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Sarah is trying to Rifle her way into our hearts, & I think it's working









did you hear about the happy roman? he was glad he ate her...until he got extradited to californy that is

Fight the good fight, ya fuckin' perv, ya











scope out this site!

Take aim on this link &...click!












drinkin's more fun when you do it all by your lonesome

I taught I told youze I don't know how to open beers!












I'll beat the love into ya

Join the Wife Beater Club, just like Alberto Callaspo









All hail  Ramses the Great incestous prevert!

Woody & Roman's Phavorite Pharaoh

















I love the fact that this picture has caught on...look @ her, she looks like an evil pixar devil




Sarah Palin, Happy Redneck. Woody Allen Thinketh Roman Polanski hath Suffered Enough.


Charlotte, NC - The National Rifle Association's Celebration of American Values forum was the event, Sarah Palin was the highlight. Her teenage, unwed mother/daughter Bristol, & her values, were nowhere to be found.

But, that didn't stop Sarah from regaling the crowd with Redneck jokes such as: "You're a redneck if you've ever had dinner on a ping pong table", which brought roars of laughter from the highly intellectual crowd. Oh no you didn't? OMG! Now, that's funny! If only I could be that clever, my life would be a dream. Hey, you know, I think that I may be a redneck too, because once, some friends of mine & I ate pizza in a game room that had a ping pong table in it, though we actually sat on a couch while we ate, does that count? It doesn't? Why not? Dammit! Hey, what if one of the toppings was Opossum, would I make the cut, then? I would? Well, all right then. Okay, it was sausage & onions, so I guess I'm out of luck there. I once accidentally hit a beaver in my Jeep, that's got to @ least put me in redneck contention? Not even? Okay, what if'n I gone & done & went & sexually related to one o' my own relations? Hee hee, & you know goddamn well that I ain't talkin' about my wife. Am I getting closer? How about if'n I beat a gay to death with a baseball bat er sumthin'? Better yet, what if'n me and some of my cross burning, hood wearing pals went ahead & tied up a negro to the back of my pick up & dragged him to his death? That's the one? Yeah! Oh, you would've settled for a transmission in the bathtub? Dang it! Oh well, I don't mind going the extry mile. Yessiree Bob, we rednecks have us some fine traditions, murdering gays & minorities probably being the most time honored & celebrated, of course. Oh yeah, & incest. & now, you say that you are proud to be a redneck, Sarah? Well, we're surely proud to have ye, what with yer purty mouth n' boobs n' such. Plus, you like to shoot n' kill stuff with assault rifles. I ain't never wanted you more.

Maybe she's right after all

Sarah did say something really interesting though, when she said: "Nationwide, gun ownership is at an all-time high, and the rate of violent crime is at an all-time low." What's that Sarah, in an age where your party is trying to literally incite the violent overthrow of the 1st black president & his government who's calling for stricter gun control laws & gun ownership is @ an all time high, the rate of violent crime has gone down? So, you've failed @ something else, congratulations. Though, seeing the support you're getting from the NRA & it's members is making me start to think that there may just be something to this whole Sarah Palin for president thing I've been calling a joke for so long. & I hear you are also a big fan of Arizona's new immigration laws, what a shocking turn of events, you being @ the epicenter in support of a truly asinine piece of conservative legislation. "It's time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say 'We're all Arizonans now and, in clear unity, we say Mr. President, do your job, secure our border,'" Palin said, standing beside Brewer at a Saturday afternoon press conference. Sorry, hooker, I'm not an Arizonan & the people I know who live in Arizona are not in favor of these laws. I mean, this is the best plan they could come up with? I have a better idea, why not just build a wall around each individual Mexican immigrant? That way you could keep better track of them & only let them out to...care for your children, build your roads, bus your tables, wash your dishes, launder your clothes, landscape your yard &...Well, you know, all the things you really don't like to do for yourself? Then, when they're done doing your shit work for the day, put em back behind their walls, esta no problema. & that's how you solve the immigration problem. De nada.


too old? too old? just wait until i adopt, rape & marry you. then we'll see who's too old!

I  am Roman Polanski, film director & child rapist extraordinaire! Bow to my greatness! Say, while you're down there...

You've got to learn to leave him alone.

& will ya take a fuckin' look @ who's come to the defense of the world famous child molesting rapist, Roman Polanski. Why, it's none other than Woody Allen. Allen, himself being no stranger to having sex with children, thinks Polanski has indeed suffered enough. But now, another one of Polanski's victims has come forward & said that he sexually abused her in the worst way possible, @ the age of 16, no less. But, Woody thinks Polanski is a nice man & would like to help prevent the state of California from extraditing him back there so he can pay for his crimes. Woody & Roman both seem to believe that since the crimes occurred over 30 years ago, they oughta' just leave him alone. You know Woody, maybe if Polanski had adopted the girl before he molested her, then married her later after divorcing Mia Farrow, then, & only then might society be a little more accepting. Oh wait, you already did that to Soon Yi, so I guess that leaves Roman out. Look, I think kids are adorable too, but I sure as fuck don't want to have sex with them. Maybe if John Phillips was around, he could be a character witness for Roman Polanski when he goes on trial. With his exemplary record of moral superiority & his knack for seducing his own children, he'd surely get Polanski off, which, would be very unusual since usually it takes a child to to do that for him. Perhaps he ought to consult him some Morgan Freeman.

Restitutionalization Station

Don't get me wrong, I think Allen & Polanski are great directors, Allen being the director of my all time favorite comedy about czarist Russia during the Napoleonic era, Love & Death, but that still doesn't excuse the shit he or any of them pulled. I'm not a big Mamas & Papas fan though, so I don't give a flying fuck about John Phillips one way or another, he can roast in a jet fueled fire in Hell as though he were a little boy molestifying Catholic Priest & it wouldn't bother me any. Here's hoping they get old Roman back to Cali, & make him toss the salad in Q for a few years. I think that might just begin to excuse him for what he perpetated on those kids. & what of you, Woody? I think you should be forced to have Soon Yi's adoption certificate in the same frame as your marriage license, to be displayed prominently in perpetuity, so you will always be able to make the distinction between what's right, & what you did. Ya see boys, we rednecks don't much cotton to folks who have sexy relations with kids or members of their family. Now, hold on just a goldarned second, yes we do! We cotton to it big time, don't we Jasper? I mean, we usually prefer to have sex with our sisters &/or cousins & whatnot, but what the hell. Knock yerselfs out, fellers.

So, what have we learned today? We've learned that Roman & Woody are a couple o' preverts, & they'd like nothing more than to try their preversions on your underage daughters. & we also learned that Sarah Palin is aimin' to be the next president, but she leans so far to the right, she's bound to miss again.


Is there such thing as an honest man anymore? I'd like to tell you I was one, but in order to convince you, I'd have to lie. -Me