate marriage of logic & violence. She may be a klepto but she ain't no whore, you got that? Other than Urban, Quinto most closely captured the essence of his character & could ultimately pass him up in the sequels because it seems Urban may have blown his wad in the 1st installment, hopefully he can keep up the pace... We'll see. & Leonard Nimoy had probably the biggest cameo in the history of movies playing Spock from the future, & was instrumental in tying the whole movie together & saving humanity from Nero (played with psychotic effectiveness by Eric Bana) & the Romulans. All in all, a pretty nice movie for those who don't want to get bogged down in a lot of relatable drama & just want to be entertained. Fun for the whole family. Unless, you happen to hate Star Trek or Sci Fi movies, in that case, it's a big steamin' pile of crap.


June 2 2009

Todd Hendricks. Finally, a Blog All About Me! I Know What You're Thinking. It's About Time. Am I Right? Maybe Not. You Never Know!

(everythingtoddhendricks.com)--- You're probably wondering, who is this Todd Hendricks character, this guy who blogs about politics, entertainment & sometimes sports once a week or so? Well, it's time to find out. Am I just another regular Joe like any other trying to make it in these wintery economic climes, or am I something different altogether? I suppose that's up to you to decide. Well, on the one hand, I am like everyone else who's trying to stay afloat financially in this age of uncertainty, hoping our new President is right in his plan to unite the country & solve a lot of these pesky problems that are not going to go away by themselves. On the other hand I wonder about things like, how can People Magazine in the same issue say that Harry Connick Jr. has moobs (man boobs) but calls President Obama's much rounder & fuller set of cans World Class Pecs? Can you make the distinction between the two? Why is this important to me? Well, it isn't really. See, I'm the kind of guy who can't take a dump without having a tabloid to "read", & People is the perfect periodical to read during this very private time. When I read that they were disparaging Harry but complimenting Obama for virtually the same physical characteristic, well, I couldn't just sit idly by. I had to take decisive action. & What's up with all of those motorcycles hanging around Obama? Because, I happen to know for a fact that most bikers are boob men, so naturally they would gravitate towards the 2nd most powerful set o' jugs in all the land. The 1st belonging to of course, Salma Hayek, hello!

Okay, enough about that crap. I don't know, just the thought of man boobs was funny to me for that brief moment. Sue me. I like to think I'm a laid back easy going guy but there is so much crap happening in the world that I feel like I need to say something about it. It's not a very original concept @ this point in time, but a blog is the perfect format for it. With all the political upheaval & unrest in the world I like to think I take an active part in society as opposed to just being an observer. (Though I do love to watch television) That's why you will see links on my site to what I feel are important causes such as Amnesty International & GreenPeace. So, not only do you get to read my opinions, check out my art work & music & read my poetry, you can get involved yourself instead of staying on the sidelines. Or not. & if I were wealthier, I would certainly be even more philanthropic, though I do what I can. & When I was younger & had aspirations of being a writer, I always pictured myself being a syndicated columnist, writing about issues that were important to me & if some big time editor discovers my blog & likes it, maybe I'll get the opportunity. So many people blog about so many things so I like to try to set mine apart by a) being funnier b) my links. You may not realize it, but there are more to the links in my blogs than meets the eye. Some are meant to be informative, some funny & some even shocking, so if you get the chance, you'll really enhance the experience if you check out them all. Why did I build my Everything Todd Hendricks web site? Besides wanting to learn website building, I've always had sort of a creative bent. As a kid, I was always drawing or writing. As I got older, I started writing songs & poems & stories & over the years I've built up a catalog of creations in all those different mediums, later on adding painting. Check out my Flash Gallery of original paintings, the bulk of them I did with microsoft paint. In addition to not being able to crap without reading trash, I am also the type of person who has trouble eating unless I am watching a movie or television program. It's cliche I know, but it brings new meaning to the words TV Dinner. I've got about 60 episodes of Cash Cab saved on my Tivo, & whenever I sit down to eat, I knock out 1 or 2 of them. & I actually do pretty well overall on the general knowledge trivia. I'm into sports & used to watch all 4 major sports, NFL, NBA, MLB & the NHL but since I've been married I whittled it down to mainly the NBA. I still watch some football but my schedule is really crazy so rather than watch recorded football games the next day, I usually just keep up with them online @ work. Though I'm off Mondays so I get in a few MNF games during the season, then watch a lot of the playoffs & the Super Bowl. But really, I'm all about NBA basketball & particularly the Dallas Mavericks. I've been watching them since 1987 & am @ the point that I feel they owe me a championship. However, all Mark Cuban wants to do is bring in nice guys who can score rather than defensive minded guys who can get physical. So, it looks like I'll be suffering a looong time waiting. I love to play basketball too & am very competitive even when playing guys more than 1/2 my age. The only problem is that I keep getting injured. You see, what happens is, there's these guys that are all bigger, faster & younger than me that I invariably have to match up against. Generally, all my years of experience make up for the fact that I have a surgically repaired back & ankle & can no longer jump as high or run as fast & I wind up scoring on these guys @ will. I can pretty much hit from anywhere on the floor & handle the ball with either hand so I can score practically whenever I want. If I'm open, I don't miss. Well, for some reason, this pisses these guys off so when they're out to stop me, they're also out to hurt me. So, the last time I played competitively was a little less than a year ago when I got my right (shooting) hand broken. Effectively putting an end to competitive ball for me, which sucks, It's one of the places I can take out my pent up anger and frustration & not feel bad about being ultra competitive. I play a mean game of H.O.R.S.E. though. I am also fascinated by the Newly discovered planet Gliese 581 C, a seemingly Earthlike planet named after it's star Gliese 581. The scientists aren't certain of it yet, but given the temperature range & distance from it's star & perceived topography of the planet, there's a fairly high probability that there is water there. In fact, theoretically, it could be almost completely covered with water. Which means, also, in theory of course, that it could support life. (Science.com)--- "The goal is to find life on a planet like the Earth around a star like the Sun. This is a step in that direction," said study leader Stephane Udry of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland. "Each time you go one step forward you are very happy." So, what does that mean to us, the race that's simultaneously trying to sace the earh & destroy it @ the same time? Well, in our lifetime, it doesn't mean a whole lot, but in the future, who knows. colonization? At the very least, it would be cool if there were another known planet out there with life such as ours. Maybe in the year 2092, if the technology is in place & if a Bush is in the White House, we could invade them & take all of their resources. I don't know, it's something cool to think about. Then, there's the newest old global crisis, the depletion of the world's supply of fresh water & the corporate raping of it by multinational corporations & sanctioned by the WTO & World Bank. I call it a new old crisis because it's been going on for years but it's suddenly in vogue to talk about. I realize science doesn't mean a lot to corporations for purposes other than R & D. Nor does it matter to conservative politicians, whose policies are geared toward letting these practices take place to line their pockets, but where do they think new fresh water is going to come from? Think about it logically, if you extract fresh water from a river @ a faster rate than it can replenish itself, what will the logical resultant effect? The water supply will eventually dry up. Why can't these chuckleheads see or acknowledge that? Again, rhetorical. They can see it, but the ones who are perpetuating the crisis are the ones with the monopoly on the water extraction & think that since they control it, it won't affect them when all the fresh water tables lower significantly & dry out until there are no more new or reusable sources. & the ones who are buying it for other purposes besides industrialization, agricultural irrigation & urbanization are putting it somewhere for profit, thinking it will serve them later when this all finally comes to a head. So, we've got that to look forward to. I still don't get why they're called conservatives, they don't conserve or save anything, except money.

Listen to me, once I get going on this kind of stuff, it's hard to stop. & I'd have kept going but I would've eventually gotten around to George Bush & how he relates to all that stuff, & that's not what this is all about. It's about me. I'm also very much into music. When people ask me what kind of music I enjoy listening to, I like to be vague. I'll say, you know, Led Zeppelin, Kelly Clarkson, Bay City Rollers...stuff like that. Invariably, they look @ me like I have 3 heads so I clarify by saying something like, you know, Radiohead, Hanna Montana, Hank Williams, that sort of thing. Huh? Okay, Guns n' Roses, The Archies, Public Enemy? Then, they give up, because they know I've got more, so that's always fun. Pssst, I don't really like Kelly Clarkson or Hanna Montana, but don't tell my 6 year old daughter that (insert wink emoticon here). But, the Bay City Rollers rule & rule all!!!! Okay, that's all I'm going to say for now, especially since you probably gave up a couple of paragraphs ago but I just wanted to give you a little insight into me. Maybe someday, when you're watching an A & E biography about me, you'll say to yourself, "Wow, I think I remember reading some crap about him once." & you'll go to sleep happy & dream little dreamy dreams of everything Todd Hendricks. I can dream, anyway. Tune in next time.


May 27 2009

It Looks Like Kim Jong Il Wants to Go to War! Hmm, I Wonder if I'll Be Able to Figure Out a Way to Blame Bush For That. Bush Defends Advocating Torture & Tells Us How He Wants to Be Remembered. He'll Be Wrong Again, Of Course.

(FoxNews)-- SEOUL, South Korea —  North Korea launched a tirade Wednesday against world powers threatening to punish it for conducting its second nuclear test, saying it is not afraid of sanctions and calling South Korea's decision to join an operation to prevent the spread of weapons a declaration of war.

Holy Jesus, this is an extremely serious overture by North Korea. They also re started the weapons-grade nuclear plant in an obvious drawing a line in the sand move & also staged a rally in Pyongyang to celebrate the test. This no longer looks like posturing by Il, who has thumbed his nose for years @ the U.S., the U.N. & the rest of the world who are in favor of disarming North Korea. They also laugh @ the threat of more U.S. sanctions. Wednesday, Minju Joson, a North Korean newspaper commented that Pyongyang is not afraid. "It is a laughable delusion for the United States to think that it can get us to kneel with sanctions," it said. "We've been living under U.S. sanctions for decades, but have firmly safeguarded our ideology and system while moving our achievements forward. The U.S. sanctions policy toward North Korea is like striking a rock with a rotten egg." That seems to just about sum it up right there, folks.

Hey W, let me ask you for some advice, I realize N. Korea has nuclear weapons & everything, but I'm thinking we should resume our search for W.M.D.'s in Iraq, your thoughts? When I think of all the lives lost, all the money spent & all the time wasted in Iraq when all of this shit was building up, it leads me to believe even more that George W. Bush is easily & by far the worst president in history. Yes, he & his administration went through the motions with the 6 party talks but he put so much time & energy into Iraq all the while knowing what was brewing over there, but he didn't really care. He was so concerned with trying to please his also a horrible president father, his tunnel vision was pure focus. If only he'd read the pre 9/11 intelligence reports with such concentration, but that would've been terrible because without that tragedy, he would've never gotten re elected in 04. 9/11, the best thing that ever happened to that idiot.

He should've been put into a home for the criminally retarded, but that's not what's important now. What's important is for Obama to figure out what to do about this overt threat by an obviously unstable communist dictator since George the Wonder Mule didn't seem to give a rat's ass about it. Maybe when Obama's though cleaning up all your messes you'll have the common courtesy to send him a thank you card. Probably not though. You know, a lot of people tell me that instead of overly criticizing the Bush administration so much, I ought to talk more about the issues this country & the world are facing. Well, like it or not, a great deal of these problems are due to either Bush's ineptitude or his desire to do exactly what he wanted to do, without regard for the consequences. It was clearly all about money, pleasing the people who gave it to him & financed his campaigns & the lobbyists who paid him to deregulate their industries, thus opening the door to even more money for him.

He did all this while forsaking America itself & ignoring the real international security threats, & now perhaps the biggest one this side of Iran, North Korea is coming to roost on everyone's face but seemingly his. He must have a massive underground complex built so that when WW3 breaks out, he won't have to worry, he'll just go underground, drink beer, do coke & watch the Blue Collar Comedy Tour on DVD until he croaks. He'll take his family, a few of his frat brothers, & some hot young women to bang when Laura gets disgusted with him. He won't be able to go outside for a long time & maybe never get to clear brush on his ranch ever again, but he won't care. He didn't let his father or the Saudi's down, & God knows that's what's important. So, everyone wish Obama luck cleaning up this mess, because it looks like Kim Jong Il is out there saying, "just give me a reason, Yankee Imperialist Dogs." So, other than sanctions &/or military action, what else is there? & the answer is nothing. WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had strong words Wednesday for North Korea's nuclear activities and saber-rattling, saying the secretive communist nation "has ignored the international community" and "continues to act in a provocative and belligerent manner toward its neighbors."

You might want to go ahead & hug your families a lot & spend as much time with them as you can, because the threat of something extremely ugly, possibly even nuclear war is suddenly starting to seem pretty real. Good thing we've spent almost 7 years in Iraq spinning our wheels & not doing anything but cutting the world off from Iraq's oil supply to reap monster profits for ExxonMobil & the Saudi Royal family. So, we got that going for us, which is nice.

BENTON HARBOR, Michigan (CNN) -- Former President George W. Bush on Thursday repeated Dick Cheney's assertion that the administration's enhanced interrogation program, which included controversial techniques such as waterboarding, was legal and garnered valuable information that prevented terrorist attacks.

In southwestern Michigan, Bush didn't mention how Obama put the kybosh on his torture policies nor how he's systematically overturning every stupid, selfish decision Bush ever made in an effort to keep the country from swirling in the drain any further. Nay, far from it. Instead, he defended what the enhanced interrogation methods, citing what he did following the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in March of 03. "The first thing you do is ask what's legal?" Bush said. "What do the lawyers say is possible? I made the decision, within the law, to get information so I can say to myself, 'I've done what it takes to do my duty to protect the American people.' I can tell you that the information we got saved lives." Of course, he didn't really say how, so we're all just supposed to speculate. Meanwhile, we get to see the waterboarding videos & see all the pictures of what went on @ Abu Ghraib. Now, you have to wonder if Bush would feel it was torture if he were waterboarded in the same violent manner as opposed to the very controlled environment it is often demostrated in. I'm guessing, he would, & he'd be crying like a bitch & calling it torture, which, is what it is. He ought to just say "yeah, we tortured those Al Qaeda bastards who threatened America. You may not agree with it, but these were the results we achieved," & then proceed to lay out the results if only to assuage some of the world's outrage & anger & show that it actually works. I know you're thinking that if Bush went ahead & did that, I would criticize him too. But, that's just speculation because he didn't. Don't keep denying that torture took place when there is proof that it did, is all I'm saying. & Bush was known to believe bad intel, & the babbling of a tortured person who was talking & giving up info just so they would stop torturing him would likely fall under that category.I don't think Obama is going to let up George, so why don't you just make it easier on all of us & just come clean. You owe us that much. You got several lifetimes worth of money, you appeased your father & your entire warmongering, bloodthirsty constituency, so what's left? During his speech, someone asked him what he wanted his legacy to be. "Well, I hope it is this: The man showed up with a set of principles, and he was unwilling to compromise his soul for the sake of popularity," he said. There are plenty of assholes out there George, but you've easily become of the most complete. I guess you could say it's the one thing you have truly done successfully, & that's your legacy. I hope you can live with yourself.





May 18 2009

Harry, Harry, Harry. Umm....Shut Your Noise Hole! The RNC may Abandon it's Socialist Resolution Plan. Don't Know Why Though, It Could Divide Their Party Even Further, & How Much Fun Would That Be?

(FoxNews) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid botched statements on three subjects in one news conference -- including the fragile health of the chamber's most senior members.

You know, Harry, even the though the Dems are in power right now, they have enough to contend with without you making an ass of yourself. Stick to the script & keep your rhetoric to a minimum because clearly, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Harry made a few gaffes that even Joe Biden &/or Sarah Palin would be proud of when asked to comment on the status of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D)-Mass., who was absent because he was receiving a new round of treatment for what has been diagnosed as incurable brain cancer. When asked if the cancer was in remission, Harry replied, "As far as I know, it is, yes." Kennedy's own people refused to make any kind of statement in response to Reid's comments, which everyone in Washington knows means, "You don't speak for us, you don't know what you're talking about, so *stfu & mind your own Goddamned business, Harry." Or something to that effect anyway. But Harry wasn't finishing diagnosing senior house members, when asked about the condition of Sen. Robert Byrd (D)West Virginia, Reid speculated on Byrd's return with no real facts, saying he might come home Tuesday or possibly later in the week. This time, Byrd's office responded, "Senator Byrd is improving," said his Jesse Jacobs, Byrd's spokesman. "But his doctors, in consultation with his family, have not yet determined when he will be released." Way to go Harry Reid, M.D., you know, I have a suspicious mole on my leg, I was wondering if maybe you'd be able to take a look at it for me; I'd appreciate it. Then again, how smart is the reported who asked if Kennedy's incurable brain cancer was in remission? That's the whole point of calling a particular form of cancer incurable, it may respond to some treatments to lessen it's effects or at the very least, make the patient more comfortable, but, unless you are an extremely wealthy person with the finest medical care @ your disposal; which Ted Kennedy happens to be, incurable means you are going to die very soon. Short of a major miracle or a misdiagnosis, which can in itself be a miracle, there is not going to be any remission. Most of the time, a misdiagnosis turns out to be even worse than the original diagnosis. Byrd has emerged successfully from rumors regarding his deteriorating health several times by either making statements to the contrary or just showing up to vote when it was speculated he would be out. So, Harry, Sen. Byrd doesn't need you help either, thanks but no thanks.

Oh well, maybe Harry would fare better when it came to speaking about politics, clearly something he should be be well versed in. As it turns out, not so much. Reid seemed to have misunderstood his party's position on the Senate Dems joining congress in the withholding of funds Obama is asking for to close Gitmo until the President comes up wuth a better relocation plan for the prisoners. We will never allow terrorists to be released into the United States," he said. I've never heard that they were going to be released in the U.S. other than being transferred from Gitmo to some other prison. Thinking it was going to clarify his position Reid further commented, "Part of what we don't want is them be put in prisons in the United States, "We don't want them around the United States." When asked if asked if the Dems were put into an awkward position by asking for money without outlining how it would be spent, Reid commented, "Not @ all," which was contridicted by his deputy, Dick Durbin's response of, "Yes," when asked the same question. 3 for 3 Harry, perhaps you should adapt Sen. Kennedy's office stance of no comment in these situations where you have the potential to stick your foot in your mouth or your head up your ass. Do you party & the rest of us a favor, because, frankly, you're not helping.

OXON HILL, Maryland (CNN) — Members of the Republican National Committee appear to have reached a compromise that would let GOP leaders avoid a possible dispute over a controversial resolution that calls on Democrats to re-name their party the "Democrat Socialist party."

RNC President Michael Steele of all people has spoken out strongly against the resolution saying that is "not an appropriate way to express our views on the issues of the day." Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer said the resolution is "stupid" & "ridiculous." But one of the resolution's sponsors, David Norcross, said they were re working the language to make everyone more receptive to the idea. (CNN) He (Norcross) said that as of Tuesday afternoon, the chairman of the RNC Standing Committee on Resolutions had changed the language to "condemn the Democrats' march to socialism" instead of "talking about the 'Democrat Socialist' party." The change was made, Norcross said, so that members "wouldn't have to fight about it, and I think everybody agreed." Wisconsin GOP chairman Reince Priebus, another Steele ally, expressed confidence the proposal will be tweaked in the resolution committee, and that it should pass without issue. "My prediction is that things are going to be very smooth tomorrow," Priebus said. "But at the end of the day, it's up the resolutions committee." Well, I'm sure that's a load off of everyone's minds to know that it's going to go smoothly. Why not change it to the Sociocrats or maybe the Democialists? That would be equally clever. On the other hand, perhaps they should start trying to piece their clearly broken party back together instead of trying to tear down another one. It's no wonder it's all falling apart for those assholes, who even though they say, they are in favor of smaller government, want to stick their noses somewhere that it doesn't belong...again. If they're successful, then they'll have to live with the fact that they were beaten by what are socialists in their eyes, by a fucking landslide! Keep sucking on that, Rush. While they're @ it, why not pass a resolution to call the Republican party the Hitlerepublicans? Because if you're going to bog yourself down with semantics because you don't feel the Democratic party is calling themselves what they are, then perhaps the Republicans should follow suit. I'll tell you assholes what, & I believe I can speak for the Democrats when I say, you change the name of your party to the Hitlerepublicans & you can call us the Democrat Socialist party until all the cows come home to roost....& beyond! & remember, thanks to CSPAN, the resolution will be televised.

*be quiet

May 12 2009

Cheney Thinks Super Duper Right Wing Pain Pill Junkie Limbaugh Should Lead the Republican Party over Colin Powell, Purdue Pharma Stock Tanks!!! Cheney Not Rolling Over for Obama administration. Let's Not Beat Around the Bush, It's all about Dick, Folks. Uh Oh, & Nancy Pelosi Might Be In Trouble.

(Courtesy of AP) WASHINGTON – Dick Cheney made clear Sunday he'd rather follow firebrand broadcaster Rush Limbaugh than former Joint Chiefs chairman Colin Powell into political battle over the future of the Republican Party.

That's good thinking, Dick...Um, May I call you Dick? Yes, apparently I can. Because, that's not only what you are, it's also your name! Coinkidink? I think not. I'm sure his mother took 1 look @ him when the thick, leathery shell finally cracked open from the egg he hatched out of & said, "he looks like he's going to be a real Dick". Then, the Rabbi said to her, "your son will be a masculine son & he will grow up strong & shoot @ least 1 person in the face & possibly create a legacy of death & corruption." Wow, cryptic & accurate @ the same time, oy, the irony. & the rest is history. Cheney chooses Limbaugh over Powell because he thought Powell had left the Republican Party when he endorsed Obama for prez. Powell, however, insists he is still Republican, even though he doesn't lean quite as far to the right as the few real Republicans left would like. Tsk tsk. First Arlen Specter, now this. When Bush announced that the U.S. would attack Iraq in order to remove Saddam Hussein from power, Powell was all over it, he even delivered a speech to the U.N. but realized quickly the many war crimes Cheney & Bush planned & did perpetrate & parted ways with them after Bush's 1st term. Dick thought that meant Powell had quit the party. You know, just because you don't endorse torture & occupying sovereign nations indefinitely doesn't mean you're a dreaded liberal, though it doesn't hurt eh, Dick? & Rush, agrees with Dick, wow, what a surprising turn of events. One Dick named Dick agreeing with another Dick whose name is Rush. After Powell said that "I think what Rush does as an entertainer diminishes the party and intrudes or inserts into our public life a kind of nastiness that we would be better to do without," Rush got a little defensive. Rush shot back with, "Colin Powell is just another liberal, What Colin Powell needs to do is close the loop and become a Democrat Colin Powell is just mad at me because I'm the one person in the country that had the guts to explain his endorsement of Obama. It was purely and solely based on race." Oh, we get it Rush, because they're both black. My, what an astute observation, Rush. Aren't you the clever one? So, on the one hand, Powell is just another liberal, which would've pretty much guaranteed an Obama endorsement, but on the other, the "soul"reason he endorsed him was because of race. Is it just me, or was Rush on Oxycontin when he so boldly made that claim? Hell, I wish I could've been high when I read it, then it might've made the slightest bit of sense. It's settled, Rush, you & Dick belong together. Who knows, maybe you'll become really good friends & Dick'll invite you to go hunting together. OMG, that would rock, like, so hard. Sigh. Oh well, a guy can dream, can't he?

(Courtesy of FoxNews) Dick Cheney said Tuesday that he's not going to rock or "roll over" while Democrats accuse the Bush administration of breaking the law with its anti-terror policies.

Dick may be feeling the heat of the Obama terror/torture/war crimes mission because he is now aggressively out there defending the Bush era tactics of getting information & wants Obama to declassify the memos showing the good results from them. I can understand why he wants these memos made public as well, he & Karl Rove spent all that time fabricating them because they knew that once America booted them out of office, there was going to be a tremendous amount of scrutiny directed toward their whole little operation & they had to be prepared for it. That was good thinking. Bush, on the other hand, is laying low if you will, keeping under the radar & he seems to have no qualms about letting his pitbull former partner in war crime, Dick, aggressively defend him in the media; keeping the heat off of him. That's good thinking W, who advised you to do that, your father, or maybe Rove? Because I know that's a little beyond your realm of comprehension. Anyway, you were smart for listening. You just sit there in your new Dallas home & get waited on hand & foot until everything is out in the open & you won't be able to hide anymore. Don't look now Dick, but I think they may be trying to Scooter Libby you. & what of W's mother, Barbara Bush? Oh, I don't think this is anything she should waste her beautiful mind on, I'm sure it'll all work out for her & her whole criminal family. It always does. We might as well just forget about it all now. On the other hand, I wonder if Obama will re open the case of Laura Bush, the former pot dealer, when she ran that stop sign & killed a guy...since no charges were ever filed...since Obama seems to want to get to the bottom of everything. We'll see.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A source close to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now confirms that Pelosi was told in February 2003 by her intelligence aide, Michael Sheehy, that waterboarding was actually used on CIA detainee Abu Zubaydah.

This may turn into a problem for Nancy Pelosi & if it does, it may just turn into a problem for Obama himself if the Republicans can prove that it's true. However, it appears there is no documentation to support the claims & many Democrats, including Pelosi herself, feel this was put out there simply to distract the American people from the inquiries being made about the Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo Bay enhanced interrogation techniques now known by everyone but the Bush administration as torture. The number two House Democrat -- Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland -- said Tuesday, "I think the facts need to get out" regarding what members of Congress had been told about harsh interrogations. But when asked whether Pelosi testifying would be appropriate, Hoyer did not directly answer the question, saying, "The issue is what was done. If you don't have the facts pounded on the table, the Republicans are pounding on the table, or they are pounding on Speaker Pelosi. Take your pick. But they are doing so as a distraction, as a distraction from what was done in this case." So, there you have it, it's just as we've suspected all along, it may or may not be true. That's good enough for me. No seriously though, if it turns out to be true, Nancy, you are going to have a lot to answer for. Or, possibly nothing to answer for if the Obama administration listens to a national poll where there is little or no support for the investigation into this whole torture hoopla. Oh Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, say it isn't so. Oh wait, you already did. I really want to believe in you Nancy, but if you did know, then I will put you in the same category as Bush, Cheney, Rummy & Rove to name but a few. Don't disappoint me, Nancy, if you do, I'll have to stop fantasizing about you & go back to Sarah Palin. (Insert audible gasp here.)


May 7 2009

KIE-POW!!! Butt Head Kiefer Sutherland Head Butts Fashion Designer. Valerie Bertinelli Plans to Help Kirstie Alley Drop Some More Unwanted Poundage. Mia Farrow Ends Hunger Strike Because No One Cares. Oh, That and Health Concerns. KFC vs WWE!

 NEW YORK (CNN) -- Actor Kiefer Sutherland has been charged with misdemeanor assault after he was accused of head-butting fashion designer Jack McCollough at a New York nightclub early Tuesday, police said.

At last, some entertainment news we can use. I’m not going to even mention politics today except to say that I’m not going to mention politics today. So, check this action right here, Kiefer’s in this bar in NYC on Tuesday evening chit chatting with none other than former Suddenly Susan star Brooke Shields when renowned fashion designer Jack McCollough stepped in between them to get to the bar & inadvertantly bumped into Shields. Well, let me tell you, this must’ve pissed off Sutherland something fierce & following a verbal altercation, he allegedly head butted McCollough, injuring his nose. Okay, so either you don’t want to get between McCollough when he’s trying to get his drink on or between Sutherland when he’s trying to mack on Blue Lagoon star Brooke Shields with whom he starred with in Freeway co-starring a budding Reese Witherspoon. I’m gonna’ go with Mr. Kiefer “I’m a ticking time bomb waiting to explode” Sutherland as the instigator on this one. I think the conversation that ensued might’ve gone something like this... McCollough: Oooh, excuse me you two, oh, hiii Brooke!  Sutherland: Hey, watch where the f*ck you’re going fag! McCollough: Excuse me, Bitch, I’m just trying to get my drink on, it’s not my fault that...BAM!!!! Kiefer head butts him right in the kisser. Or something along those lines amid the crazy club lighting & pulsing house music. I’m not trying to stereotype fashion designers or anything like that but I’d never actually heard of Jack McCollough before so I’m only stereotypically imagining. I mean I’ve seen Project Runway...so, I’m not trying to offend anyone...I’m uh, just sayin’. Kiefer seems to have quite the temper, & this time, it’s landed him in hot water. "Anyone who knows Jack McCollough knows that he would not hurt a fly," McCollough's spokesman said. "All we can say at this point is that he was the victim of a vicious, violent, unprovoked assault and that the matter is in the hands of the authorities." Sounds to me like Kiefer will be paying a stiff fine & is going to be doing some more probation & maybe a couple of hundred hours of community service before it’s all over. Jack McCollough, meabwhile, probably ought to be  looking over his shoulder for a while to avoid a sucker punch to the back of the head by the tempermental star of the very popular television series 24. Given Sutherland’s 2007 DUI conviction & subsequent probation, he may land himself back in the jailhouse. Ahhh, good times. I’m sure his father, Donald Sutherland is quite proud of Kiefer’s latest escapade. I swear to God, some people’s kids.

Now, on a more poignant note, after Jenny Craig gave Kirstie Alley the boot & hired Valerie Bertinelli to replace her, Kirstie went on to regain all the weight she had lost plus more for a grand total of 83 pounds! She said she messed up & went a little wild with her binge eating but 83 pounds in the span of a year is more than going a little wild. She’s very lucky she didn’t eat herself into a heart attack because you know what she was eating had to be absolute crap, probably an ass load of fast food everyday, not to mention desserts galore. Sources close to Alley say she’d been depressed following leaving Jenny Craig when new offers for acting jobs were few & far between coupled with Valerie Bertinelli’s more than stunning transformation may have triggered some jealousy. I don’t know what she had to be jealous of though, she looked by far the best she’s looked since her 80’s Cheers & movie heyday, starring in such films as the very funny Sibling Rivalry as well as Mad House, which had some pretty funny moments as well. Back in the day, especially on Cheers, Alley was piping hot & was a fantasy for many a young man, myself included. Once her career dried up however, her self esteem took a hit as well & she didn’t do a whole lot until she starred in the Showtime series Fat Actress, which, while it revitalized her career, seemed a little exploitative, and probably didn't help to pump up her already bruised psyche. Then came the Jenny Craig endorsement deal which saw her lose a lot of weight & probably bolstered her bank account a great deal & she looked great. The high point turned out to be when she revealed herself on Oprah wearing a bikini & wowing the audience. She seemed to regain some of her old sass & things looked like they were starting to really pick up for her. Then, Valerie Bertinelli took over as the Jenny Craig spokesperson & Alley went into a downward spiral but is now looking to bounce back & Bertinelli is volunteering to help her do it by offering to exercise with her. "She should come work out with me!" Bertinelli told People.com. "She should remember you can't do everything in one day [and] her exercise has to be consistent. She can do this. There's no doubt in my mind." Bertinelli said that she considered Alley a mentor & a role model & wouldn’t have been able to make her own transformation without her help & inspiration. Yawn. Well, that story was more than a little boring but without politics or violence to talk about, everything else seems a little blasé’ @ this point. I’m not saying I hate feel good stories such as this but to tell you all the truth, I almost fell asleep writing it.

Okay, let me try again. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Mia Farrow ended her what was to be a 3 week long hunger strike after 12 days due to health concerns. Her publicist said her health had taken a downturn & ordered her to stop the madness. Mia Farrow pretty much works nonstop in the realm of human rights, you definitely have to admire that about her, but this was just a publicity stunt that didn't pay off. She vowed to consume nothing but liquids for 21 days in order to protest international aid being cut off to Darfur but fell 11 days short. Sudan threw out 13 international aid agencies from the region following the International Criminal Court issuing an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on March 4 of this year, accusing him of perpetrating genocide by killing over 300,000 people & also forcing 2.5 million to flee their homes in the government's campaign against rebel forces. Perhaps Farrow should've set a more realistic goal from the beginning & had her publicist arrange a big media blitz that could've been there upon her completion of her fast. Then, she might've raised a few more eyebrows. The fasting baton will be handed off to renowned billionaire entrepeneur, adventurer, bon vivant & all around super swell guy, Richard Branson who will start his infinitely more realistic 3 day fast a week earlier than planned. The sad part is, Farrow's hunger strike was mostly for nothing because the live video she had posted on her website & YouTube to further her cause had less than 700 views, making virtually no difference in the amount of exposure & light being shed upon the subject...Okay, never mind, this is draining as well. Obviously, I'm not in favor of what's going on there but this is a perfect example of a celebrity with delusions of grandeur, with Farrow thinking that her not eating was going to make the international community & the U.N. rise up & put a stop to it when the only way stop it is to remove that murderous bastard from power. Now, does anyone think he is going to go peacefully? No. Unfortunately, it most probably will require military action & who if anybody would be expected to lead in that action?...wait for it...The U.S.A. of course, who else? I'm sorry Darfur, but our military is stretched a wee bit thin @ the moment in Iraq & Afghanistan & out on the ocean chasing pirates to invade and ultimately occupy another Muslim country, which is what would invariably happen. Nope, I am sorry but I am just not feeling it with this one either. Let's see, how about the frenzy Oprah created with her KFC free meal coupons? I don't think so. Maybe if we threw Oprah, Mia & Kirstie into a WWE cage match with only 1 piece of Kentucky Grilled Chicken to eat between them, who would come out alive? KFC & the WWE present: Battle Royale 09 featuring Oprah, Mia & Kirstie! Don't miss it folks, this one is for all the chicken! Oprahmania is running rampant brother!!! Screw it...I give up. It's not worth it.


Wednesday April 29 2009

Grading Day 100 of the ObamaRama. Law & Order S.V.U. just did a PSA for Vaccinations, the Pharmaceutical Lobby is Just a Wee Bit Out of Control.

Well, the insignificant 100 day Presidential milestone is upon us & to this point, what have we learned? Personally, I've learned that President Obama is the hardest working President in my lifetime & the sheer volume of his work is mind boggling when you take into consideration the myriad of crises that were waiting for him long before he was sworn in. He certainly hit the ground running & immediately started working to solve all these problems like an octopus on red bull, spreading himself too thin too fast, in my opinion. That aside, he is navigating his way through this quagmire with an extremely passionate & intense sense of desperation, which is exactly what this country needs. Which, is why, though some of his spending & governmental expansion ideas, on the surface seem radically left wing to the point of bordering on socialism, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt because we need someone who is radical about uniting America as opposed to a religious zealot (sell out?) who was only interested in special interests, lining his own pockets & avenging his father. Bush was so much more interested in Saddam Hussein than Osama Bin Laden & spent so much time & energy on propaganda demonizing him, intelligent people began blaming him for 9/11. How could such a drunken idiot change the way many people in this country think? Fear, propaganda & a kind of evangelical dogmatism that multitudes of lost people just blindly latched onto, & there are still millions who refuse to let it go. Obama has let it go & is trying to make it all disappear in the hopes he's going to make everyone forget the last 8 years ever happened, an impossibility, but you've got to like the guy for trying. Let's run down some of the decisions he's made & resolutions he's passed in this short period of time. He passed the largest economic stimulus package in this country's history, aggressively is ending our occupation in Iraq while stepping up efforts in Afghanistan & now Pakistan, where the real war should have been fought all along & is putting an end to all the human rights atrocities while moving to close Gitmo. He lifted the Bush restrictions on federally funded embryonic stem cell research & is signing laws to expand children's health insurance. Not to mention trying to lessen the influence of lobbyists in Washington & engage world leaders in a manner I'm unaccustomed to seeing in an effort to regain the respect & admiration of the world, which we lost in large part to attacking a sovereign nation for no reason & dragging out the most unpopular war since Vietnam for over 6 years. There are a good number of people out there who have been & are still outraged about the things that went on during the Bush administration & it's not difficult to see that Barack Obama is one of them & he is clearly thumbing his nose @ them by systematically overturning one policy after another. 100 days & the stamp he is putting on the U.S. indelible & when you consider the dramatic risks he is taking with his economic recovery plan, it's hard to believe his approval rating is still so high. The debt he is proposing to add on to the debt his administration inherited is more than a little frightening, but it would be even scarier if his plan didn't contain so much potential for expansion, education & job creation. There are plenty of people incensed by Obama's economic plan (remember the tea parties?) & still think George W. Bush was a good president with smart ideas but is it a coincidence that W & his father H.W. both had banks collapse & massive savings & loan scandals respectively under their watches? Hardly. They were both so inept when it came to understanding economics & finance, you wonder how their family stays so wealthy until you realize that their old money is probably gone but the money they've gleaned from the Saudi's, the energy & drug lobbies & that they will continue to be paid several lifetimes over, & that is sad. They do not deserve to live that well. Back to Obama, if you asked me what grade I would give him for his first 100 days based on what he's promised, proposed & accomplished to this point, I would have to say B+. I'd have graded him higher if not for the Judd Gregg, Tom Daschle & Nancy Killefer withdrawals.

Last night's episode of Law & Order S.V.U., the show that famously rips it's stories from the headlines started out as though it was going to mirror the Cailee Anthony story of the little girl who was allegedly killed by her mother Casey, but gradually morphed into a 45 minute long PSA/lecture on vaccinating children with the MMR vaccine. It was so overtly an infomercial for this vaccine, it was obscene. I couldn't believe NBC even aired it. This goes to show that the pharmaceutical lobby is still extremely strong & they weren't even trying to be remotely subliminal & put it in an episode of an extremely popular television program because they knew no one would sit there & watch a lecture on vaccinations in primetime. It wasn't exactly what I would call Must See TV. It was fairly disgusting, but hey, that's infotainment!

Wednesday April 22 2009

Does Waterboarding Stop Terrorism? Perez Hilton v Carrie Prejean. What's This, The Self Proclaimed Queen of All Media is also a Drama Queen? Surprise, Surprise. Madoff's Mets Season Tickets Sell Cheap!

There is currently much debate over whether or not Obama should've de-classified the Bush Anti Terror/Torture memos & the fact that he is now planning on prosecuting lawyers who advised Bush that these interrogation methods were peachy keen. My take on it is it all depends on to what end he is planning on taking it. Is this the beginning of a systematic start @ the bottom & get everyone along the way until you nail Cheney and Bush or is this a make an example out of a few people to show how tough we're going to be on torture? If it's the former, then sign me up, I am officially on board with that program. I'm all for not letting history forget what kind of adverse effect having those chicken hawk yahoos in the White House for 8 years had not only on this country but on the rest of the world as well. If it's the latter, then I am going to have to strongly criticize what I feel will be a needless witch hunt, especially if you're hunting the wrong witches. So you can expect to hear a lot from me on this matter as it progresses. & hear this right wingers,I will not be holding back my disdain for this policy if it turns out to be just a political move nor my praise if it is the Genesis of a complete and utter Bush takedown. Bank on that, Lemmings. Does waterboarding prevent terrorism? That seems like kind of a asinine question because the answer is obvious, no it doesn't actually prevent it. How could it? Where is the deterrent? Unless you can show me proof of a particular terrorist plot that was thwarted because of intelligence garnered through waterboarding, I won't believe it works. Then again, even if I am shown some memos outlining the foiling of a terrorist threat, how am I to believe it wasn't ficticiously created to justify these torture methods? Given the fear driven propaganda machine that was the Bush administration, I don't believe that is an unreasonable assumption to make, or @ least ponder. What are you supposed to do after you waterboard a guy? You can't really let him go, that would pretty much guarantee he will engage in terroristicalogical activities even if he had never even considered doing it before. You're almost obliged to kill him. That may sound a little harsh, but what else can you do? Do you think he's just going to go back home, assuming by some stretch of the imagination, he's allowed back home, & say "whew, that was close. I better not even think about about doing anything but helping the world be a more peaceful place"? or do you think he will have revenge on his mind & will go looking for the nearest terror cell he can find? Hmmm. As this all unfolds, I'll be curious to see how many suspects were actually killed after they got all the info out of them that they could. If Obama has his way, you'll be reading that memo by next Monday. I have to say it again, I like you Obama but I think you're starting to spread yourself a little too thin. I realize you are trying to do as much as you can as quickly as you can to bolster your resume for 2012 but I'm afraid in 2 years, there's going to be a lot of unfinished or underfinished projects floating around out there. Getting the country back on track in this term is much more important than trying to set yourself up for re election. Make your body of work about quality not quantity & get your flip flopping under control now so the Republicans don't use it to eat you alive in 3 1/2 years. Though, it never seemed to hamper Bush.

Umm, *Perez Hilton, blogmistress extraordinaire got himself into a flaming tizzy after he asked Miss USA finalist Carrie Prejean how she felt about same sex marriage & she said she (shudder) didn't believe in it. She also went on to say that she had nothing against it & was glad we live in a country where you can be with whoever you want. Her response apparently raised Perez' ire & he went on his video blog & called her a dumb bitch, Excuse me Ms. Hilton, but frankly, you da' dumb bitch in dis situation. I believe you knew what her answer was going to be all along & you were just looking for something to be vicious about because that's what you specialize in. I can only imagine how disappointed you would've been had she said she was all for it. It would've taken everything in your hateful little heart to write a line or two of praise for her in your blog because that's not what you wanted. Plus, she's heterosexual. Forgive her for not being a gay activist like her sister, who's also straight by the way...hmmm. This is something you created by asking that kind of a question @ a freakin' beauty pageant no less so you can just go ahead & get over it. You could've easily asked her anything where her answer could've revolved around world peace or feeding starving kids or even pirates, but no, you had to make it political & Perez, you're not political, you're a glorified gossip columnist who feeds off the lives of celebrities because apparently, there's a need for that in this world. I ought to know, anyone who reads my blog will tell you that I do virtually the same thing, (ha! beat you to that criticism) though I have a tendency to delve more into politics unless something really juicy comes along in the world of entertainment...Hello! Like this for instance. Thanks to your obsession with yourself, you may have cost her the pageant. After all, she was still 1st runner up, she had a legitimate shot @ winning it. In addition to that, she was hotter than the winner so not only did you hurt her, you hurt us. No offense, Miss North Carolina, but I'd much rather look @ Rachel Philippona, Miss Alabama for the next year than you or Carrie Prejean. (Miss North Carolina's name omitted purposely to create controversy). I don't know who's less entertaining Perez, you or Paris Hilton. Time will tell. At least Paris employs full time groomers in the event her private parts become exposed, which happens surprisingly often.

Check this out folks, one lucky eBayer paid $38,100.00 for Bernard Madoff's New York Mets season tickets! How exciting is that? Given the Mets recent success in the playoffs, it's going to be well worth it. The tickets were put up for auction on eBay and sold by Irving Picard, a trustee liquidating Madoff’s defunct money-management firm. Picard, a lawyer with Baker & Hostetler LLP in New York, has recovered more than $1 billion for Madoff investors. Way to go Irving, only 64 billion to go! You probably could've recovered much more of the investors scalping individual game tickets than selling them all in one shot. Maybe Bernie had Knicks tickets too, you could've easily gotten several hundred dollars for those, because the Knicks are that good! (They suck so badly even their fans hate them.) Never mind, Stephon Marbury is in Boston now. No one will be interested.

*I recently saw where Carrie Prejean has become the darling of FoxNews, who definitely hate gay people maybe even more than George Bush does so Perez, I might owe you a bit of an apology. You still were out of line & asked a bubble headed pageant hooker a very stupid, provocative question & deserved some criticism, so, take this however you want to. (added April 25 2009)


Wednesday April 15 2009

Tea Baggin' in the U.S.A. on Tax Day -- Hey! Let's all protest things that haven't happened yet & forget all about Bush's 2.5 TRILLION dollar deficit! Ahoy! Pirates be dominatin' th' news.

Are you kidding me? Where the hell were the tea partyers when Bush started his massive bail out programs last fall when all of those banks collapsed? There is such an uproar about Obama & his economic stimulus plan that every last sore loser Republicant has forgotten what brought us all here in the first place. OMG, it was like sooo symbolic to have those tea party's on tax day to protest all the taxing that's going on & the fact that people have been paying & paying & paying coupled with the fact that Obama took office less than 3 months ago. If everyone is paying X 3, why have the size of my paycheck's not shrunk since Obama was sworn in, hmmm? What if Bush's many bailout plans had happened around tax time, would the Democrats have protested so wildly & blamed Bush the way Obama is being blamed now? Probably not as passionately, & that's my biggest problem with Democrats, their lack o' passion. Ever since Bill Clinton left office, that party has sort of been floundering, trying to finds it's way & it took Obama to wake it up & unite America against the Corporatism of the Bush administration. Actually, Hitler came up with the word Fascism because corporatism didn't sound ominous enough. There are those who compare Bush & Hitler, but I don't agree with them. For as evil as Hitler was, & as bent as he was on world domination & destruction of races he believed weren't pure, all of his doctrines were his own. He made his bed & had to lie in it right until he bit into his cyanide capsule, taking the coward's way out. Master race, my ass. He should've stood up & taken his punishment like a man instead of being such a pussy in the end. Bush, on the other hand, had no original ideas of his own. He was guided by his father & his advisors & Bush himself was basically just along for the ride. & that's precisely what made him even more dangerous. I personally believe Obama is going overboard with some of his spending, but I'll be goddamned if I'm going to sit back & let all these bitter neo "Con"servatives blame him for all of our country's economic ills, especially when their party is dying & falling apart & they are clutching @ straws to unite America against Obama. They say Obama is trying to spread a message of fear when Bush's entire 8 years were spent trying to terrify America, warning of imminent terror attacks every time you turned around. The truth is, Bush turned our country into one of the most hated in the world & he was constantly watching his back because he spread our military so thin trying to make sure everyone was scared of us. Maybe if he didn't make most of his foreign policy decisions while on vacation he might've been able to focus more on his job, I don't know, it's just a theory. Can anyone tell me where in Bush's bailout plan is anything mentioned about helping homeowner's not lose their houses, strengthening the country's infrastructure & improving our roads while creating jobs, increase tax credits for education or help sick people get health care? No, his plan was all about propping up big corporations that were struggling because they were all mismanaged into the ground, hello, AIG. & don't forget teabaggers, the entire cost of the bailouts were & are still coming from....wait for it, our tax dollars. Again, where were your protests then? Where was your outrage? Were your children's futures not being mortgaged then? What has changed? Was your tea even steeping back then? Every time I ask a conservative that question, they never answer it, but simply deflect it back to Obama & his rampant socialist policies because they don't have an answer. They are sore losers who will never admit they're wrong, which sucks ass because everybody's wrong sometime, are they not? I'm not one to gloat but in this case, they are all wrong & I am right, & I don't care who disagrees with me. Allow me to iterate now because I'm sure I'll be forced to reiterate later, in the final analysis, I don't care who created the problems just as long they get fixed but as long as the right keeps pointing fingers @ the left, who were mandated by the American people to solve it, I will continue to stand up for what's right.

Aargh, th' day aft I said that th' pirates weren't goin' t' last much longer...they be all dead. Obviously, I was ahead o' me time. True, 'twas only by 1 day but that doesn't make me any less right. & now, th' pirates are vowin' revenge fer thar fallen shipmates. Allow me t' make a prediction, I predict that thar will be an increase in pirate activity but wit' th' advent o' all this prevalent pirate publicity, th' oceans will be much more heavily patrolled; & that shall mean many pirate attacks will be repelled, foiled, 'n/or otherwise thwarted. Aargh, Ye can bank on it matey's. Avast,wit' all this pirate natter, perhaps it be time fer ye t' learn t' Talk Like a Pirate. I did it & so can ye, it only loots a little practice & soon ye'll be rapin' & plunderin' like thar's no tomorrow. So, wha' 'ave we learned today? Well, we learned that th' teabaggers protested Obama this week largely fer Bush's failed economic policies, & once again, I be right. We also learned t' parlay like pirates! I guess that jus' about sums it up ye scurvy seadogs!


Saturday April 11 2009

Aaargh! There be pirates afoot! Saudi Judge won't let 8 yr old girl divorce 47 yr old perv. Did Obama bow to the Saudi King? & Woody Harrelson....W T F? Zombies, really?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Pirates off the eastern coast of Africa fired on U.S.sailors Saturday as they tried to reach the lifeboat where an American captain is being held, a U.S. official familiar with the situation told CNN.

Avast ye mateys, what ballsy scallywags these pirates be, still trying to fend off the Navy from a lifeboat so that they won't be endin' up in Davey Jones's Locker. But they're not nearly as ballsy as Capt.Richard Phillips, who traded himself to the pirates for his crew in the ultimate self sacrifice. It was a pretty good strategy if you think about it though, now they only have 1 bargaining chip in their covered lifeboat where within days they will be out of food & water & what are the odds of the pirates killing him once that happens? Those assholes are going to be begging to go to prison in a few days, mark my words. There is not any kind of a bathroom on board the lifeboat so even if they were all relieving themselves out of the hatches, it's still getting very stinky in there, not to mention hot, try to imagine the anxiety & the discomfort. With only Phillips as a hostage, there is no logic to them keeping him around much longer. There is not even a remote possibility of escape & even if they get the 2.5 million ransom they're demanding, they will literally be trapped so they might as well just surrender & spare themselves multiple rounds to the cranium. All their beloved RPG's won't be able to save them from the entire U.S. Navy, which to me, seems a little like overkill. Given the world climate, it is not out of the realm of possibility that this whole stunt is creating a diversion to mobilize our Navy while terrorists move into position for this amazing attack Al Quaeda has been promising. We're commiting way too much hardware to that region if you want to know my opinion, & you must, since you are reading this now. But, the odds are, it's all only about the obvious, $money$. Somalian Pirates netted over $100 million dollars in 2008. I wonder if they file individually with TurboTax. Do you think they claim tips, & more importantly, do they itemize? You know, whatever happened to the jolly pirates of old, who were only interested in gold dabloons, pieces of 8 & barrels of rum? I miss those guys, they were awesome & they dressed really interestingly. These days you're lucky if you see an eye patch or a do rag, forget about a parrot or a peg leg. They could've made Phillips walk the plank & still saved face. These guys are only interested in money. Is nothing sacred anymore? More from

(CNN) -- A Saudi mother is expected to appeal a judge's ruling after he once again refused to let her 8 year old daughter divorce a 47 year old man, a relative said. Sheikh Al-Habib made the ruling Saturday in the Saudi city of Onaiza. Late last year, he rejected a petition to annul the marriage because the mother is not the legal guardian of the child & therefore could not represent her daughter. Sounds suspiciously as though the judge is getting off on this little technicality, if only by the fact that he wasn't completely outraged by this girl's father selling or trading his daughter to this pervert who vows not to consummate the marriage until the girl reaches puberty. I remember when I was 8 & pretending to marry a little girl the same age & how cute people thought it was. This dickhead is 47, & he marries an 8 yr old, what could his logic possibly be? That someday, she will grow to love him & be a willing participant in his harem? That fucker ought to be strung up by his dick. What kind of culture is this that perpetuates this kind of practice & is backed by an equally sick judicial system which condones it? I realize they are a major source of oil for the world but you've got to draw the line somewhere.

Which, leads me to my next question, did Obama bow to the Saudi King? The White House hereby denies it but I've personally watched the video several times & he clearly bowed & it is causing an outrage around the world, whoo hoo! I don't know why he did it, but excuse me Fox News Channel, I saw an all star panel debating over this on your channel yesterday & it seemed everyone's forgotten about the Bush family's relationship with the Saudi's which is still going on to this day. Where was your condemnation of Bush when he held hands with & practically made out with the same guy? How is that not much, much worse? While I do think that Obama made himself look a little small in the eyes of the world, the fact that there is so much of a fervor about this incident when I don't recall panels convening to discuss it when Bush did it, not even on CNN, is typical right wing hypocrisy. I could be wrong & I hope someone corrects me if I am but I just don't remember it.

But all of this bullshit is nothing compared to Woody Freakin' Harrelson, the coolest cat in Hollywoodland. This is one bad ass M.F. protecting us all from zombies & shit. Woody clashed with a photog @ a N.Y. airport last Wednesday saying he mistook him for a Z O M B I E. Yes, that's right folks, a zombie.(CNN) -- "We're looking into this allegation and if it's warranted, we'll turn it over to the proper authorities," said Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Ron Marsico.- Looking into what, whether or not this guy is really a zombie? I'm guessing the answer is...no. But, hey, you never know, these days, anything is possible, especially in Hollywood or New York. TMZ has the whole incident on video & Woody says that after playing such an intense character that he found it difficult to break away from in Zombieland, it was quite understandable that he mistook somebody confronting him for a zombie. If you think about it, it makes sense, I mean, zombies are rarely mellow, they tend to be violent & generally try to feast on your brain. So, Woody, if you were really still in character, as you say, why did you not shoot this zombie between the eyes or @ least chop off his head? It's pretty well known that that's the only way to really kill a zombie & being in character as a zombie killer, it just seems as though that's something that might've occurred to you. I've yet to see a zombie movie where the hero's first reaction upon seeing a zombie was to smash his camera. Maybe I've been watching the wrong zombie movies. Hmm, perhaps there was something else going there. Let's see, what does Woody really enjoy doing & is an activist for? Oh yeah, marijuana! Woody's drug o'choice. Woody loves marijuana so much, he is a card carrying member & the most famous celebrity spokesman for NORML, the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws. You know, Woody, when you're attacking photographers @ airports because you believe them to be zombies, you're really not furthering your cause in any kind of positive way. Though now, there will be multitudes of people wanting to know where you get your shit so they can lay their hands on some & see zombies too. Psst, Woody...call me.


Sunday March 29 2009

WTF is up with all these murderous rampages? & other seemingly unimportant minutiae

(FOX News)- An armed man shot and killed seven patients and a nurse at a Carthage, North Carolina, nursing home Sunday before being wounded during a shootout with a police officer, authorities said.

Okay, first in September of last year, there was Matti Juhani Saari, a student @ a catering college in Finland who shot 10 people @ his school before turning the gun on himself. In this case, he released a video, forewarning of the bloody shooting spree. His video serving as a menacing harbinger, on the one hand, semi playful, on the other, dark & foreboding, with him saying "You'll die next", then showing off his Walther P22 pistol by firing off several rounds. Then, earlier this month we have that former failed marine & cop Michael McLendon who killed 10 people in Alabama before finally being killing himself. Upon coming to grips with the fact that none of his dreams in life were going to come true, this loser made a list of all the people who wronged him, then went on a rampage & killed 10 people, none of whom were on his list, basically just driving around shooting anyone he saw for no particular reason. Apparently, he had aspirations of being a Marine & a cop but failed @ both for what were said to be physical reasons, meaning he didn't have the physical stature, endurance and/or characteristics necessary for either job. So, he did the next best thing, shoot to death a group of people including his grandparents, an aunt & uncle, a sheriff deputy's wife, an 18 month old child and some other random people he happened to see along the way. He finally ended up @ a metal fabrication plant he used to work @ & after firing 30 rounds @ police, went into the building & shot himself. He dreamt of being in the military or in law enforcement, 2 jobs that were created effectively to protect the public & the world from people exactly like him & when he failed @ both, he became their antithesis as well as a complete and utter coward. Similiarly, (Courtesy of Spiegel Online International) - Germany was in shock on Wednesday after a 17-year-old youth killed 15 people in a shooting rampage that began at his school, where he shot dead 10 pupils and three teachers. He later took a gun to his own head during a shootout with police. His motive remains a mystery. Little is known about this kid they're calling Tim Kretschmer other than he was deeply frustrated & characterized as inconspicuous, he isn't inconspicuous anymore. But it ended the same as McLendon with him blowing his own brains out following a shootout with police. There are 2 cases in the last 2 days, 1 of a man stabbing his wife 38 times & 1 other of another man, stabbing one 17 year old sister to death & then beheading his 5 year old sister in cold blood. Finally, Robert Stewart guns down 10 people in a North Carolina nursing room before being subdued by a courageous police officer who was obviously not Michael McLendon. His wife, Sue Griffin, worked there & has no idea why he went on his rampage of killing several people over 80 years of age as well as one of the nurses who cared for them. There are even more very similiar stories that I could detail but I think we all get the point. The common thread of these rampages is that most of the jackwads who perpetrated them shot themselves dead immediately afterward. They were apparently filled with rage for basically the same reasons, they were toiling in obscurity, wanting to make a name for themselves and impact the world around them, which they did. Unfortunately for them, they are all roasting in Hell as we speak, unable to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. I don't want to sound naive, but perhaps somebody can explain to me why these misfits, these outcasts & rejects of society have to shed all these other people's blood only to ultimately shoot themselves? It seems like an innocent enough question but I'd really like to know. I suppose it's always a matter of them wanting to take a few of the people they directly or indirectly blame down with them, but they never really achieve that goal because the odds of them ending up in the same place are nil. These are just the type of savage animals that keep the Devil in business. I am of the firm belief that if you are ever that filled with that much suicidal/homicidal rage, just stay home, stick a shotgun in your mouth, pull the trigger & see what happens. That way, only 1 asshole has to die instead of several innocent people. Just make sure the gun is loaded in advance, so you don't have to feel like a failure when you don't die & decide you have to take it out on somebody else.

Oh yeah, & I almost forgot, Bill O'Reilly bans Sean Penn from his show & refuses to see his movies, undoubtedly because he just won an Oscar for portraying the dreaded gay,(shudder)Harvey Milk..Oy,the humanity already. North Korea is said to be in possession of several nuclear warheads & the top Taliban commander is Pakistan vows Amazing attack on Washington soon. Well, say what you want about the world that we live in, it isn't boring, not like say, Wednesday night television.

Wednesday March 25 2009

Bobby Jindal is On Board with Obama Failure Cheerleaders. Obama Press Conference Testiness. Sandra Herold's Potential Next Pet

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- -- It's OK for Republicans to want President Obama to fail if they think he's jeopardizing the country, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told members of his political party Tuesday night.

It would be nice to have something entertaining to talk about other than politics all the time but ever since Obama took office, there seems to have been a steady campaign to bring him down. Again, let me reiterate that I do not agree with everything the president is doing, but I have to @ least root for his plan to work, otherwise, I am no better than Rush Limbaugh or Bobby Jindal. Bobby thinks it's cool to root for Obama to fail if we think his plan jeopardizes America & slams people who don't agree but I have to say that that's exactly the type of rhetoric that continues to divide Americans, regardless of their political ideologies. I think the more appropriate philosophy by these people should be something along the lines of, "oh boy, this plan seems mighty risky to me, I sure hope it works & our nation & economy can recover" as opposed to "politically, I hate this guy & would like nothing more than to see him fail no matter how much it hurts America & I will make sure everybody knows it." Can you see the distinction? I know you can, but will you? It's not unlike like the strategy employed by the sniveling weasel Ralph Nader, when he came out directly & said he wanted to help Bush gain the White House so that things would get so screwed up, it would pave the way for his Green Party sensibilities to become the American doctrine & rescue America from the dreaded 2 party system. Can you truly say that your plan is working out like you hoped? It's 2009 & Obama is up to his eyeballs in problems essentially created by the success of your political gimmickry, thanks a hell of a lot. How do you sleep @ night, Ralph? I imagine with the help of sleeping pills so your conscience doesn't keep you up.Obviously, it's in hindsight that we could surmise that Al Gore would've done a better job than Bush, but @ this point, hindsight is all we have, given the current situation. Jesus, Ralph, Gore is just as commited to the environment & Green Technologies as you are, even more so.But the fact that he wasn't an affable candidate combined with your efforts, we had to endure 8 years of environment raping, giant corporate deregulation & civil liberty encroachment that's going to be tough to undo. Not to mention our standing in the world, we're more hated than feared & sure as hell not respected globally. Let's face it, the reason anyone wants Obama & his policies to fail is to enhance the other parties chances of winning the White House back in 2012, it should be pretty transparent to everyone. But, if his plan doesn't work, there really isn't anybody who is going to be able to fix it because it will entail a total & possibly global economic collapse, & who does that help? We might as well trade in our dollars for the Super Currency now & prepare to learn Mandarin Chinese. Rosetta Stone, take me away. I'm sure if you're one of the people rooting for him to fail, there's nothing I can say to change your mind, but I have to try anyway. Hopefully,this is the last time I have to mention it, because I know you're as tired of hearing it as I am talking about it. It would be nice if all the critics were coming up with some ideas of their own instead of just bitching about it, then you might have more of a basis for complaint. Whenever Obama is speaking about his plan in detail, he explains why he is doing what he is doing & the effect he believes it is going to have. He clearly believes his plan is going to work, that is why he is pushing it so hard. Did Bush ever try to sell any of his failed policies & plans to the American people as well as the house leadership? No, he just pushed them through & his Republican lawmakers seemed to be afraid to turn him down or even question him for fear of being accidentally shot in the face . Kiss my ass,Bobby Jindal,I'm rooting for you to fail, you right wing punk. Try to imagine how different the rescue & recovery effort of Hurricane Katrina would've been if Obama had been in office @ the time instead of that lame ass chucklehead & his cronie brigade. I guarantee you the results would've been different & Obama's friends wouldn't be lining up to make a profit. And,it's not even in retrospect can we say Michael Brown was the wrong man to head up FEMA, everyone knew it from the beginning, including him.Why do you think he was begging to quit? It took less than a week for his buffoonery to become nationally exposed? He & Bush should be in jail now, if only for that alone.

And,as for Obama going off on CNN's Ed Henry by saying he wanted to know what he was talking about prior to commenting on the AIG bonus debacle, big deal. All these people are saying Obama slam dunked him & put him in his place. I didn't really see that. Obama didn't even change his tone of voice. I wouldn't really call that any kind of victory for Obama, all he did was answer a question. Sheesh, talk about making something out of nothing.

Oh, & Sandra Herold, of the infamous Travis the chimp attack fame, I realize you are still very upset about losing your beloved pet & are being sued by your former best friend but maybe it's time to consider a new pet to keep you company & lessen the sting of the past month's events. Might I suggest, a Komodo Dragon? They don't take up much room, they're very clean & would probably eat any of those litigious fools who aim to sue you for your own stupidity. That is, if they don't eat you first. You could name him Travis # 2. It's certainly something to think about.



Friday March 20 2009

AIG + Made off = 2 Class Acts. It's March Madness!!

I've held off writing about it so I could see if they were going to do what I've been hoping they would do but those AIG jagoffs are insisting on keeping their bonuses & 21 states are launching investigations to get to the bottom of it. All I can ask is why keep the money @ this point? Obviously, I don't know the intimate financial details of their contracts but every company I've ever worked for that instituted a bonus program, did so on a performance initiative basis. If I made my numbers, I received my bonus. If I was a key cog in driving the business to the point of needing a taxpayer bail out just to keep the doors open, then...not so much. And even though it was not the insurance division that was dragging the company down, the tax money bailed them out as well, allowing them to stay in business so, call me a prick, but why should I have to pay you a bonus? Let me get break this down so even the lamest of laymen can understand. My tax dollars were a small part of $218 million paid in bonuses to AIG execs but due to the downturn in the economy, I may not get the bonus that I qualify for @ my own job. How can these assholes live with themselves? What makes them think they really deserve it, even if it's written into their contracts? When is one of these guys going to man up & say, "You know what? I'm giving my bonus back this year until we are able to pay back those taxpayers who bailed us out & allowed us to keep our jobs," like former AIG CEO Robert Willumstad giving back his severance package? That is a rhetorical question because you know that is never going to happen. It may sting to do it, but imagine what a hero you would be if you did return that bonus, your name would be all over the media & you would instantly become a household name. Of course, all of the other executives would hate you & you'd probably never be able to get a job ever again & there's a pretty good chance someone would try to have you killed, but other than that, why not do it? Okay, I understand why no one is doing it, but it seems pretty funny to me that Edward Liddy is only just now asking execs to return the money. Perhaps congress, Liddy & Henry Paulson should've taken those bonuses a little more heavily into consideration when putting that bailout together. As far as I can tell, restructuring the bonus program was never really considered for of fear of litigation from the potentially jilted execs. How about this, we don't accept the bail out & go out of business & declare bankruptcy so you can sue us all you want but will spend more than you have trying to get it? Your company failed, you didn't do your jobs properly, you don't deserve this money. How complicated is that? What an abstract concept.

Now, if you can believe it, the feds are going after the $93 mil Ruth Madoff made off with as bookkeeper for Madoff Securities. Jesus, can life get any more unfair for these people? Everyone knows chartered accountancy is a big time profession, paying often in 7 figures, yet they insist on singling her out. What's up wit' dat? Why, one time, I kept the books for a neighbors local garage sale & netted $180 thousand dollars, & I'm not even a CPA! (That's not true.) She couldn't have made more if she'd worked for Arthur Anderson unless of course, she was married to him. Seriously though, the only fair thing would be to pay back all the people they screwed over every penny they lost, but we all know there is no possibility of that ever occurring, so there's no point even thinking about it. On the other hand, did all the people that sunk their money into Madoff's scheme really think it was a completely legit operation, promising that high of a return on their investments? Come on. There's no legal program out there that really works like that. Some of the people that lost money are just the types of people who probably made a lot of money thanks to putting buttloads of cash into high risk high yield schemes & were not above a little insider trading, so how surprised were they really when it all fell through? R E A L I T Y, if something sounds too good to be true, then that's exactly what the hell it is.

Oh, & I forgot to fill out my NCAA brackets this year but President Obama didn't & he was heavily criticized by Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, saying "Somebody said that we're not in President Obama's Final Four, and as much as I respect what he's doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets." Excuse me, but what a freakin' tool. He's a basketball coach. I guarantee you he would've come out & said how honored he was had Obama put Duke in his bracket. Pout much, Mikey? Stick to what you're good at. He's got about as much business talking politics as I do. Oops. Bye now.

Friday March 13 2009

Not on Bush's Watch? Michael Steele Believes Abortion an Individual Choice? Bernard Madoff "Made Off" With a Lot of Other People's Money

George Bush recalls the exact moment the realization set in that the country was undergoing an economic collapse which could cause a depression even greater than the great depression and vows "not under my watch." Umm, George, hello? WTF do you think had already happened? By the time he'd met with Ben Bernanke & had his supposed epiphany, most of the biggest banks and the 2 largest mortgage companies in the nation already had gone under & were, by all accounts, nationalized with several more soon to follow. So, what were his next moves? The AIG & auto industry bail outs. From that point on, he pretty much did nothing for the rest of his term but pout and say things like he felt he was misjudged and not really apologize for the state that he was leaving the country in. What a great guy. He's like those jerks @ work who constantly screw up & bite your head off when you have to point it out to them no matter how diplomatically you do it, which is always fun & something to look forward to when you go to the office. Every policy Bush put in place from 2001 to 2009 was tailored to make money for giant corporations & extremely wealthy people which had the resultant residual affect of most of those people becoming even more obscenely wealthy and driving an even bigger wedge between classes & further redefining the class system. How's that working out for everybody but the wealthiest of people,George? We were so lucky to have him the past 8 years, I don't know what I've been complaining about. And how about Rogue Agent RNC President Michael Steele coming out & saying he believes abortion is an indiviuals' choice then recanting to say he still believes it should be illegal & that Roe Vs Wade should be overturned? This guy is turning out to be a major tool for that party & we can expect much more where that came from, especially after the way he backed down from Rush Limbaugh, who truly is the de facto leader of the Reuplican Party. Who can argue with that? Is this guy a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, like Joe Lieberman? Since Steele has assumed the role, just about everything he's done has embarrassed the party and damaged it's reputation and credibility even further. Who does he think he is, Howard Dean? I can't wait to see what Steele comes up with next.

And what will become of poor little Bernard Madoff? He's 70 years old & could get up to 150 years in prison which only seems fair if he lives to be 220 years old, which I'm guessing he won't, but you never know. I personally believe rotting in jail is too good for him, he should be forced to spend the rest of his life making restitution & working in some really bad fast food restaurant until he really gets a feel for what abject poverty is like....then he should be fired & forced to live on the streets turning tricks for a few bucks here & there until he decides to off himself. & that still wouldn't be enough. But, by pleading guilty & implicating only himself, his family & all the people that helped him pull off the Ponzi Scheme in addition to all the money he managed to hide, will be protected, which could be in excess of a billion dollars. So, on some level, he's getting away with it. & all the SEC officials that Harry Markopolos blew the whistle to since 2001 when he figured out Madoff's system was a fraud who did nothing about it ought to be in jail as well, but that's stating the obvious. I'm sure all those guys have millions hidden in Offshore and Swiss Bank Accounts all over the tax friendly Caribbean that would be waiting for them after they got out of jail. That is, provided they were ever even faced with prosecution, which they probably won't be because Obama is too busy juggling all the crises left to him by his illustrious predecessor, you know who, who wishes President Obama nothing but good luck as evidenced by this farewell photo. See you next time.



March 1 2009

This Apparent Grass Roots Movement by the Right Wing rising up against Obama's economic policies

pssst. go to secretblogspot.com to read all about it


February 24 2009

Obama makes his 1st big post stimulus package bill into law passing speech! Yawn

Well, it's official, Obama thinks he's pretty cool & the Republicans think his plan is hogwash, which comes as no surprise to anyone. I watched it on Tivo so I could rewind & replay key passages & you know what? I liked his optimistic approach to the whole proceedings, though he did manage to throw a few barbs @ the Republicans which was to be expected. Naturally, there were numerous obligatory standing O's during the speech as there is during every President's speech, but towards the beginning of the speech, there were whole groups of Republicans sitting it out with disgusted looks on their faces. I've talked about this before, where they are obviously rooting for him & his plan to fail. They don't deserve to live here & call themselves Americans, they are not patriots, they are in effect by their deeds & actions, Anti American. That may seem like a bold statement, but what else can you call it? If someone can logically explain to me how rooting for the President to fail isn't what I just said it was, I'll never mention it again, in the meantime, I'll stand by it. Just like I thought the people rooting for Bush to fail were total as*holes, even though obviously, I'm not a fan. I wanted things to turn around even if only for my own selfish reasons like not wanting to pay $4.00 a gallon for fuel which in turn, caused everything else we buy to skyrocket in price, since we all know, nothing gets shipped anywhere without petroleum products, from Jet A fuel to plain old unleaded gasoline. Though Bush was one of the lowest rated President's in history, I wanted him to turn it around & change my opinion of him, but he didn't seem to have the wherewithal to do so. But that's beside the point @ this point, he's gone & Obama's in so we might as well hope he knows what the hell he's doing. And it remains to be seen whether or not 3 to 4 million jobs will be created & all these consumers and middle class families will be saved but let's @ least give him the benefit of the doubt until or if it all falls apart. It took a lot of balls for him to a) come up with something so comprehensive in such a short time & b) to be able to push it through with such determination. I say this fully realizing, it took a Democratic Majority to do it but if the plan was as full of holes as all the Right Wing leadership says it is, then it probably wouldn't have passed even with all the compromises. These Democrats are not all idiots, they gained their positions and their offices the same way all these super intelligent Republicans did, through politicking, campaigning and raising large amounts of do re mi. They can't all be the political equivalent of a frat house legacy, some of them had to do their own dirty work. It takes some shrewd dealings to get to be a city councilman, let alone a Congressman or Senator so unless someone has unlimited funding behind them, which is rare (especially for Democrats),it takes a certain degree of intelligence to rise to the position of lawmaker so let's give them a little credit. They saw something in Obama's plan that at least looked like a step in the right direction. Let's not forget how we got here in the 1st place, loosening lending laws to the point where anyone could get a house & when they couldn't pay for them, what was going to happen? What happens when you deregulate the insurance, energy & pharmaceutical industries? Prices go through the roof because the door is opened to almost unlimited profit, right,ExxonMobil? Does anyone notice or mention those are the 3 industries the Government doesn't have to bail out? Lastly, borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from China to finance our wars. If we can't afford to occupy a country UFN perhaps instead of borrowing an as*load of cash, I don't know, maybe don't invade them in the 1st place? It's just a thought. Oh yeah, & Obama didn't vote to invade Iraq, & that's the primary reason he's the President today. Hate him all you want, but @ the same time, pray to God he's right about this because if he's not, it's going to make the last 8 years look like the previous 8. What's up now?

February 17 2009

Chimp Attack 09' & the Octomom's Stunning resemblance to Angelina Jolie!! OMG!!!!

(From PrivacyCouncil.Org) Monday, a woman in Stamford, CT, was attacked and mauled by a pet chimpanzee. Travis the chimp, which belonged to Sandra Herold and which had appeared in TV commercials, was shot and killed during his violent rampage, and the woman he attacked, Charla Nash, is in critical condition.

And here are some more chimp attacks, plus, there are 58 more YouTube videos with similiar attacks,prompting the question, can violent chimps be trusted? The answer is probably not, & why should they be? Why, just in the space of less than 2 paragraphs, we've seen a veritable plethora of such attacks. Now, the guy in the video obviously did the right thing by going limp but this attack yesterday was something else. This Sandra Herold may or may not have given the chimp an adult dose of the human anxiety medication Xanax, which, when when taken properly, can cause moderate to severe partying. However, when given to a 200 lb. chimpanzee, may lead to animal type freak outs such as yesterday's vicious attack. Your results may vary. This was a big pet. Who has a 200 lb. live anything? Most women whose husbands weigh 200 lbs or more are generally terrified of them. She apparently thought because he'd previously acted in some commercials that he'd be okay. Well, actors are generally A-holes anyway so you have to figure eventually his true colors would come out, which they did, with a vengeance. Opposable thumbs or no, this pet is not a freakin' Cocker Spaniel who might break the skin if he bites you just right, this is an animal that even while domesticated, is not really supposed to be living in captivity, hello,Jane Goodall. Just because she hangs out with chimps doesn't mean you should, & this Sandra Herold certainly shouldn't have. Imagine being her now, 1st of all, letting a street savvy chimp such as Travis have access to your house keys, 2nd, enlisting your 55 year old friend to try & wrangle him & having to live for the rest of your life with the fact that you got your friend mauled & 3rdly, not stabbing him much sooner & having to watch the police put multiple rounds in him. Does this woman not have tranquilizer darts on hand @ all times for just these types of special occasions? It's just as well, Travis probably would've tranked her a long time ago & made his inevitable escape. So, what have we learned? Don't have pets who are stronger than you & if you do, you sure as Hell don't want to give them Xanax.

Now, for the matter of Nadya Suleman, the mother of the famous octuplets & the chick everyone's obsessed with because she & Angelina Jolie both have lips. This is such big news that I don't feel remotely qualified to talk about it, but here goes anyway... The thing that really grinds my gears is the fact that she wants government assistance to pay for her now 14 kids. 14 kids by In Vitro. Hello, a little financial planning might've been in order, especially when you already have 6 & you find out there's going to be 8, count 'em 8 more! I realize you love them all, but you could probably AngelinaJolieBay 1 or 2 of them & still have way too many freakin' kids!!!. That is all.


February 14 2009

Obama & the Magical Giant Stimulus Package

Okay, if Republicans feel like they're choking right about now it's only because President Obama just shoved a giant stimulus package down they thoats. Phew! The world can think of something other than A Rod for a few minutes without feeling too guilty because this is big news. As much as Rush Limbaugh doesn't like it, it had to be done. Well, something had to be done anyway, we'll see if this works. Hmm, print money, cut taxes & roll the dice from there. Not 1 republican voted for it surprisingly, because it didn't contain enough tax cuts. Isn't that one of the things that contributed to this mess in the 1st place? In reality, tax cuts comprise a huge percentage of what's in the bill anyway. They're simply not working with him on purpose in order to try & facilitate him failing, which in uneviquivabaly UN AMERICAN. They, along with Limbaugh are rooting for Obama to fail which I'm sure everyone who didn't vote for him is, which is the most asinine, poor sport temper tantrum like thing I've ever heard of in my life. How could anyone want it to get worse just on the belief that when it does, another Republican will win the White House in 2012? How stupid are these people? And this is not another one of my rhetorical questions, this time I'd really like to know. But I digress. If this stimulus turns out to be a great job creator, then I'm in favor of it. Republicans seemed to be all in favor of bailing out banks & the auto industry, why not help undo some of the crap you forced us to eat over the last 8 years & bail out America? We've been patient & we should be rewarded. And I don't need the Government to print some money & direct deposit a stimulus check into my account & then secretly raise taxes in order to get it back, I just need to know that I'm not being charged for a lot of stupid programs or funding an oil war @ the same time gas prices are skyrocketing. Amtrak got a huge boost from the stimulus package & I don't know if I necessarily agree with that. The Government suddenly seems set on spending huge money to bail out big businesses that are failing & generally the resultant impact will mean higher prices for the American consumer, causing a slow down in spending & leading to these recession type scenarios, blah blah blah. So, it can easily turn into a vicious cycle. History repeated itself again & we saw that trickle down economics does not even come close to working, only this time it was with disastrous, possibly insurmountable results. I believe in the bolstering of this countrie's infrastructure and more $$$ being funneled into Health & Education programs but the big tax cuts and cutting VA money seems a little heavy handed. Why take anything away from veterans? They're not the ones who started these wars. Obama, I hope your plan works, though there are many out there who think it won't. Personally, I am not all that sure if it will work. However, I am praying it does because the last thing anyone needs is President Elect Jeb Bush. Out.

February 9 2009

A Rod coming clean about being not....well, clean

"I did take a banned substance. For that, I am very sorry and deeply regretful," leave it to A Rod to try to spin this in his favor regarding his use of Primobolan and testosterone to enhance his performance. Whatever happened to good old fashioned Viagra? Although, in 2003, when he tested positive for it, Primobolan was not a banned substance. That's why the league isn't doing anything about it now. Naturally, A Rod is going to be very apologetic & try to get us to be sympathetic to his cause because there was so much pressure on him to perform, but I have no sympathy for a guy who makes 250 million to play a game. He signed the contract, he knew what he had to do, hit a bunch of home runs and make some plays for a crappy Texas Rangers team. Even with the gaudy numbers he put up, it still didn't make a difference, that team went nowhere, just like they always don't. Still, you have to give him some props for coming right out with his admission & a lot of people probably do feel sorry for him but those people can shampoo my crotch. Why not be the 1st guy to say "hey, it wasn't banned then, stop asking me about it & piss test me now & for the rest of my career." ? He still looks mighty big to me. Let's see how big he looks in his Yankees uniform this spring. My guess is as that by the end of the season, he'll look noticably smaller & he won't have any more than 33 home runs. Maybe he'll prove me wrong but when you stop taking that stuff, you stop growing & would have to be lifting several hours every day to even come close to maintaining that size. Why do you think he & his wife had so many problems? The steroids affected his personality, his moods & his sex drive & no amount of shopping is going to make a woman hang out for all that noise when she could just as easily take a massive chunk of his cash & split...which she did. And what of Selena Roberts, the reporter that broke the story which led to him admitting his steroid use? Naturally, he tried to sling mud in her direction by saying she was stalking him & the story he told about her being caught on his property & cited turned out to be a semi fabrication on his part, refuted by the guard in the guard shack at A Rod's gated community, who said she never even made it onto the property. Again, as long as you're admitting sh*t A Roid, why not have a little class about the whole thing & not try to take some reporter who makes about a 90th of what you make down with you? At the end of the day, you're still a baseball superstar who has hundreds of millions of dollars, so be thankful for that as*hole. Besides, in his book, Canseco said he knew of A Rod as one of hundreds of players using them as early as 2000 & we see how clear all of those guys' names are now...not so much. Ahem, Miguel Tejada.

February 7 2009

A "Fraud" Testing Positive for 'Roidage in 03

Well, well well, surprise surprise. Alex Rodriguez is officially in the swindler club of artificially pumped up charlatan's that run rampant in MLB. Hmm, led the league in home runs & was the AL MVP during the 2003 season for the Rangers, who could've seen that coming? I remember when the Seattle Mariners drafted him in 93,A Roid was just a little fella. Well, maybe not little, but he only weighed like 175 pounds & his arms were about 1/3 of the size they had grown to by that point. It's ironic, about 1 week to the day I wrote about how great his legacy would be if he was never linked to steroid use, & whaddaya know, BOOM, baby! I'm not trying to say I'm ahead of my time or anything, I just thought it was a nifty coincidence. Of course I also said I didn't think Michael Phelps smoking weed wasn't going to hurt him that badly (& he might still be okay) & look what happened with his sponsors yanking the rug out from under him. Luckily for the Phelpster he was high @ the time or it might've been really painful. Anyway, I remember way back when, A Rod seemed to almost double in size in between only a couple of seasons & I was telling my baseball loving buddies I thought he was a juicester, they all said "no way dude, he just has a monster workout schedule." They went on to say he has the finest trainers & nutritionists & was able to become that big naturally. Well, I knew it then but only now can I truly say "HA!" boys, I was right....again. Someone that I have had to correct many times over the years once said to me how nice it must be to be the smartest person in the room @ any given time & always be right. But like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News, I said "no it's not, it's awful." Which they bought, even though I was lying, it's the greatest thing ever! Even if I wind up dying all alone from having to shoot these stupid bastards down all the time, I'll look up to the sky & in my dying breath utter (even if no one is listening)..."totally worth it." But seriously, back to A Roid. Actually, I've always entertained a theory that he was some sort of super cybernetic baseball robot & what do you get if you add an N & a D to A ROID? That's right folks, A-ND-ROID. Remember, you heard it here first. Also, recently this week we found out that Bud Selig is going to be making $18 mil this season as commissioner of baseball but I can tell you right now it won't be for his efforts to bring integrity back to the game but because he has been instrumental in making baseball a consistent, highly profitable business. Personally, I always thought it was a conflict of interest for him to own the Milwaukee Brewers & be the commissioner of baseball @ the same time. Why is Congress so up in arms about steroid use but never even thought there was anything out of the ordinary about that? It's probably just me. So, baseball's image is tarnished yet again, & for now a little bit of the heat will be taken off Bonds & focused on Rodriguez, but not for long because Bonds' perjury trial is coming up very soon. It's all a joke anyway, they're all going to get away with everything because they have enough money to buy their way out of it. It's all just smoke & mirrors to make it look as though something is really being done about it, but it's too late. The bastards have cut me too deeply. How the mighty have fallen. I'm officially done with baseball. Although, pitchers and catchers may report to Spring Training on Feb. 14th, & that's always exciting.

February 1 2009

Michael Phelps Bad Judgement

Michael Phelps got himself a little image trouble when a British newspaper published a photograph of him shmoking a bong & looking not unlike an old pro at it. As well he should be given his inate breath holding ability bolstered by his swimming prowess."I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I'm 23 years old and despite the successes I've had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner people have come to expect from me. For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again." But what he really means is he promises no one will ever snap a pic of him doing it again, not that he won't spark up again. You know these swimmers just gotta Puff the Magic Dragon every now and again, especially ones who have an assload of pressure on them because they won too many Olympic Gold Medals and they just can't take all the adoration and millions in endorsements. Just as long as he doesn't go the Kurt Cobain route he will probably be okay. There are those who say his career is over now because of this incident, but I say there are many athletes who've enjoyed great success even after their Ganja blazing exploits became widely known. Why, look @ the Dolphins pretty Ricky Williams and Josh Howard of my own Dallas Mavericks. After they both admitted to smoking out it's been smooth sailing all the way & nothing but fortune & glory for the both of them. I used to think Howard was going to be the poor man's Scottie Pippen but in reality he is the Burning Man's version. Not that Phelps is going to gain a similiar reputation as those two goofballs, but judging from the picture, it wasn't even remotely his 1st time so he does need to be careful & do much more damage control to restore his previously untarnishable image. It will be tough indeed. Can he do it? Who knows? More importantly, who cares? Not me, that's who. He can still be a role model for his athletic achievements unless a bunch of right wing judgemental parents blast him to their aspiring olympic hopeful children in which case, he will never live it down. They won't be able to stand the thought of someone who is clearly a winner also being a recreational drug user & will spit down on him with disdain in between slugs of single malt scotch every chance they get. So, the moral of the story is, if you have a lot to lose, don't get caught doing stupid things, however much you may enjoy them. On the other hand, just look how happy smoking weed made Bob Marley. The End.


January 30 2009

Joe Torre's Tell All Yankees Book & David Wells's reaction

Joe Torre's book is burning up the all of the best seller lists, & it hasn't even been released yet. A lot of the book's content comes as no to surprise anyone, who he liked or disliked, who he favored & his thoughts about Steinbrenner are all pretty typical of what we've all heard. Some of the stuff about A Rod was pretty funny. Living in Texas & close to where the Rangers play, I got to see a lot of his Prima Donna-ness disguised as love of the game. It's pretty obvious to everyone that he's just as concerned with individual records & MVP accolades than he is about winning a championship, and why shouldn't he be? He makes so much bank that he has to work harder than anyone to put up the kind of offensive numbers to justify his salary, at least in his own mind. Unless we find out he was juiced like Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Giambi, Canseco and all those other guys he will go down in history as the best player to never win a title, though he still could win one. Since Major League Baseball is still considered a team sport, he'll be forgiven though he was said to be the missing piece to the Yankees title hopes & has been known to choke with big games on the line. His numbers alone are Hall of Fame worthy already. What was funny to me was Torre's comment on David Wells saying "The difference between Kevin Brown and David Wells is that they both make your life miserable, but David Wells meant to." That sh*t killed me, mostly because I also had the displeasure of watching Kevin Brown be one of many inconsistent pitchers for the Rangers over many years & whenever you thought he was going to pull it together he would blow up yet again. Then, after listening to Wells' comments in an interview, you realize Torre was right. Every situation Wells described he was disrespecting Torre, who, love him or hate him was his boss with World Series pedigree. But that's Wells, so you get what you expect. It would've been nice if The Dodgers had been able to win the World Series to justify Torre a little bit but there's always next year. But 5 World Series appearances coupled with 4 titles in 12 years pretty much cements his reputation as one of the best managers in baseball history. True, he had plenty of big time talent, but he also had to manage some big time egos & put it all together & for that, I give him ultimate props. Plus, that Wells/Brown comparison is the funniest thing I've ever heard him say.

January 24 2009

Obama's early high approval rating & how I feel about @ least 1 thing he is pushing for which makes him appear hypocritical

(CNN) — More than two-thirds of Americans approve of President Obama's job performance during his initial days in the White House, an approval rating that significantly exceeds the early poll numbers of his two immediate predecessors.

The new survey by Gallupthe first conducted entirely after Obama took the oath of office Tuesday — found 68 percent of Americans approve of how the new president is handling the job. Meanwhile, only 12 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama's job performance so far.

Okay, I realize they use poll numbers to analyze everything in the world from politics to celebrity haircuts, but I find it a little ridiculous to even ask people if they approve of the job someone is doing 4 days after they start. True, he has done a few things already but he's literally just getting started. They might as well take this poll, "do you approve of the fact that President Obama put on clean underwear this morning?" What's the difference? Poll me in a few months when we can start to see the impact of some of the decisions he's making now, or ask me what I think of a particular decision he's made instead of a blanket do you approve of the job he's doing? How bored is CNN & FOXnews that they have to make news out of these asinine polls? What does everyone think of him approving stem cell research with human embryos? I think it's a great idea & never understood why Bush was so emphatically against it, & I got news for you in case you didn't know already, he never understood why either. He was advised to be against it by his religious right advisement crew. The little research they've done with it & what is already proven can be done with post natal cord blood has proven to be phenomenal. So, if you're against Obama, if you don't like any other decision he makes or programs he implements, look at all the lives that will be saved thanks to this decision & his presidency will be worth it.

Now, conversely, Obama is very vehement in saying he will not allow lobbyists to rule this administration like they did Bush's but he is pushing for William Lynn; a former lobbyist for the huge defense contractor Raytheon,to be his deputy defense secretary. Though, he is a former lobbyist, you know he still has major contacts within that company so lobbying decisions may well be within his sphere of influence. Why, just look @ Halliburton. They got paid billions for a job that will never be completed in Iraq. That's because they had a lobbyist in the White House named Dick Cheney. Why is that not a major news expose every day? That was a rhetorical question of course. Let's just say I do like what Obama seems to stand for or @ least for what he told us he stood for during all his campaigning but he needs to slow his roll a little bit. He seems a little determined to overturn everything Bush did in his 8 year presidency in the first week. While it may be true that drastic measures are called for, I believe pragmatism should rule the day because after all, haste makes waste.



January 20 2009

The new President, his former campaign rival & why Bush tainted the historical significance of the 1st black man being elected to the highest office in the free world

Well, he's in. Sorry, Republicans, that you couldn't install another war monger in the White House to make the war in Iraq indefinite, because that's exactly what McCain the Maverick planned on doing. Maybe if he'd been more subtle about it instead of coming right out & saying the war was going to last forever, he might've had a shot, a slim shot, but you take what you can get. Perhaps if Joe the Plumber hadn't been that party's strongest playing card. Negro, please. If Joe the Plumber is your ace in the hole, ya got nuthin'. You know what Obama's ace in the hole was? Obama himself. Perhaps if McCain & Palin hadn't been running around doing nothing but badmouthing the Democratic candidates & simply focused on letting America know that electing them wasn't going to be the same thing as re-electing Bush, things might've been different. But, what happened, happened & there's no turning back now. I liken McCain to Al Gore in 2000 & John Kerry in 2004 in the fact that they were HORRIBLE campaigners & other than Gore @ that moment, really poor candidates as well. How Gore handled the whole florida debacle that allowed Bush to outright steal an election & the fact that he refused to utilize Bill Clinton, perhaps the greatest campaigning politician in America history turned me off to him. That's the truth, an inconvenient one, but the truth none the less. Pun intended. Kerry was just an idiot for even responding to that swift boat bullshit & even after essentially drubbing Bush in both debates, still managed to get his ass kicked on Nov.4 2004. There wasn't enough Heinz ketchup in the world to make that pile of poo taste any better. While I agree it's a historic moment and a huge step for black people that Obama was elected, I think it's a little tainted by the fact that Bush left such a mess that whichever Democrat ran would've won by a landslide, or mandate or whatever you want to call it. Which, doesn't lessen the historical significance of it by any means. It would've been just as significant if Hillary Clinton had won. The fact that he's black makes no difference to me, he's there for a reason, to fix what's broken & help to begin to heal a nation.Unless he turns out to be Al Qaeda, OR, God forbid, Al Franken,he will be better than what was there for 8 long years. If people can't get behind the nation uniting together to fix everything that's wrong, they need to live somewhere else. As far as the inauguration went, it ticked me off a little by how over the top it was. True, it should've been huge, deservedly so, but to spend that many millions on a party when the economy is in such a shambles, was a little hypocritical. But here's to the new President, may he live up to his promise & guide this country back in the right direction.

January 19 2009

Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight (spoiler alert)

Personally, I think it was a great performance & I believed the person behind that jacked up make up was seriously disturbed, which is what an actor is supposed to do, to make you believe they are someone other than who they really are. For the duration of the film, he was not Heath Ledger. However, I didn't really believe he was the Joker either other than his make up. I realize this particular series is intentionally and overtly dark, but regardless of that, the true spirit of the Joker is that of Mirth combined with Mayhem and there was not one iota of mirth in that character. Other than that & the thing I'm about to spoil for the few people who haven't seen it, I thought The Dark Knight was a great movie, very well made & everything an action, suspense movie should be. That being said, I was extremely disappointed in the fact at the end that both ferries weren't on timed detonators, exploding as soon as everyone had breathed a sigh of relief that the people on the other ferry didn't push that button. Why was I disappointed that hundreds of people weren't killed? Well, first of all, this Joker's entire M.O. was the he was completely, mercilessly, off the charts, psycho & it was exactly the type of thing he would've done, given his meticulous character development. Secondly, it was not intended to be anything that even remotely resembled a feel good movie and everyone who did not believe his character would have been invariably sucked in at that precise moment. To me,that was the difference between it simply being a movie as opposed to being a film.The whole ending was semi anti climactic for me but obviously nicely set the stage for the inevitable sequel which I am to understand is casting Eddie Murphy as the Riddler. Who knows, maybe he will pull an unbelievable performance out of his ass much like the late Heath Ledger did, but I'm probably asking too much. You should also notice that without even thinking, I omitted Christian Bale from this review, though he was good, obviously tells you who the real star of the movie was.

January 17 2009

Outbound President Bush

Well, what can I say? He is easily the worst president this country's ever had, at least in my lifetime. His father isn't far behind but I'll get to him in a minute. This "W" character has turned the U.S. into one of the most hated nations on the planet by basically just saying screw anyone who didn't agree with his brand of cowboy politics and by bullying the world. Perhaps the thing that pissed me off the most was when he attempted to appear humble about his "mistakes" that occurred during his presidency, saying that he was "disappointed" about there being no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Not calling it a failure & not apologizing to everyone in the world about starting a war for no particular reason other than to finish the job his father started just spits in the face of everything this country is supposed to be about. Remind me again how many Iraqi's were involved in any way, shape or form in 9/11? If you can I will shut up about the subject forever and call him a leader, until then, he will continue to be the most dangerous joke ever played on this country and the world. I don't think I'm asking that much. I would describe him like Kelly LeBrock described Bill Paxton in Weird Science, as "1 serious idiot." Oh, and now, H.W. is starting a push to throw Jeb's hat into the presidential ring. I think after his & W's performances in the White House it's pretty safe to say a 3rd Bush will NEVER become elected president. If he does, it'll prove the old addage, "fool me once, shame on me, fool me 4 times, I'm moving to Canada....where it's safe."

January 15 2009

Barack Obama

I think Barack Obama is going to be a good change from what we've unfortunately had to get used to for the previous 8 years. Is he the solution to all of the nation's problems? I don't know. Will his much publicized lack of foreign relations experience be a hinderance in the tumultous middle east? That remains to be seen. Are his cabinet picks unexpected and/or controversial? Probably, but at least it's a mix of both parties rather than just a collection of his cronies implanted just to surround himself with like minded viewpoints or people to tell him what his viewpoints should be....like some current sitting president we know. Quack! (Lame duck my ass, Bush seems determined to f*ck up as much sh*t as he can before he leaves office next week.)I think Obama will be able to advise just as much as take under advisement. He seems very sharp. As sharp as Bill Clinton, who even his biggest haters would sit glazed eyed & drooling as they listened to him speak, only to snap out of it & start criticizing him immediately when he was finished? Doubtful, there aren't many people with that combination of smoothness coupled with Rhodes Scholar intelligence.But Obama does seem to have a grasp of Clinton's deft middle of the roadness that allowed him to have great success and respect despite being hated by millions of right wing conservotrons which I think will serve him well. He's going to have to hit the ground running because no president, not even Clinton, has inherited such a f*cked up pile of policies & failures & it's going to take every ounce of his being and a whole as*load of bipartisan cooperation to even begin to fix it. Luckily, he has a house majority as well as a lot of disappointed, disaffected and disenfranchised republicans that will help him.

January 13, 2009

Sarah Palin is not VP material...Surprise!!!

I think Sarah Palin was tapped for a White House run for 2 reasons 1) Shock Value & 2) In the hopes that the shock value would lead to middle class women jumping ship & voting for someone they could relate to. Though, if you looked closely @ her & really listened to what she said, she couldn't be further away from the people she was trying to lure. Maybe a lot of it wasn't her fault though, she was heavily coached and often told word for word what to say. I think her big problem was her constant criticism of the media's criticism of her rather than just being hyper focused about trying to bring her attributes to light. It was obviously all smoke & mirrors & the mirror invariably cracked.She didn't really get into trouble though until she started going "Rogue", spouting some of her real opinions and often looking quite confused in the process. Why? Because most of the topics were new to her, when questioned, she often looked like not only was it the first time she heard the question but also the first time she'd ever heard the subject. Which, looks bad. It's kind of sad really. I don't think McCain really did her political career any huge favors by picking her. If she wants to move her career to another level she faces years of damage control just from the campaign, which she's begun attempting, so far to similiar jokelike results. She really ought to work on her governing skills for a couple of years & less on politics or she is going to continually shoot herself in the foot she keeps sticking in her mouth, which I imagine, probably isn't going to be a very tasty proposition. I actually think she's very cute, it's just a shame she's so goddamned stupid, that is the primary turn off for me....poltically as well as in real life. To think, she could've been vice president in about a week, if not only for the all the reasons I mentioned above. She would've been so far over her head she would've need water wings to take a piss. & Tina Fey, I have to admit I was a fan of her Sarah Palin impression but it begs the question, who was actually funnier? I'm going to have to go with Sarah Palin because all that shit came straight outta' her head, & that's what made it so funny...& horrifying. I remember commenting out loud during her infamous Katie Couric interview that she's gone as far as she's ever going to go. She will never be Vice President of the United States, let alone President. I take that back, I predict that one day Sarah Palin is going to be President...of the N.R.A. I'm sure they can dig up some footage of her killing a moose with an assault rifle somewhere.


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